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posted by athena_02
Name: Percy Jackson
Birthday: August 18th
Family: Sally Jackson-mom, Poseidon-dad, Tyson-half brother
Friends: Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Reachel Dare, Thalia Gra!e, Nico de Angelo...This guy has a lot of friends
Ememies: Luke Castellan, Kronos and all the bad guys in the Olymapians emenies, Clarrise(i don't know is she a friend hoặc foe?!)...
Descrition: Black hair, green eyes, nearly impossible to kill(he take a swim in the Styx River, what's the big deal!)
Weapon: Riptide (Anaklumos), Tyson's shield( disguised as a normal-looking wrist watch)
Spacialies: He can breath in the water, healed bởi water..ect, unstappale except the little part on hia back
Personality: dylexia, impatient, but Công chúa tóc xù and quite easygoing