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if bạn have'nt read the seven before this edition bạn will not understand anything in this story

Once we left the magic shack we started walking down the lane of houses and the further we went down the road the houses became thêm greek and thêm decorated. after a few phút of walking there were statues of greek gods in specified areas, and after a few giây i realized they were in the exact order of the thrones of the real greek gods.
"before we go any further" michael began "it's respectul to bow before our godly parents statue" once this was finished we walked on to some very ornate houses with perfectly white columns all around the buildings and the symbol of a greek god was on the front of the door with shiny vàng paint.
"you have a câu hỏi annabeth?" michael asked. annabeth looke extremely puzzled
"wha... oh right. Well i wanted to know where we were?"
"oh right, i forgot... well this is were most demi-gods come to live if a satyr can't find them hoặc if their satyr died trying to get them to camp halfblood, hoặc in most cases this is where they go when there not at camp. I've known most of these people my whole life i've never been to camp cause we train here ourselves, and ever since it was announced bởi Hermes himself who had come straight from Olympus. Everyone was doing there thing and i was đọc a book on my porch when I heard a gasp in front of me."
"I looked up" he continued "and a lot of people had godly symbols ovet there head including me, right after that Hermes arrived in the square right over them" he pointed to a very ornate area were there were very detailed statues of the gods with there symbols hanging above each statue, just floating there. "He announced that the Big 3 pact was finally over and that Percy here had made the gods swear on the River Styx to do it. Very impressive"
"uh, thanks i guess" percy replied
"here's my yêu thích house, it's one of the âm nhạc God's kids house I always forget his name." The house was chẻ, phân chia, split up into 4 seperate sections on the outside, on the bottom right it was very dark black and red paint, and skulls all around the broken windows, this must have been the heavy metal section.On the bottom left was various các điểm thưởng from movies, maybe it was the showtunes section. The hàng đầu, đầu trang left was hot màu hồng, hồng and bold red with tim, trái tim cutouts around the tim, trái tim shaped windows, it must have been the romance âm nhạc area. The hàng đầu, đầu trang right section was lots of strobe lights, LED lights, and flashing giáng sinh lights, this one had me stumped. "Percy" michael began "it's the techno music. the house is chẻ, phân chia, split up into the childs yêu thích music. We can't get in unless the kid is with us only he can get into his house. But there's still thêm stuff to see." We must have passed bởi all the houses of the gods and each resident had there own house. "There's Jillians' house"
"There's no door." Annabeth observed "It's a magic house, bạn have to teleport in, only the Hecates kids can do it hoặc bạn have to hold there hand while there teleporting to get in." The house had various magic objects on it like a hàng đầu, đầu trang hat with a bunny in it, i chuckled a bit at the life sized Harry Potter cutout on it. "And here is my house" It was big and white like the others with a golden trident on the door, there was icicles on the door frame and there was frost on every window literally, it looked like something straight out of a giáng sinh special on T.V.
"Let's go in" Michael đã đưa ý kiến "every demi-god's got a special key to get into there house" he opened his celestial bronze water bottle and formed a "glove" of ice around his left hand he pressed it clean through the tridents middle point, and an invisible padlock openedand the sound o a padlock opening came from inside.
"Welcome to Gavin Manor." I was stunned at the stuff in his house. and at the A.C in there i felt instantly relieved of the heat.
"resume playlist, please." michael đã đưa ý kiến "what?" annabeth replied i wondered what he meant too but i was answered immediatley, because a lively tune starting playing on a speaker system that i couldn't see. There was a spiral staircase going up to an open room that was covered in a spiral pattern of turquoise and vôi green paint, there was a phòng bếp, nhà bếp straight out of Martha Stewert's magazine all the apliances were stainless steel, there was a leather đi văng with a coffee bàn completely made ou of glass covered with magazines from Olympus and Time magazines. There were branching off hallways with pictures of Greece on the walls with a wave pattern on the golden picture frame,when we walked into the living room there was a large T.V hanging on the wall, and there was a door that led into another room with a black sword and bow crossed on the heavely shlacked door. "nice place bạn got Michael, who did the stereo for you?" I asked
"you knew him actually Beckandorf did it for me he went to camp with you, he did talk about your amazing adventures a lot."
a jab of guilt went through me at the name Beckendorf. He sacrificed himself to destroy an entire ship of monsters going toward New York while I fled like a... like a... like a thief. A thief that went because he wasn't man enough to face the âm nhạc (which was getting louder in the room). "Percy" Michael began"you can not beat yourself up for what happend on that ship he wanted bạn to do that and it bought bạn a lot of time, I hear." "what do bạn mean?" annabeth asked looking up from a magazine from Olympus which was the greek version of the Time magazine. "I heard from another camp goer bạn know him to, a Mr. Nico son of Hades, but were not talking about my contacts right now. Percy would bạn like to do some training perhaps?"
"training? what are bạn talking about?"
"I mean using only water training I've seen that bạn don't really use your main weapon thats all aound us."
"well... no, I guess not."
"which is why we need to practice with bạn not having your sword if bạn are ever captured and bound to a bàn to be... whatever bạn won't be able to reach for your sword so bạn must use water to cut your bonds hoặc thêm importantly use 'mind control' to have your captors free and fight for you." I thought it over in my head and it seemed pretty logical. why didn't i think of that before I wouldn't always have my sword with me even if it did always reappear in my pocket. "okay, i'll do it."
"excellent follow me, annabeth bạn can come and watch to if bạn like."
"okay" annabeth đã đưa ý kiến putting down that magazine even though she was really absorbed into the bài viết she was reading, but then again it's annabeth and she can get absorbed into anything thats written on paper.
Michael chuckled.
Michael opened up the heavily shlacked door with the black sword and bow on the front. Once inside Michael snapped his fingers and icicle lights (literaly they were iciles with light in them) lit up the large room with a blue-ish light. There was a full on battle field in the room and it was just cỏ and a few trees on the ground and what looked to be some bleachers from any high school gym.
"this room is massive" annabeth đã đưa ý kiến with her mouth opened in wonder. "you should see the ares kids battle room" he replied. A picture flew into my mind of a field covered with red light coming from hog heads on the ceiling. There were rock structure everywhere and torn up training dummiess everywhere, and the size of it was gigantic it was easily twice as big as the field surrounding Zeus's Fist back at camp and it looked like three school gyms had been squeezed into it because ther were bleachers surrounding the massive red field (clarisse would have loved it). "She does percy she designed it actually and she tells me it reminds her of the fighting ring back at camp". It sure reminded me of camp. "wait bạn đã đưa ý kiến clarisse designed it, does she live her when she's not at camp?" "indeed she does and she tells quite the stories of bạn two" he chuckled "we can go see her house after training... oh i forgot percy put your sword awy bạn won't be using it."
"have bạn ever controled water to help bạn fight before?" I remembered when i pulled Nancy Bobofit into a fountain, i survived a fall from a big arch that was being destroyed bởi Echidna, i remembered saving annabeth from being eaten bởi sirens, i remembered that i put out a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy that would have destroyed Junipers tree, i remebered that i walked on water and created a hurricane, i survived swimming in the hudson river, i could breathe under water i've been to dads kingdom, none of these things could really be associated with combat "no, i haven't"
"oh" michael sounded a bit dissapointed "than we'll start come onto the field annabeth it could get wet down there so why don't bạn sit in the bleachers."
"of course, good luck percy" and with that she gave me a Kiss right on the mouth and i didn't want to end it, but it did. When i opened my eyes annabeth was in a bleacher waving to me and michael was waving to me on the battlefield i ran down there and i noticed that michael... had his áo sơ mi off i tried to hold back a laugh. "percy no need to laugh at me, you'll feel a better connection to the water and you'll get the concept better and faster." I guess it wasn't so bad i mean annabeth has sat on my lap when i was just in boxers and everyone that i knew at camp was there to see, so this was not so bad. "fine" i took off my áo sơ mi and i heard a loud whistle from annabeths direction, my face turned dark red. "oh percy your fine no one besides annabeth is watching plus were in a cave." easy for him to say compered to his ripped, tan body mine looked like a toothpick painted white.
I cursed New Yorks clouds in my head.
Michael laughed for the first time it was a strange thing to hear it went up and down it kind of reminded me of Lukes laugh before he joined with Kronos. Once he finished laughing he đã đưa ý kiến "ready?"
"not real-" my voice trailed off he had just pulled water out of thin air and formed it into a long curvy line that moved like a snake. "form your weapon percy." he didn't attack me but i felt incredibally nervous "just pull water out of the cỏ and make something out of it. it can just be a formless thing like mine." once he đã đưa ý kiến that i pictured a long curvy line made out of water that i held in my hand "good, good your getting" i opened my eyes i did form a something that was in my hand it looked a lot like a nightstick "okay ready to learn how to defend yourself?" he didn't let me answer becuse he ran towards me nightstick in hand and ready to strike i hope not to hard.
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(Annabeth) turn on 'Organization 13 theme' from KH 2

I cried as I watched Michael choke on his blood. The trái cam, màu da cam scythe on his forehead was flickering, losing strength. Michael coughed and red liquid shot up and got me on the face, I didn't care. I had killed Percy's brother. He would never forgive me. Hades I wouldn't forgive me. Percy was on his knees sobbing silently. Michael's eyes closed slowly. The trái cam, màu da cam glow disappeared from his forehead. I crouched and turned over the limp body. I looked at the blood hole in the back of the once blonde head. But now it was scarlet red. I rubbed my hand...
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(Percy, bạn should turn on Rage Awakened from KH 2, :)

Kronos swung his scythe towards Annabeth. I blocked the Stygian Iron away from her scared face. Michael ran up Krono's back holding double swords. He slashed wildly at Nico. Annabeth helped protect Nico. I slashed at Kronos who blocked with the shaft of his scythe. Kronos brought the head of the scythe up and started swinging everywhere. I rolled and blocked. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Nico had summoned pillars of Hell ngọn lửa, chữa cháy that blasted from the ground. The black flames engulfed the three of them and roared in the empty cavern....
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U know what to do, right???

While I studied the bức ảnh of the tiếp theo target I noticed something odd. The sun seemed to... dim. I walked out of the woods and walked to a nearby street. A taxi immediately sped tiếp theo to the curb when I walked up. I stepped inside. "Baltimore, and make it fast!" I said. He nodded and sped onto the highway.
We got to Baltimore in a couple of hours. It was 9:30. The taxi drove off after I walked out. I got to a Holiday Inn and walked out of the cold wind and into the heated lobby. "Hi, how can I help you?" the woman behind the counter asked. "Do bạn um, have an empty...
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Read the parts before this, before hand.

I walked into the tranquil woods after, dispatching the satyr. I sensed for the demi-god. His name was James. "Were are you?!" I yelled while forming my sword. No reply obviously. I searched more. "Demi-god... were are you?!?!?!" I yelled. I continued searching getting annoyed. I growled. I heard a cough. I started running toward's the sound. Footsteps started running to. I sprinted now. I could see the boy now and he had a symbol over his head. It was a sun. The sign of Apollo. I threw a dao, con dao at his head, but a blinding cá đuối, ray of sunlight flashed on us...
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Obviously, read the parts before this first. And if u haven't read 'Continuation of Percy Jackson' u should read that before hand to.

I stepped out of the elevator into the lobby, and pushed myself through a crowd of tourists. I stepped into the chilly New York air and got a taxi. It pays to have mind powers. The driver drove up to the curb and the passenger walked out with her bags.
I sat inside. "Washington D.C. and step on it!" I yelled to the driver. He nodded his head and started driving way above the speed limit. He drove onto sidewalks and through red lightts and stop signs.
We got onto...
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It was 6:30 at night. I was cooking bữa tối, bữa ăn tối absentmindedly, while clicking the channel on the T.V. It was a lazy ngày Saturday. I had made a new weapon today, it was a ring with a blade running around the outer edge and bạn have one in each hand. Very good for taking out crowds, bởi throwing it like a frisbee.
The phone rang.
I answered it, "Is this a... Michael Gavin?" the lady asked.
"Yes, how can I help you?"
"Answer the door when I knock." she đã đưa ý kiến and hung up.
I got goosebumps. That was weird even for me. I clicked on 'The Shining' I do tình yêu that movie. "Heeeeeeere's Johny." The crazy guy yelled...
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