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 Colorful Penguins!!
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They are so cute!!
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Skipper: ugh....what the?....where am I?

Skipper had woken up, wondering where the heck he was.

Skipper: dammit....I must be in the main building...I've got to get back to private!

skipper got up and started to walk back to the 2nd building entrance, but heard a familiar voice that stopped him in his tracks.

???:skipper.... This way...


???:get to julien...please....he's on the verge of snapping....

Skipper: .....that voice sounded like...Maurice's...

Skipper quickly went to where the voice had told him to, and found himself inside the boys bathroom.

Skipper had checked all the stalls to...
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posted by queenpalm
Sorry, this is a comparatively short part. Though, enjoy!

Rico let go of Kowalski and got two bats, one for him, and one for Urka. Ru grabbed Kowalski and pulled him out into the main room. Private was hiding under the bàn (or at least was trying), while Johnson was watching the fight, ready to jump in when he must. 
Ru looked over at Ivy. She was panting, one flipper holding her swollen belly. Ru set Kowalski down and ran over to her.
"Ivy, is it happening?" Ru asked.
Ivy used her strength and gave a nod. 
"We need some help!" Ru exclaimed. Johnson came over, and Ru explained everything as...
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posted by spmana123
i was standing there, tiếp theo to ricos corpse, tears coming down my cheeks, knowing that ill never see him again, never see hm smile, hoặc do anything with me anymore, and i couldnt get here in time to save him, kowalksi and private were sitting tiếp theo to his body, crying out loud. i snapped, and started running towards blowhole.

skipper:ILL KILL YOU!!!!

he dodged my attack and ran straight to the door, along with his minion, and locked us in so we couldnt get out.


i was banging on that door as hard as i could, hoping to get...
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Penguin HQ
"Please, don't hurt me." Kowalski cried out, "I-i want t-to l-live."

The axolotl scanned Kowalski with it's eyes and transformed into his specie *I think that's how bạn spell it*. But into a female.

"Hurt you?" She cooed. "Why would I do that?"

Kowalski didn't take his eyes off her. She was so...charming and beautiful. He thought he was dreaming so he slapped himself.

I'm not dreaming, maybe I should talk to her , He thought.

"U-um who a-are you?" he asked still stunned at what he just saw.

"My name, handsome, is Sophia."...
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The tiếp theo thing Private knows, he is on the ground; at his mother's feet. Something laid on hàng đầu, đầu trang of the little penguin. It has to be what had pushed him. It begins to get up.
It is Nigel! He lifts him into his fins.
"Private!" His mother cries, and hugs him tightly.
"There's no time! We need to get out of here!" Nigel says sternly. His voice had no emotion, except urgency. Private had never seen his uncle so serious. He was always so light-hearted and cheery. Goofy uncle Nigel, Private's mother's older brother.
They rush between people and their legs. Most scream, while some men shove through the...
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Kowalski and the others rushed out of the H.Q. When they reached the zoo's exit. They stopped immediately. "Marlene, bạn can't go any farther." Kowalski sighed. "Okay, but tell Skipper…" Marlene stopped.
"Wha?" Rico asked.
"Nevermind, good luck!" Marlene said.
Kowalski nodded and led the others on. "Are we there yet?" Julien groaned. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE"RE THERE!" Kowalski shouted frustratedly.
Mort scurried behind King Julien's feet in hiding. "Wow," Rico đã đưa ý kiến stunned.
Kowalski realized that snapping at Julien won't solve anything. Lowering his head into his flippers, he signed. Rico patted...
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posted by Skiparah
It took only a few giây for me to process her words before I realized she'd let go of my foot. In less than two giây I hit the freezing water. I couldn't see..I couldn't breathe. You'd think a chim cánh cụt would know how to swim. I hadn't really được trao it much thought up 'till now. My tim, trái tim nearly stopped when I realized I couldn't swim..and the surface of the water above me was getting further and further away. I paddled my flippers wildly trying to get to the surface. No use. I didn't make much distance and I was running out of what little breath I'd had in the first place. My lungs screamed...
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posted by SuperRico
 Can I have some cake?
Can I have some cake?
A look into their world

Skipper: *looks up from his bunk and sees the other penguins up* Wha? *falls out of his bunk where he is greeted bởi Julien* Ringtail!

Julien: Oh, hi Skipper. I just came bởi here to borrow some cake.

Skipper: Get out of our habitat!

Julien: After I get the cake?

Skipper: *pushes Julien out*

Julien: Can I still get the cake?

Skipper: *closes door in Julien's face*

Julien: Alright, fine.

Skipper: What are bạn all doing up?

Private: bạn slept really late. It's already eleven thirty.

Skipper: Eleven what?!

Private: Eleven thirty.

Skipper: Where's Kowalski? 

Private: Inventing something....
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posted by penguinsfan2
*back to present*

Skipper: This still isn’t making any sense.

Private: Of course it isn’t Skippa because we haven’t even finished it.

Skipper: I know, but all it’s telling us is what we already know, when is it going to get to the point?

Ash: *mumbling*…so impatient…..


Kowalski: *grabs the book* let’s keep reading, maybe it’ll give us a clue to where she ran off too.

Ash: *gazing lovingly* so smart….

Kowalski: *blush*…s-so yea back to the story….

Book: The zoo was on totally panic attack right now, and it’s all my fault because I let it happen. How could I be...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The boys glared angrily at Skipper as Lilly's helicopter flew away. " How could bạn Skipper!" Cried Kowalski. " Did bạn forget the chim cánh cụt crito!? Never Swim Alone. Well Lilly's swiming in a stinking cá mập TANK!!" Yelled Private. " Marhabingooloinf!!" Grumbled Rico angrily as he got up in Skipper's face. ( What have I done?) thought Skipper ( I should have helped her when I had the chance.)
Lilly looked out the window of the helicopter and began to sob. She was no longer in America, let alone New York. No sir, she was in her homeland. Antarctica. Outside...
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posted by ggreen7295
Chapter 1: A depressing end, and an even thêm depressing beginning




Every living thing lives to strive in life. To experience danger, and tình yêu and to gain wisdom to pass on to an new generation. In life there are hopes and dreams, adventure and exploring, and danger. But at some point of live there is death, is it of old age? Murder? Suicide?

A boy was fiddling his thumbs as his mother was driving down a đồi núi, hill toward an intersection, when they both stopped the light was still red. The two was about to visit the boy's grandmother in Boston. Nothing of any significance were wondering...
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posted by Cornflak
An giờ past noon time, and the penguins had invited Marlene to their HQ in order to make arrangements.

To be completely honest, Kowalski couldn’t wait any longer. He was getting awfully sick and tired of this depressed feeling that crept up from behind, whenever Rico was near. Kowalski felt incredibly guilty and shameful, having been the very reason that Rico was going through this mess. But it was over, now! Rico simply needed to leave for a while, giving Kowalski some time to rethink his feelings and clear his head. Things would soon be back to the way they used to be; and they would all...
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Not of the highest quality, but watchable! Sorry about my little brother yelling at the very beginning; I was able to get them quiet after that. Enjoy!
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feline fervor
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I may not be able to hiển thị bạn this, but that doesn't stop another from posting it on YouTube
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