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 Skipper's eyes
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They're watching bạn all the time....
tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ
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Skilene video!!!
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When Maurice gets annoyed at Julien for taking all his stuff, he disappears after a camera flashes, which Julien thinks is a "magic king thing from the sky spirits".
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(from Kowalski’s point of view)
It was a beautiful summer ngày when a new found emotion took over leaving me helpless to ignore.
All the usual was happening, Private was watching T.V., Skipper was đọc the paper while drinking his normal cá coffee, and Rico was busy with his doll. How I hated that doll she always takes Rico’s attention away from….what am I thinking?! He’s my friend and nothing more! Still how long can I hide the fact that I tình yêu him? Though its better I do because two male penguins aren’t supposed to be mating only a male and a female are meant for that. I really...
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Private was walking outside. Suddenly he heard music. It came from the HQ.

He went down the fishbowl enterance. What he saw was funny and somewhat disturbing. There were lights, the room was pink, and with colorful balloons, paper streamers, and hearts.

Rico was a D.J. and Everyone else holds a microphone. (including King Julien. Mort and Maurice were dancing)

Rico tossed Private a microphone and he sang along.

Julien: Ladies and Gentalmen-ies, my servants!
Skipper: I'm Skipper, this is my crew, and we're gonna sing a song.

Skipper: Bow Chica Bow Wow!
Marlene: That's what my baby says
Kowalski: Mow...
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Unknown Confession

Skipper stood in the doorway, shocked at what he had just seen.

Was…was that a painting of…of ME?! He thought to himself, still not believing his own two eyes.

“Nah that wasn’t me, it was probably just a chim cánh cụt from her old aquarium.” He đã đưa ý kiến to himself as he waddled out of Marlene’s habitat.

“Yea that’s what it was, just an old friend of hers that just happens to look like me.” Skipper continued, smiling as he tried desperately to convince himself that he had not just seen a painting of himself in Marlene’s habitat.

He chim bồ câu, bồ câu to the ground and slid on his belly...
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Last night the four penguins went to sleep at eze, but when the tiếp theo ngày came Rico, Kowalski, and Priviate was all weaken up bởi somthing sounding very disterbing. Like somone being chocked bởi somthing.
"Were is that nose coming from?" Kowalski asked.
"I don't know. Rico do bạn have any idea?" Priviate asked after.
"Uhu" đã đưa ý kiến Rico.
"What about bạn Skipper?" Priviat asked in curiosity. There was no answer. "Skipper?" There
was no answer agien. Than the three penguins started to get worried. When Priviate asked one thêm time and heard no answere they begian to panick. They jumped out of there...
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 Cute: Skilene
Cute: Skilene
S: Skipper; K:Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; M:Marlene; J: Julien; Mau: Maurice; Mort:Mort.; King Rat: KR ; ♥ : (love, hoặc kiss)

The Penguins are all around the bàn when they hear a hollow screech coming from Marlene’s habitat. Skipper leads them and they go through Marlene’s front door. They can hear Marlene but they can’t see her.

S: Kowalski, perimeter check!

Kowalski walks around until he notices that the sewer hole is opened and they see Marlene with all the rats around her. Skipper panics and has says anything without thinking.

S: Rico Rope!!!

A rope rolls out of Rico’s mouth...
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Well, it is 1:52 AM and I am so freaking bored. What does an tác giả like myself do? She writes a story. So, I was drawing something for Deviant Art, and for some reason, I just got that idea stuck in my head…so…Here ya go! Please Review, and give me ideas for future chats you'd like me to post on here, thanks! -^_^-

So here are the chat names!

Skipper: Classified

Kowalski: Einstein2

Rico: Kablamoo

Private: LittleWinky

Julien: RingtailRocks

Maurice: MauriceYO

Mort: IheartFeet

Marlene: Marlene3

Chat Number UNO!

Classified is Online

LittleWinky is Online

LittleWinky: Hey, Skippah!

Classified: -_-!

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posted by ThatDamnLlama
Footsteps entered the dark, silent cave. The sleeping con rái cá, rái cá snored and rolled over onto her stomach. The footsteps stopped suddenly, as if afraid to wake her up.

Kowalski sighed in relief to see Marlene still sleeping peacefully. So the scream obviously didn't come from here. He quietly took a loop around the room just to be sure nothing was out of place.

He tip-toed back to the enterance. Kowalski was almost out the door, feeling relieved he was able to leave without waking Marlene, when his walkie-talkie buzzed.

"Lieutenant Kowalski, this is Agent Skipper. Do bạn read?"

Kowalsk swore repeatedly...
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