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 Skipper's eyes
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They're watching bạn all the time....
tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ
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Source: I was the photographer
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~ it needs 2 to tình yêu ~

This is a story about friendship and love.
How would emotions change the penguin's life? Can the tim, trái tim be stronger than the psyche?

This here's the story.

Surprise, Surprise.

Marlene was enjoying herself in her bright pool, hát loudly and swimming a few rounds, as suddenly an animal landed with a big splash in the water.
Marlene got frightened, she quickly turned to the animal who couldn't swim.
''Hold on!'', she shouted and swam as fast as an Mũi tên xanh to save the poor animal. It was a rendeer.

She carried it in her habitat and as she looked at the rendeer's face, she smiled...
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Skipper’s eyes slowly opened; his vision still blurry from sleep. He blinked twice to regain his focus. For a một giây he forgot where he was, he wasn’t in his bunk, and he wasn’t in the HQ. A brown figure lying tiếp theo to him caught his attention. It was Marlene. He remembered telling her he would spend the night, knowing that his team could take care of themselves. He shrugged and returned back to a prone position and went back to sleep.

Fifteen phút later he awoke again, but this time to the smell of cá coffee brewing on the table. He sat up and put his face in his flippers and let...
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 Cute: Skilene
Cute: Skilene
S: Skipper; K: Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; M: Marlene; J: Julien; Mau: Maurice; Mort: Mort.

The penguins are in their habitat testing a machine constructed bởi Kowalski. It is a trái cây dispenser. Since most of the động vật in the zoo eat fruit, they decided to open a business. Plus they were getting a little tired of always running out of cá and wanted a fishy refreshing drink.

S: Good Job Kowalski!!! Let’s put this baby up and see how we do!

Private puts a big drawing of trái cây and a small picture of a fish. They were charging the động vật cá for fruit. Julien sees the sign and runs to...
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Chapter 4-Assualt

    Skipper and Kowalski were very tired after training together. They went to giường early, before the sun even set. Since the others were gone, Skipper got a bunk this time. They plopped down in their beds like cold turkeys and curled up under their covers.
    “I have never been so overworked in my whole life,” Skipper moaned.
    “Eh, bạn will get used to it,” Kowalski assured him. “It is normal training for me.”
    “Does Mr. Halloweentown train bạn all the time?” he wondered. “And...
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xem trước for the episode 'It's About Time'. It's the episode with future Kowalski that hasn't aired yet.
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Source: this is how much she loves blowhole! XD
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I had SOO much fun nghề viết văn this chapter! I hope bạn have just as much fun đọc it! bình luận please!!!!


"Ugh," Kowalski instictively stretched out, before realizing he was no longer in a crate. He lay on a cold powdery substance. Snow? Kowalski put some in his mouth, then spit it out. It was Fake.

Standing up, he brushed of the flakes and looked around.
There was fake ice and snow covering the landscape,
with stone slabs set out in an area of salt water. If the snow wasn't real then...was this a habitat? Kowalski searched the perimeter for his mate,...
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One beautiful morning in the New York, an con rái cá, rái cá has just woken up from her peaceful slumber...Too bad that nice morning has to go! COMEDY!!

(??????): Wake-up Marlene...
Marlene: *Yawns* Sigh...Good morning Kowalski...wait, What?
Kowalski: Good morning!
Marlene: Kowalski! What are bạn doing here?!?!?
Kowalski: What are bạn talking about?
Marlene: Why are bạn here, in a tux, and...Why am I in a wedding dress!?!
Kowalski: Oh this! This was Icicle's idea! She đã đưa ý kiến bạn were lonely so she came up with this!

Marlene: With what? bạn here in a tuxedo to freak me out?
Kowalski: bạn were close! *blows a whistle*...
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The sinks have been successfully clogged with whatever paper the penguins could salvage from Kowalski's idea clipboard, and the toilets were most certainly clogged with toilet paper. The taco couldn't climb in the sewer now. And as for the door, it was successfully barricaded with bodies for all the penguins minus Rico were piled in front of the door, holding back the pressure put upon it bởi the great taco terror.
Skipper: Hang on, prairie dogs!
Private(whining): We should have gone to IHop!
Kowalski: What are we going to do? We are trapped in a bathroom and to make it even worse there is a mutant...
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R for blood and cursing

If u don't like cute màu hồng, hồng and furry aliens bleeding, I'm warning you- DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!

You're still đọc this?


Don't say I didn't warn you!

It was a clear night. There were shooting stars. Everyone was watching them. One ngôi sao was coming right toward the penguins! They got out of the way, but it hit the concrete- hard. It was knocked out, and had cuts, bruises, and blood all over it. They decided to take it inside.

About an giờ later, the penguins heard something. "Oh shit. Where the hell am I?" it said. "Hey! We don't use that language here!" Skipper said. "Don't di chuyển your leg." Kowalski said.
"It's broken."
"HEY! Miss Curse-a-lot! What did I say about that language!?" Skipper said. "Geez! Sorry man!" she responded, "Anyways, I'm Kat. I'm Lightopian, which is a type of alien."

"An ALIEN!?" Kowalski said, surprised, "We can't let anyone else see you!"
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Source: Dreamworks
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