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"Who's a helpless Victim? Yeah, I think Marlene could totally beat Skipper.
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“Whoa, Skipper” đã đưa ý kiến Kowalski, stumbling backwards. “What are bạn doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” đã đưa ý kiến Skipper. “I’m going to finish this before bạn seriously hurt someone.” Skipper kicked out at Kowalski and Kowalski did a backflip to avoid it.

“Are bạn two okay?” Skipper đã đưa ý kiến hurriedly to Private and Rico. Much to Skipper’s surprise, the two penguins ran over to Kowalski and stood in front of him, shielding Kowalski from Skipper.

“Skippa, stop!” đã đưa ý kiến Private. “Kowalski didn’t do anything! And if bạn want to hurt him, you’ll have to go through us...
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Skipper's Replacement
Chapter 3: "Just Dance"
    "And now it is time for the first ever chim cánh cụt dance-off. This is trule history in the making. I am Marlene, your host today and with our contestants, Kowalski, Rico, and Private who are having a stand-off to see who gets to be Skipper's replacement!" Marlene announced and leaped over to the left to the long judging table. "And now to introduce our three judges. Mort, Maurice, and King Julien!"
    From behind the rock the penguins couldn't see what was going on, but they could hear every word of it. They...
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Author's note: yeah. My OC Ruthless has an iPhone. Anyway, no stealz, no sue, and ENJOYZ!!!

Ringtone short #1: Skipper
Ruthless: xin chào guys, have bạn seen my iPhone?
Private: not that I know of Ruthless.
Ruthless: ok. I got it! Skipper call me.
Skipper: sure. (calls Ruthless's phone)
iPhone: (says Skipper on it and plays "Jaws" theme)
K/R/P/S: (stares at Ruthless)
Ruthless: what?

Ringtone short #2: Kowalski
Skipper: commence operation: Call Me! Kowalski your first!
Kowalski: alright skipper, calling Ruthless.
Ruthless's iPhone: (says Kowalski on it and plays "Get Smart" theme)
Ruthless: do I even have...
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I'm not really good at editing. Most parts doesn't hit the âm nhạc right.
Biệt đội chim cánh cụt vùng Madagascar
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January 1, 2015

Skipper paced back and forth just outside Marlene’s habitat. It was Friday, at almost eight o’clock at night. He promised he would tell her what had really happened that ngày Blowhole had used his Serum on her, but he didn’t really realize what exactly he’d have to put into words. No matter how he arranged the confession in his mind, he couldn’t figure out how to say it without things getting too awkward. thêm importantly, he couldn’t figure out how to say it.

Finally, it was coming up on the giờ and Skipper wasn’t planning on being late, especially...
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“The Other Man That Doesn’t Exist Yet”
December 11, 2014

Skipper stood outside Marlene’s habitat. Earlier that day, the team had snuck into Alice’s office to order some sweet elusive Polish sauerkraut, and Alice had left the sign-up danh sách for the Breeding Program on her computer. Marlene’s name was on it. From the moment he saw it, his tim, trái tim fluttered. He wasn’t quite sure why. It was just the thought of Marlene feeling as if she needed someone. Why that would bother him was another mystery. He took a deep breath and entered.

“Hey, Skipper! What’s up?” Marlene đã đưa ý kiến as he approached...
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