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 PoMCC 006
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"Who's a helpless Victim? Yeah, I think Marlene could totally beat Skipper.
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Two Roads 03.27.16

Note: This shot is dedicated to GearSolidSnake, who requested it from me.

— § —

“Rico!” Private called softly.

He stopped when he noticed light coming from storage. Furrowing his brow, he hopped up onto the windowsill for a closer look.

A dim light emanated from behind some crates. There were shadows — figures that moved along the walls. He tried to make out the shapes. His breath caught as he made out Rico’s mohawk. He pushed the window open and climbed inside.

He thankfully made it through without making any noise. Low voices drifted around the stack of crates, but...
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Stripes 03.16.16

Note: This installment contains implied Skilene. Perceive it as bạn will.

— § —

“. . . and I want Rico on aerial surveillance,” Skipper đã đưa ý kiến to his team down in the HQ. “Private and I will scout the ground. We’ll —”

“Hey, guys,” đã đưa ý kiến a voice from behind, causing the team to instinctively jump into combat position. Marlene flinched and held up her paws. “Whoa, guys! It’s just me.”

Skipper relaxed his stance and rolled his eyes. “We’ve already told you. You’re not authorized to just drop down here without permission. We are in the middle of a classified...
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Sacrifice 02.09.15

Note: This chapter is humanized. It also contains character death.

— § —

Kowalski took a shaky breath and stood before the guests seated in rows of fold-up chairs. Suppressed sobs punctured the silence.

“I’ll be honest. When I was first told that Skipper had been killed, I nearly laughed,” he said. The guests’ expressions twisted in a mixture of shock and confusion.

“Not because it was funny, but because I’d always imagined Skipper would intimidate Death himself,” he explained, almost smiling. The guests relaxed and exchanged glances as they realized how right...
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Insanity 02.02.15

Warning: This chapter is rated T for some disturbing images. If bạn want to ask me what to expect in a comment, feel free to do so.

— § —

“Boss,” called a tôm, tôm hùm minion as he approached the villainous dolphin, Dr. Blowhole. “Boss, we’re—ready when bạn are,” he đã đưa ý kiến uneasily.

Dr. Blowhole grinned coldly and turned to him with a burning eye. “Excellent, Red One. Prepare the operating table,” he purred.

The tôm, tôm hùm swallowed and nodded, exiting without another word.

Blowhole looked back into the mirror, looking at the bandages around his right eye, his grin fading...
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Happy Meal commercial featuring the penguins. What Private and Kowalski do with the laser beam is the best part. Most of the toys here were also được trao out bởi McDonald's in 2010.
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happy meal
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“Hurry! Get him on the table! We’re losing him!” Kowalski commanded as he, Rico, and Private carried their leader into the zoo infirmary.

Rico and Private laid a bruised, scratched-up, and unconscious Skipper on the examination table.

“We’re going to need help!” Kowalski đã đưa ý kiến setting to work assessing his wounds. “Private, go find some hands!”

“Aye!” Private acknowledged as he leapt from the table. He ran to the chimps’ habitat first.

“Mason! Phil!” he called in a panic.

Mason climbed down from his cây with Phil following close behind.

“What’s the trouble, Private?...
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