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posted by hay570
In the Stanley Cup final in 2011, Boston beat the Vancouver Canucks, 4 - 0. I live in a small town in British Columbia, and I'm fairly sure that I am the only Bruins người hâm mộ around. While all the other people here, walked around silently, with their heads down, I was running all over, celebrating. That didn't go over well. All of the những người hâm mộ of BC's only NHL Hockey team around me hated me for a long time. I seriously think that all these people should lighten up though. Even my cousin is holding a grudge against me. I try to convince everyone that Boston deserved the cup! Patrice Bergeron scored twice, almost got a hat trick and even put the puck in the net with the handle of his stick! I don't really care what those Vancouver những người hâm mộ think about me hoặc Boston anymore. They won it fair and square. I think all of the Boston những người hâm mộ have a right to be fans. If someone doesn't like that, than they'll just have to báo cáo to the complaints bàn at TD Garden. GO BRUINS GO!!!