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Paramore - Let The Flames Begin (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - Fences (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - When it Rains (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - Decoy (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - My tim, trái tim (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - Emergency (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore - Hallelujah (The Final Riot DVD)

Paramore- I Caught Myself

Hayley Williams n' her new boyfriend...

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams from Paramore saying hi

Hayley Williams signs autographs for những người hâm mộ

Artist on Artist (Full interview)

Rob Pattinson & Hayley Williams

đàn ghi ta, guitar Hero World Tour-Paramore

Paramore - Decode (Band Performance Version)

Paramore - Decode (Acoustic)

PARAMORE: Holiday Greeting '08

Crushcrushcrush (Acoustic)

That`s What bạn Get (Live @ Almost Acoustic Xmas)

Emergency Live @ Warped Tour

That`s What bạn Get (Acoustic)

That`s What bạn Get Live in Sacramento

My tim, trái tim (Live)

Conspiracy (Acoustic)

Pressure (Acoustic)

Webisode 3

Webisode 2

Webisode 1

Crushcrushcrush (Live @ Almost Acoustic Xmas)

That`s What bạn Get (MTV Live)

Pressure (Live)

Misery Business (Live @ Almost Acoustic Xmas)

Misery Business (Acoustic)

Hallelujah (Acoustic)

Hallelujah (UK Single)

Crushcrushcrush (Acoustic)


misery business

crush crush crush

that what bạn get



PARAMORE: The Final RIOT! Trailer 3

Paramore - Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)

Paramore "Pressure" Acoustic @ Hard Rock Cafe

Paramore - The Final Riot! Trailer (2nd)

Paramore "Let the Flames Begin" OFFICIAL âm nhạc VIDEO!

MySpace Artist on Artist

Decode on Jimmy kimmel live Iive

Voice Lessons: Brett Manning & Hayley Williams of Paramore

PARAMORE: The Final RIOT! Trailer

Paramore: Hayley Williams Interview

Paramore RIOT! acoustics

Behind the scenes of Paramore's Decode - Twilight Theme

Paramore - I Caught Myself (new song from Twilight)

Paramore - Decode (live in rio de janeiro Brazil) \,,,/

delivery of the fanbook PARAMORE. in Brazil

Paramore - Decode Live @ Monterrey, NL

Paramore performing That's What bạn Get (MTV VMAs Latin America)

Paramore-Decode Official Twilight Soundtrack


misery business (acoustic)

Paramore - Miracle

Paramore - Fences

Paramore - Tour Brasil 2008

Paramore best international artist live VMB 2008

VMB 2008 International artist of the năm nominees commercial

Paramore Live Manchester UK - Let This Go

Paramore Live Manchester UK - Misery Business

Paramore- Sweetness live Manchester Jan29,2008

Paramore live in manchester - Crushcrushcrush

Paramore live in manchester 29/01/08 decoy

đàn ghi ta, guitar Hero World Tour Hayley Williams Trailer

Misery Business


Paramore's Hungry

shopping with Paramore :)

Paramore Dancing to NFG's "Kiss Me"

Paramore Like To Dance

Hayley's tummy growl

Hayley Shakes Her Moneymaker

Hayley Loves The Parking Lot Proposal

Hayley is making faces to the camera

Emerald& Kat teaching Hayley the SOULJA BOY

Hayley Soulja Boy's "Crank That"

Zac Farro drum lesson

Zac Farro and Dan from This Providence

Zac, David & others sing "In the Jungle"

zac, david, ryan, and tour peeps singin'

Zac & This Prov Guys hát Akon

Paramore's Zac and Những người bạn Rapping

Hayley Williams Drawing Spongebob =]

Paramore: Zac Farro celebrating his birthday

Zac's 17th birthday

Josh Farro from Paramore on 2007 summer's Vans Warped Tour

Zac Farro Interviews Josh Farro

PARAMORE: Live In Mexico

Paramore - Provinssirock Interview [06.15.08]