The loud âm nhạc surrounding me caused ringing in my ears. My head began to hurt, I wasn't sure if it was from the amount I drank hoặc if it was my anxiety getting to better of me from the looks I was receiving. I know, you're probably thinking why i'm here if it's obvious enough that I dont like parties. This wasn't my ideal way of spending my new years, it was my friends.

It came to my suprise when he came up to me, " What's your name beautiful? " he shouted over the âm nhạc making me just able to hear him. He was obviously drunk. " Fey! " I answered him. Dark green met hazel brown, a smile crossed his features " JC! " he đã đưa ý kiến foolishly. I nodded as the âm nhạc took away the awkward silences that would occur in regular conversations.

" Wanna dance!? " he asked breaking the silence between us. My cheeks flushed red, he was cute considering the face that he wasn't sober. Before I could answer hoặc protest he took my arm leading me through the crowd of people that I dare not talk to at school. I stared up at him from behind as he continued to lead me, his dark brown hair covered bởi a snap back matched well with the hazel brown eyes I previously met.

When he found a gap in the crowd he began to dance foolishly causing a laugh to escape my lips. Acknowledging my laughter he smiled again. He took my hands spinning me around and picking me up. I let out a squeal of laughter " Put me down! Put me down! ", he placed me down laughing, something about him seemed familiar but I couldn't figure it out. Something about that smile, those eyes, it was as if I passed that all the time but never really took notice to it until now.

My deep thought was interrupted as he finally spoke again " xin chào uh, think I can get your number, so we can Kiss " he đã đưa ý kiến with a foolish smile, had too much alcohol gone to his brain? I thought to myself.

The sudden touch of his hands placing on my hips made me jump. He stared at me with dazed eyes as he smiled hiển thị his teeth, " I-I'm sorry no thank bạn " I replied beginning to turn away, but was grasped tightly around the waist being tugged back with my back against him. " Cmon baby..." he whispered in my ear surprisingly with me able to hear, " We just met " I stuttered out shaken from his touch. " But I like you..." he continued.

Distracted I did not realize his hand reach into my back pocket and take out my phone. " JC you're drunk " I đã đưa ý kiến as he brushed his nose against my cheek softly, I let out a shaken breath as my eyes fluttered closed. He hummed in my ear as he snaked one arm around my waist. It was like I was under a spell, I couldn't think straight.

He tucked my phone back into my pocket as he spun around to face him taking out his phone, " Please I wanna see bạn again " he begged in a babyish tone. " JC no ", he lifted his phone to the level of my face as a light appeared on the front of his phone, my eyes widened. He was taking a picture.

I put my hand in front of my face, in an attempt to shield myself from the lense as I heard a click. I felt a tug on my arm, spinning around to see my best friend Perris, " Ready to go? " she asked, I nodded quickly grabbing her arm, " let's get out of here " I đã đưa ý kiến making my way with her through the crowd and out the front door.

He looked at the picture on his phone, her rich dark green eyes shown along with a part of her cheek in a gap between her fingers appeared in the picture, who was she really?, he looked up and over at the door she left through.

(( this is a fanfic me and cousin are working on so imam post it up on here hopefully for some reads and feed back from people ))