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Osomatsu Câu Hỏi

Which Osomatsu San character are bạn like and why?

It can be the brothers, Akumatsu and Kamimatsu, the side characters, Iyami, Chibita. ANYONE REALLY ^^
Just be sure to say "WHY" (Can't wait to see the amount of people who say "ICHI" ;w;)

For me it has to be Totty

I am really into my devices. I go on social media 24/7 on them ^^ No joke. I have a phone, 2 window computers, and a 3ds :3

I'm a neat freak. Everytime my brother (or sister) put stuff on the floor I always have to clean it!!!

I have a purse

I like drawing hearts tiếp theo to everything because i'm used to it

My yêu thích shape is a tim, trái tim <3

I laugh awfully alot like Todomatsu. And people find it cute 0.0

I have anger issues (mostly around my siblings) but yet I turn myself around. Like, once I screamed at my bro (WHO IS MOST LIKE KARAMATSU) and he fell to the floor, deaf for a second

One of my yêu thích phim chiếu rạp are "The Little Mermaid" and Totty is known for hát the Japanese Under The Sea (for some reason...)

I like little bunnies and guess what? Totty is a bunny in Animatsu ;w;

I'm into the color màu hồng, hồng and cuddly things ^^

I listen to âm nhạc everyday

I find myself to look a bit cute but every time people call me "Ugly" hoặc "creepy" I go somewhere far far away from them just to cool down

I can get pretty emotional at times. I cry and find a quiet place :3

I don't like people only girls

I find my family annoying as heck!!!~ :D

I have TONS of secrets. One of them being I am crazy for Totty....

Can get bored doing nothing

I hate people telling me to "Go places", I'm just "Don't boss me around"

I call my siblings "stupid"

I find myself to be very nice but my siblings don't agree with me ;w;

I like flashy clothes. On Animal mứt I look like a freaking movie ngôi sao bạn should see me!

I like tiny objects. mostly because some huge crap are hard to carry around.

ALOT of people like me for who I am. I feel được ưa chuộng because of it ^^

I get jealous SOOOO easy. Like bạn have
 Which Osomatsu San character are bạn like and why?
 SmolKitten posted hơn một năm qua
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