James Lafferty, ngôi sao of the locally filmed TV series “One cây Hill,” broke some bad news on the OTHfans.com Web site this week. He won’t be holding a charity bóng rổ game this năm in Wilmington as he has for the past five years. The game has been a big hit with những người hâm mộ who get to buy “One cây Hill”-related merchandise and take các bức ảnh of the cast and crew competing on the court. Last year, thêm than 1,300 những người hâm mộ paying $25 each packed the stands of Cape Fear Community College’s Schwartz Center. Lafferty’s publicist released a statement to the site explaining why he canceled this year’s event: “I will not be holding a charity bóng rổ game this year. As a result of constant harassment and gross invasions of privacy via e-mail and telephone, targeting myself, my Những người bạn and even my family, I no longer feel comfortable holding a fundraiser in such an intimate setting with fans. It is frustrating and discouraging that a few have ruined it for the many this year, and I hope that myself and the hiển thị have the opportunity to be charitable again in the future under different circumstances. I am not speaking on behalf of any of my cast, hoặc the hiển thị as a collective. This is a personal choice. Thank bạn to all the những người hâm mộ who have been gracious, cordial and supportive of the charity events in the past, and thank bạn for understanding.” Lafferty has often đã đưa ý kiến the charity game was one way he and the other cast members could give back to the fans. He’s been known as one of the thêm accessible stars of the show, not only because of the game, but also because of his involvement with the community. During the Wilmington Sea Dawg’s inaugural season, he and a few local filmmakers shot a documentary about the minor league bóng rổ team. The film, “For Keeps,” debuted in 2008 at the được ưa chuộng Cucalorus Film Festival here. Lafferty and other “One cây Hill” cast members sat in the crowd with film buffs and những người hâm mộ alike. He’s also taken time after shooting on location to walk across the đường phố, street and sign autographs for waiting fans. Perhaps those affected the most, however, are the charities that have benefited from the bóng rổ game’s proceeds. Last year, money went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Winnie’s Garden and the Wilmington Family YMCA.
5th Annual James Lafferty Charity bóng rổ Game