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After all this time, Brucas những người hâm mộ have not được trao up hope. I've read a number of các bài viết denouncing Lucas's tình yêu for Peyton. Supposedly, he loves them both. Supposedly, he and Peyton are self-destructive. Supposedly, Lucas always SETTLES for Peyton. So I've come to set the record straight.

The one thing that I agree on is that its very difficult for Lucas to tình yêu one without the loving the other...but I sincerely feel that Lucas's tình yêu for Peyton is a different kind of tình yêu from his tình yêu for Brooke. I will admit that Brooke has evolved as a person throughout the six seasons, but season one still holds for me. [Lucas tells Nikki that he had an intense emotional connection with one...and that the other was all about fun]. I believe that Brooke brings out parts of Lucas that he likes, but that Peyton lets him hold on to who he is.
At some points, you're right. Leyton is self-destructive. I think though, that this comes from external influences rather than them not belonging together.
The point I CANNOT AGREE WITH is that Lucas only wants Peyton when he cannot have Brooke. bạn have it wrong. It's so much easier to understand that Lucas only wants Brooke when he cannot have Peyton. From the very beginning, Lucas has loved Peyton. Nothing has ever changed. [He is simply always hiding with Brooke, as he admitted to Peyton in season one].
I feel that Lucas only wants Brooke when he cannot have Peyton for many reasons...

1. Lucas showed no interest in Brooke until Peyton asked him if it was ok to be just friends. [season one].[Lucas had wanted Peyton for so long, but they couldnt have it because Peyton was scared][He later tells Haley, well yells at her that he told Peyton how he felt and she didnt feel the same. He goes on to say that Brooke makes him laugh and that Peyton has too many issues.]
Thats a settle for Brooke if anything is.

2. Also in season one he clearly makes his choice. [He tells Peyton that Brooke is great. She just isn't Peyton. And how does he know? he feels it in his heart.] He cheats on BROOKE with PEYTON (not Peyton with Brooke). Despite bad decisions, Lucas is a great guy. He wouldnt have cheated unless his feelings for Peyton were real.

3. Now this is arguable, but in season two [Nathan tells Lucas that he has feelings for a certain girl and that he needs to tell her. Sigh. He goes to Brooke's and finds Felix there. But couldnt it be that he knows Peyton doesn't want to hurt Brooke again. [Recall how Peyton broke it off with Lucas. She says she can't hurt Brooke anymore than they already have, even though Brooke and Lucas werent together.] I think Lucas was reminded of this and knew that Peyton wouldnt easily let him back into her life in that way... but maybe Brooke would. (He loves them both so its easy to settle.) Also, Jake could have something to do with this. [Recently he had visited Peyton and discovered that she missed Jake. He didn't want to come between that.] He doesnt even like Felix though, so it would be much easier to tell Brooke that he wants to be with her rather than her. Lucas was taking the easy road. He was settling. So in my opinion, Lucas goes after Brooke in season three because he can't have Peyton. Brooke never understands how much she hurts Peyton bởi dating Lucas [just like in season one] and so there bạn have it.

4. Plain and simple. [Lucas dates Brooke for all that time but it's Peyton he wants bởi his side when all his dreams come true.]

5. Ok enough! He marries Peyton for God's sake. You're right. She is his inspiration. Two sách and three proposals worth of inpiration (original proposal, airport proposal, proposal bởi the River with the right ring).

"It was thêm than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There are many who couldn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his tim, trái tim that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again... And his belief in God and tình yêu and art would be re-awakened in his heart."

I'm sorry Brucas fans. Leyton forever. <3
(but i will admit that I loved Jeyton. It just wasnt meant to be.)

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ok guys so all this freaking hilarious one no hiển thị đồi núi, hill crap is getting crazy! bạn know what that means instant inspiration! so here's some crap i just threw together hope bạn like

Chad sits in his trailer and flips open the Wilmington newspaper.
"One cây đồi núi, hill renewed for 7th season" he reads aloud laughing to himself. He picks up his phone and dials a number still laughing as the person các câu trả lời "Hello" the person on the other line says.

"You are freaking kidding me right? A new season? bạn are seriously an idiot aren't you?

"Hey Chad, no they've confirmed it. We will be having a new season.

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This is an audition for a girl named "Courtney" who Haley meets in Jail after she slaps the girl who claims Nathan got her pregnant.
One Tree Hill
OMG i saw this and was like NOOOO! i really hope its not true!!
One Tree Hill
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Weird lesbian energy!!
One Tree Hill
Here's a video where the cast crashed a prom... Well, it's thêm perfect than their own prom!
đồi núi, hill
One Tree Hill
psyco derek
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Lindsey Will Stick Around for 'One cây Hill' Season 6
If bạn tuned in to season 5 of One cây đồi núi, hill bạn probably had your fill of the tình yêu rectangle between Lucas, Brooke, Peyton and Lindsey. Much of the season was devoted to Lucas attempting to decide between married life with Lindsey hoặc rekindling his past with Peyton (Hilarie Burton), but Brooke's baby mama drama also had an impact on him in the last few episodes. The season ended with Lucas calling one member of the trio and inviting her to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. Who he called remains a mystery, but I think most những người hâm mộ assume that...
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So, bạn see
Youve got me back again for more
And it seems
Your song is in my head
This is war
Mystery; how I could feel bạn breathe me

I was sure bạn would keep
Every promise; bạn would keep
Every word

I try to put your stories in line
But nothing adds up right

For every 99 times
You looked me in the eye,
You looked me in the eye
And swore bạn werent lying
Well, I was so blind
I never saw the signs
Im getting out tonight
And youre not invited

Its a shame
That bạn left me hanging like bạn did
It was brave
But it was much thêm foolish
Dont bạn think?
Cause bạn know I wont be satisfied
Until bạn realize

For every...
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