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GMIC is critical to us being an organization, three yrs back, can be within this conference we bring this solution to China, we use GMIC Conference as a platform for us to enter China, now why GMIC is a lot thêm significant?link Also this yr we'll be bringing our most up-to-date innovation to China for publishing, I would wish to share with bạn our latest revolutionary goods.

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18-24 months back, I'd a discussion with my engineers, as regards to the dialogue is how do we modify the cell phone ads, how can we make marketing on cellular phones, and these days there exists a new adjust and distinction during the way. Dang we for discussion of once we talked about of a most of challenge is, we bởi a number of people, which includes we himself, we made has extremely large of organization,link we is not like these promoting slogans of, we extremely detest these promoting manufacturer, and a few promotion slogans, lots of publishers, and recreation of developers they can be not like these kinds of of advertising slogans, we on wishes to we could perform some exactly what does? Will be to set up these symptoms give him away.

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