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Lindsey’s POV:
I reached trang chủ and went straight to my room. I left all my things in my room and pounced on my giường and began to think of everything that happened today in my clinic and I smiled.
I went to my closet to find a dress to meet Harry. I’m little tomboyish so everything in my closet was filled with denim and T-shirts.
I stood there staring at the closet when my mom opened the door. She came closer to me.
“What are bạn searching for?” she đã đưa ý kiến in her husky voice.
“Umm..Well, I’m looking for a dress that I can wear while I meet Harry today” I replied.
I didn’t understand why she started to become hysteric. I didn’t know why..
She asked me “Are bạn gonna put this to meet him with this dress on?”
“Any problem? And I’m also going to meet his colleagues….”I told her.
“Oh yeah!”
“Vanessa help me! What shall I do now?” I told with my cún yêu, con chó con dog face.
Suddenly my phone vibrated in my jeans and it was a call from Harry.
Harry: Shall I pick bạn up?
Me: Okay… But shall I ride the car?
Harry: I’ll ask Louie and tell you….
Harry (to Louis): xin chào Louie, can Lindsey drive your car?
Louis: Ok but ask her drive carefully.
Harry (over phone): He has accepted. So bạn can.
Lindsey: Meet bạn at eight…
Harry: Bye, sweetheart.
Me: Bye, love.

I looked at my mom as if I were saying “What shall I do now?”
Then I heard the clock strike 7. She wrapped her arms around me and đã đưa ý kiến “The time bạn realized to get a good dress is too late. “
I was like “Why is this always happening to me??”
She came near me and đã đưa ý kiến “He likes trái cam, màu da cam color” looking at my trái cam, màu da cam t-shirt.
I was like some big problem has come to an end.
I changed to that dress and brushed my hair. I never put makeup so I did not have to worry about that.
bởi that time it was 7:45 so I rushed downstairs and sat on the couch.
The calling chuông, bell rang and hoping that it must be Harry I opened the door and found the pizza, bánh pizza delivery guy there.
I paid him and placed the pizzas on the bàn and closed the door.
Now again the chuông, bell rang and a little bit frustrated I opened the door with a BANG!
I found Harry at the door and smiled.
Harry’s POV:
I saw her with my jaws dropping down. She was flawless even without makeup on her.
“Ready to drive?” I asked her.
“I think that bạn can see it on my face” she replied biting her lips and with a smile on her face.
I peeped in and waved Vanessa bye.
“Have a great time together” Vanessa shouted with a wink.
She was very much anxious in driving the car.
I gave her the keys and she ran towards the car like a little cún yêu, con chó con that has been được trao something to fill her stomach.
We got inside and she put the keys and started to drive. She drove very smoothly.
OMG! There came the paparazzi and several people came running towards the car.
“What is happening, Harry?” she asked me.
I took my leg and placed it on the accelerator and it went so fast.
We had to turn and so she turned and still my leg was on the accelerator.
We rode over something. We couldn’t guess what it was.
“What was that?” she asked me.
“Ummm… I don’t know…” I replied.
We got down the car and saw that it was a stray dog that we drove over.
On seeing the dog, her eyes were filled with tears.
I covered her with my arms and she placed her face on my chest.
I then drove her to the place where I live with the boys.
I pressed the calling chuông, bell and Niall was there with his Nandos.
“What happened? Why is she crying?” he asked.
Niall’s POV:
They were at the door and Harry was panting so hard and her eyes were filled with tears.
I guessed that something must have been wrong.
She was shaky. She couldn’t stand in her position.
They both came in and I thought that they need something to drink.
THUD! What was that? I saw in the living room that she fainted.
Then I and Harry placed her on his bed.
Later we had our bữa tối, bữa ăn tối and we tried to wake her up to have bữa tối, bữa ăn tối with us but she wasn’t conscious.
So we left her to sleep. Everyone went to sleep in their room and I came into Harry’s room.
“What are bạn doing here, Niall ?” he asked me with his eyebrows raised.
“I just came to tell bạn not to sleep naked….” I warned him.
Everything was fine after that I had a very deep sleep.

A/N: Sorry for posting this very late! And if bạn liked it, please comment! :))
 Newly Wed Harry bởi @nivi20997
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Celebrity singer and a five-member group found themselves bởi chance in the same plane to London, so Kylie took the opportunity to tell them she loves their music.

"Kylie was first class and was passed bởi the boys when they went to the place. They worked up the courage to call her, and Kylie was wonderful to them, wishing them luck in their careers. She đã đưa ý kiến and that she loves their music. Nial, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam were in America where they are presented their album what will appear in the U.S. a week earlier than planned, due to unprecedented người hâm mộ interest.
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Hello. My name is paisley Alexa Carter.
This is link
If bạn don't like it whatever. My best friend is Harry Styles. I'm Irish, a big reason I'm bullied..
I get picked on at school. For being 'ugly'. That is all I hear, everyday. "Ugly!" "Fat!" "Weirdo!" All because I'm Irish, I sing, and play guitar. Who even cares? Oh, try telling the people at my school that. I dropped out, and am taking classes online. I'm going to stay with Harry and his band One Direction for a while as my parents are in America doing whoever knows. This should be fun.. I hope.
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Niall in tình yêu with Zayn’s eyelashes and cheekbones
One Direction
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One Direction
luv u 1d!
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