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posted by Niall1D123
Riley's Dads POV:
"Are bạn ok sweetie? bạn look upset" and I watch she's as still as a stone and I watch as her tan face turns completely pale and I think she has stopped breathing and her face is turning red becuz she can't breath then I'm thinking I should call an xe cứu thương when she falls right over whispering the words very quietly and mutter like "you don't know your beautiful...."

Riley's POV:
I can't believe he did that to me I blackout and I feel like I'm hát "what makes bạn beautiful" but I have no idea I don't know what's going on I faintly hear siren them I realize mute yes are closed and I can't breath very well at and thrn I suddenly out of no where stop hát and open my eyes too see my dad their "what the hell happened??" I asked then I suddenly start shaking when my phone goes off and its the song "stole my heat" bởi one direction and my dad picks up for me with a concerned look on his face "hello yep unhuh here she is" and be hands me the phone and says "it's miley" and similes it's ke the phone try to fix my voice do she won't get worried and as Zayn would say and I always say instead of hi i say "vas' happen'" "hey Riley so your dad told me that bạn were moving to Mew York City and go to the same school as me!!" "yeah....bit bạn know I kinda want to end the school năm before I move." "but Riley bạn don't understand bạn know my parents like to di chuyển a lot and after this năm I'm moving to wincousin" "really....." I complain "oh speaking of wincousin I gotta go see bạn here in New York" and she hangs up the phone and I wispear "see ya....." "so what did happen dad?" and my dad explains everything how I went into shock and fell over and wound up in the hospital "and I didn't think bạn would be so exicted you'd pass out" he finishes wait exicted? "EXICTED??" I yell although it hurts and causes a major headache "WHAT THE FUCK I WASN'T EXICTED I DID'NT PASS OUT CUZ I WAS EXICTED I PASSED OUT CUZ I DON'T WANT TO MOVE" "him its your choice-" "OH SCREW IT IT'S NEVER BEEN MY CHOICE!!" and I storm out although I'm still lightheaded and I start getting extremely dizzy and then I start to fall but this time someone catches me and it's Niall Niall from one direction "whoah" be says and his amazing Irish accent that just makes me even thêm dizzy "are bạn alright?" "yeah I'm good" I say "wait are bạn that girl that passed out?" "" I say cuz I don't them to think I'm weak hoặc anything like that and then I panic as always and walk off and then I realize I'm not ok cuz for one thing I relive that I'm going to have to choose my best friend no the 5 hottest guys in the world.

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posted by MadisonFontenot
*Sorry it took so long!):*

Liam POV: Three months later.....

I was sitting in my car driving to Nando's with the boys. We walked in and sat down at a table, Louis went to the bathroom. Some girls keep looking at us. They got closer and closer.
"Hi.....Are bạn one direction?" She asked Harry, Niall ran away screaming. I laughed.
"No....those guys are..." He pointed to five old guys sitting bởi us. The tall blonde laughed.
"Wow they must chỉnh sửa one direction a lot!"
"This shhh is bananas!" Zayn yelled standing on a chair. Cops came in.
"Uh oh it's the po po!" I đã đưa ý kiến running and hiding under the girls...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ronnie's POV:
I woke up in the hospital,My mom held my hand crying.
My dad holding my moms.Laying in the giường I wore a hosipital gown.
"Where's Derek?"I whispered.
"Shh..Shh,Don't worry."My mom
I sat up and started to cry.
"Where is he?"
"Listen to your mother."my dad told me.
I got up and ran out the door.
Derek was standing in the hallway,shirtless,His chest wrapped in gauze,Using a cruch to stand.He looked weak,I ran up to him and kissed him.
"I told you,I'd be okay."He smiled.
I hugged him.
"Sissy!"Kenna called.
She wobbled up to me and hugged me.She started crying.
"You scared me."she told...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I sigh in relief as I get out of the vòi hoa sen and dry off. The heat has been restored to my body. But there is still a seed of worry in my stomach. The papparazzi had a picture of Niall and me kissing. That would damage his career and Louis's. I frown and slip Louis's shirt. I'd definately be labeled as a cheater. There'd be no way in changing that.

"Tori." called a voice. I froze. It was Niall. "Tori, I'm coming in." I sat on the floor when he opened the door of the bathroom. "We have a really big problem." he đã đưa ý kiến slowly. I looked at him, brushing my hair out of my face. "I know."...
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One Direction is taking over Radio Disney today! They're stopping bởi Radio Disney at 3pmPT/6pmET for an acoustic performance of "More Than This." Plus Alli Simpson will get the deets on what's inside the mind of One Direction! Alli spilled, "Wanna know the secret event I'm attending? I'm getting the privilege to tham gia @ONEDIRECTION in the Radio Disney studios and interview them!" The acoustic performance is also kicking off a special week of programming on the new Disney network on YouTube ( starting June 26! Check out the exclusive video on YouTube!
posted by 1Dluver12
Julli’s POV
I waved bye to the boy’s as we drove to Adi’s house.
“put in our CD” asked Adi, we had made a CD with each other, last tháng and listened to it all the time. Drunk bởi Ed Sheeran began and we sang along the whole car ride trang chủ to whichever song came on. When Adi pulled into her drive-way , I saw her family sitting on their front porch, and her dad was grilling.
“ Hola, Julli, como estas?” (how are you?) asked her mom , giving me a warm smile. I felt like Adi’s house, was y real home, and seeing her family brought on a smile on my face.
“Bien, thank you” (good) her...
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posted by 1d_is_cool
Lillian's P.o.V 

Once Semra and I arrived trang chủ I started to pack all the stuff that I needed. Was I did that I got dressed, I was wearing green skinny jeans with a white t-shirt with blue stripes. "do bạn think that's all?" I asked. 
"yeah!" I said
Then I went to my car to start packing. Semra đã đưa ý kiến that she will come too but not to the concert. On the way to the buổi hòa nhạc Semra and I were listening to some 1D songs, Semra seemed to like a few. once we got to the buổi hòa nhạc place there was all ready over 1000 girls there even know it starts in half an hour. I found my ghế, chỗ ngồi and sat down. I couldn't...
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posted by HarryLover4Life
"Yeah, it's going good, but I'm actually still studying". "Well, bạn should go to sleep hoặc bạn might fall asleep during the test". "Will bạn sing me a song". "Sure". He sang to me and in a few phút I was out like a light.
I woke up right on time and was ready to take my test. I arrived at school and got off the bus. Harry was waiting for me. "He-". "Will bạn go out with me". I was at a loss for words. I looked around quickly and saw Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis. They were all giving me (or Harry) thumbs up. "Yes, yes, a million times YES!!!" I ran into his arms and kissed him. All the các câu trả lời for my test left me and their không gian was filled to the brim with tình yêu for Harry. The rest of the guys ran over and joined in our hug. Louis đã đưa ý kiến "Now bạn guys can stop being all weird. Come back later for Part 3
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posted by SapphireCat22
Dylan’s POV:

I guess bạn could say I was living the dream of every teenage girl on the face of this planet. I was best Những người bạn with Harry Styles, and he invited me to travel on tour with him and the rest of One Direction. I’d admit it, I was hesitant at first. Everyone thinks Harry and I are dating, so I get a lot of hate mail. It just wasn’t so, and I don’t think that would ever happen. He’s Harry Styles, for Christ’s sake.

I laughed at Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan who were having a contest to see who could balance the most bánh quy, cookie on their face. “You guys look like total idiots.”...
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added by ChrissyStyles1
As we pulled into the parking lot im sure ALL of us were shaken as we got out of the car and before we walked threw the door i paused and my palms were sweaty its okay my Những người bạn tryed to comfort me but on a smile and đã đưa ý kiến lets do this thing. We walked in and we were one of the first people there wow and we got front row YAY!!!!!!!. We sat down Eleanor was on my left and summer was on my right i was directly in the middle of the first row WELCOME. GIRLS HERE COMES ONE DIRECTION!!! everyone was screaming i couldn't hear myself think then all of the sudden 5 boys popped out on stage everyone...
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 Twitter Pic
Twitter Pic
I hesitated as Zayn took my hand,leading me towards the X-Factor stage. Harry sent Zayn glares,but he sent me a reassuring smile.

"Why the fuck do I have to perform? I don't even have my own song!" I whispered/exclaimed

Zayn smiled,"We know,babe. But guess what? Everyone heard your cover of our song and they wanted bạn to perform live. But it's gonna be bạn and Harry"

"What?!! What song?! I'm supposed to be in the US,but your management decided to organize a performance for me" I pouted

Harry walked up,two microphones in his hand,he handed one to me. Zayn stood there,with his microphone. He was...
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"Hey,What's the room number?Is she alright?"Courtney asked me through the phone,She sounded very worried.
"Um yea,She's alright."
I had told her Anna pasted out...which was a lie..
I looked to see,that Mr.Tom was nghề viết văn again as he laid in his bed.
"Who's that?"he wrote in pencil.
I didn't answer him,I just continued talking.
"The room numbers 106."
"okay,that right there."
Shortly after she appeared and opened the door.She froze,losing every expression in her mind.She looked absolutely thoughtless.She just stared at me and balled her fist,as tears ran down her face ruining her makeup.Suddenly all...
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Chapter 7-Raven's P.O.V.
I hope I'm doing this right, Raven thought as she was kissing Niall. She never kissed a guy, and she was embarassed at that thought. But at the same time, she was glad that Niall was her first.
Raven peeped one eye open to see Niall shocked but then starting to blush. Raven the felt two muscular arms got around her tiny waist. She felt them squeeze her hips and she gasped. Raven felt Niall chuckle in her mouth and snake his tongue in her mouth. They both smiled under the kiss. This is awesome, Raven thought.
Then she noticed that Niall was running out of air. She finally...
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