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posted by MadisonFontenot
I walked out the door and the boys where standing out side. I walked over to them.
"She đã đưa ý kiến we are in Rio...." They looked at me confused.
"How did we get in Rio?" Liam asked. Zayn pulled out a sheet of paper from his pocket. It was the fight paper that they gave us.
"Please enjoy the fight from Brazil Planes...." He read. He put it back in his pocket.
"We got on the wrong plane...." Louis đã đưa ý kiến laughing.
"That's why I couldn't find Shelly!" I exclaimed.
"I wonder if she's worried?" Zayn said. We all laughed.
"I'm gonna go look around..." I walked away.

Mariana POV:

I walked out of the hospital room I was in.
"Alright! Sabrina, I am off!" I ran out the door. I started walking home. I walked inside the house.
"Mary!" My.....I don't know what she really is but I am like her big sister. Let me explain...

Six years cách đây my mom died from cancer and my dad passed a năm later. I was but in a foster home, ten thousand miles away from my old house. I volunteer at the hospital sometimes, I also dance. I'm not that great but everybody, but Ms.Scander, Thinks I am amazing. Ms. Scander is the foster mom, she takes care of the kids until someone adopts them.

I picked up Terry, the little 3 năm old girl, and walked into the kitchen. The cook, Miranda, was cleaning up from lunch.
"Hello dear!" She is my best friend even though she is twice my age, 20.
"Hi Mrs.M!" I gave Terry a cookie and brought her to her crib. I ran upstairs and changed.


"Love bạn guys!" I đã đưa ý kiến walking pass the living room.
"Mary wait!" Jammie ran over to me, a six năm old foster boy. He hugged my leg and ran back in the living room. I laugh then jumped out the door. I look to see if Ms.Scander was around. Nothing. I smiled and ran to my dancing room. I took off my áo khoác and bag, then threw them on the floor and grabbed the radio remote. I turned it on and put down the remote. I played the song "She will be loved".

Niall POV:

I was walking around when I saw this old deserted building. Being my nosy self I walked into it. I heard some âm nhạc so I walked closer. I stopped at a opened door. There was a girl dancing in the room. I smiled and leaned against the door, but when I did the door squeaked really loud and the girl fell. Her eyes widened and she grabbed a bag and ran out the door.
"Wait!" She left her jacket. When I walked outside she was gone.

I walked away with the áo khoác in my hands. I walked into this store.
"Hey Niall! Where have bạn been? Who's áo khoác is that?" Zayn came up to me asking questions.
"Stop asking so many questions! Okay? I was walking around when I saw this old building so I walked into it and I heard music. I walked towards the âm nhạc and this girl was in there..." I told them the rest. "So that's how I got the jacket!" I took a deep breath.
"Wow...." Louis đã đưa ý kiến smiling.
"Oh shut up!" I laughed.
"So... where are we suppose to stay?"
"You stay with me?!" I looked behind Liam and they all looked too. The was a little girl standing there.
"Hi! I'm Sofia, 14 years old! Come on I will hiển thị bạn my house..." We followed Sofia to her house. When we got there it was huge. "Come in!" She opened the door and we all walked in.
"Mary!" She yelled.
"Yes Sofia?" She đã đưa ý kiến walking in with a Justin Bieber áo sơ mi and some black slacks. No way...It was the girl that I saw at the old building. She looked at me shocked and I did the same.
"Uh...." I started. She shook her head and ran up the stairs.
"Mary?!" Sofia ran up the stairs, chasing Mary.
"What was that about?" Liam asked.

Mary POV:

Him?! Oh my, why was it him? Sofia wants them to stay the night I could tell. I gripped onto my mom's chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm that was dangling from neck.
"Mom...What can I do?!" I let out a moan and plopped on my.
"Mary?" Sofia came threw my door. "What happened back there?" She sat on my bed.
"Nothing...." I stood up and walked over to my dresser that had a mirror on it.
"You do know who that is right?" I looked at her. "Yeah I do! I helped them down at the hospital..." I didn't realize what I just said.
"You still work there?!" She yelled. I covered her mouth with my hand.
"Shut it! If she finds out I will be dead!" I whispered to her moving my hand.
"And if she finds out that bạn sneak off to... Dance.... she will kill bạn make bạn come back to life and kill bạn again..." She whispered to me.
"I know... so bạn have to shut up about it!" She nodded.
"No but that isn't all they are...." I sat down looking at her confused. "They are a band! They are one of the most famous boy band in the world right now!" I looked at the floor. "Yeah they are suppose to be in America right now but... I don't know why they are here?" I looked back up at her. I bit my lip.
"What are there names?" I asked.
"Well....The blonde Irish one is Niall, The dark skinned one is Zayn, The one with cute curly hair and dreamy eyes is Harry Styles.." I interrupted her.
"Wait he is who bạn DREAM of marrying?" I laughed and she blushed.
"Anyways.... Liam is the one that I was standing in-front of, and Louis is the other one!"
"What was the blonde ones name?"
"Niall!" I looked down at the floor. His name was Niall. Great.
"I give permission..." I said
"So they can stay?!" I smiled and nodded, she jumped up and down.
"Yeah!" I stood up.
"Only if Ms.Meany lets them..." Ms.Meany is also Ms.Scander. She walked out and a few phút later she walked back in. She had a big grin on her face and nodded.
"They can!" She whispered then ran down stairs. Dang...


I walked down stairs.
"Sofia..." I called her. She was sitting in the living room with the boys. I didn't even look at the blonde boy. She walked over to me. "I have a show..." I whispered to her. She nodded.
"Don't worry I'll cover for you..." She walked away. I met eyes with Niall. I rolled my eyes and went out the door. I walked down the dirt road until I saw the theater. I smiled.
"Here I go!" I walked in and went back stage.
"There bạn are!" My friend, Clara, called out. She was also one of the dancers at the show.
"Sorry..." I walked into the changing room and changed into my costume.


The theme was the 80's. I waited for my friend to be done changing


I looked at her and smiled. I spun around.
"You look awesome!" She đã đưa ý kiến and spun around.
"And bạn look like a 80's babe!" We laughed.
"Girls come on!" A women yelled from the stage. A threw a piece of gum in my mouth and walked on stage behind Clara.
"Mommy Doll, bạn know me and Jane have a hiển thị to do...." She smirked and we ran up on hàng đầu, đầu trang of this stage thing. "Jane have bạn heard of footloose before?" She yelled at me.
"Have I?!" I yelled back smiling. The âm nhạc started and we all did the footloose and sang. We where done with the song. Me and Clara, Kimmy, where standing in the middle of the stage alone.
"So.... bạn and Timmy?" She asked me. I walked to the edge of the stage and looked at the crowd.
"I don't know.... I don't think we will be anything..." She came up to me.
"I can tell he likes you...." I looked at her.
"But I am to afraid to say anything..." My voice echoed in the crowded room. I looked down at the ground.
"Your a dancer..... use that to tell him!" I looked at her and smiled.
"Your right!" I hugged her and we ran off stage.
They did something but I was to busy changing to figure out.


When I walked out the guy playing Jimmy was sitting on a bench thing. The âm nhạc started playing.


I started dancing around him. In the middle of the song he danced too. At the end of the song he kissed me slowly. After that all the light turned on and we bowed and everybody left.
"Hey!" Sofia came up to me with flowers.
"What are bạn doing here?" She smiled and looked behind her. All the boys walked up.
"Well Mrs.M đã đưa ý kiến that we could go because she is watching us for the tiếp theo month!"
"Yay...." I was shocked.

Great. Just excellent.
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Hi my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessie. I am 19 about to turn twenty this weekend. My best friend is Amanda but I call her Amie. We have been best Những người bạn since the first ngày of my first grade year. Amanda ia 20 and has bờ biển, bãi biển blonde hair with Golden brown eyes. My dad passed away a năm cách đây so it is only me and my mom. Amie is the oldest out of five kids!

"Ready?" Amie đã đưa ý kiến as I was getting into her car.
"Duh.....first ngày of school!" I had a huge smile on my face. She turned on the car and Up All Night bởi 1D was playing on the radio.
"So are bạn happy to...." I covered her mouth...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
I stood backstage at the interview. Why the hell were they making me go to an interview?! They don't know how the những người hâm mộ might re-act! Especially since I'm with Hazza!! Argh! The boys told me they will calm down the những người hâm mộ on twitter. And if that I recieve hate to ignore it. IGNORE IT!? How the hell would I ignore it if that's all that's going on my twitter?! Gosh,this wasn't going to be easy for me since I don't take hate quite well. And if I've heard right from Boo bear,Hazza doesn't take it very well either.

''Hanna boo,come out,come out where ever bạn are'' Louis called out.

I stood up straight....
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