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posted by ZoeyMalik28
I woke up with the sun hitting my face since the black curtains were wide open.

''I'M WIDE AWAKE. YEAH,I WAS IN THE DARK AND I WAS FALLING HARD'' Niall screamed as Louis screamed along

I groaned,sliding off the giường and dragging myself downstairs,''Nialler and Louis,please be quiet''

''MORNING!'' All the boys yelled

I groaned again. Harry walked up to me,hugging me from behind. I looked up into his beautiful green eyes. He was so...cute! And hot...hehe. Ah! Those brown curls,green eyes,and then that smile of his. Ah! Harry bent down a bit,kissing my cheek lightly before skipping away and jumping onto the đi văng and jumping up and down.

''Well,hello there'' Niall đã đưa ý kiến in a deep voice

I laughed lightly before opening the refigerator and bending down,''Hello to bạn too''

Zayn and Liam walked into the kitchen,where I was,and started humming thêm Than This. I snatched a water bottle,popping it open,and chugging it down. I was so thirsty. Niall laughed,opening the freezer,and grabbing the waffles. He put them in the microwave.

Harry and Louis skipped in,''HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!''

''Who's birthday is it!?!!'' I yelped,not knowing who's birthday it was

''No ones. They're just being dumb'' Liam đã đưa ý kiến fastly,running to the fridge and grabbing a Diet Coke.

Harry pouted,''I'm not being dumb. Right,Hanna boo?''

I laughed and then smiled,''Sure,Hazza bear''

Liam smiled and made a tim, trái tim with his hands. I laughed before running upstairs and changing into a pair of denim short shorts. I grabbed a áo sơ mi that đã đưa ý kiến 'HELLO' and then grabbed my Vans. I laughed as I walked downstairs

''Hi'' Harry responded to my áo sơ mi

I smiled slightly,''Good to see bạn talking to my shirt''

''Same for you'' He teased

''SHUT UP'' Louis pouted

''Boo chịu, gấu it's not nice to scream. hoặc say shut up'' I said

''Hanna boo,Hazza chịu, gấu is mine'' Louis pouted

Harry laughed a litte,''Boo bear,you're still mine''

''But Hanna boo is mine too'' Louis pouted

I laughed,''I belong to both of you''

''No,you're all mine'' Harry pouted,standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist

I instantly blushed and held my excitment in. Louis pouted. Harry pecked my cheek.

''Hanna! Seriously? This is rated R'' Bella giggled

''Boo bear,look who's here'' I called out

Louis turned around and jumped at Bella,hugging her tightly.

I laughed lightly as Harry spun me around. Harry put me down. I glanced at him then looked at him again.

Harry's P.O.V

Hanna glanced at me as I put her down. I could see confusion. Her eyes were clouded with confusion. Why was she looking at me like this? It just tore me apart. Oh gosh,yep. I'm in tình yêu with Hanna Lloyd.

''Hanna boo,what's wrong?'' I asked

''Um,you know...are know...together?'' Hanna stuttered a bit

She sounded so cute. Uh...I mean..were we together? I really liked her. Well,i loved her so I had to decide right then and now.

''Do bạn want to be together,love?'' I asked

Hanna took a deep breath,''Yeah. But it depends on you,babe'' She said

I smiled a bit at her calling me babe,''Who doesn't want you?'' I caressed her cheek

Hanna blushed a bit,''So that's a yes?'' She raised her eyebrows teasingly

''Does Niall eat alot?'' I questioned

''Yes'' Hanna replied

I smiled,cupped her face in my hands,and crashed my lips on her soft red full lips. Hanna kissed back,our lips moving in sync. Before I could get out of hand with her,I pulled back.

Hanna laughed lightly,''Well,Hazza bear. I'm going to bed''

''Not without me'' I smiled,laughing at her reaction

''Then let's go!'' Hanna whispered/screamed

We ran upstairs. Hanna turned into my room instead. I followed her in. She jumped into my bed,under the covers. I went in after her.

''Shy on the streets. Sexy in the sheets'' Louis teased


I laughed lightly,wrapping my arm around her waist. I brought her closer to my chest. She turned her head around,kissing my cheek before turning around and falling into deep sleep.

Hanna's P.O.V

I woke up in Harry's bed. His arm was around my waist. And he was shirtless! Ahh!! Ultimate fangirling here!!! Harry woke up,opening his eyes,and revealing those precious green eyes. He smiled at me as I turned around. I placed my lips on his and kissed him. He kissed back.

''WAKE UP,YOU ARSE'' Louis yelled through the door

''Don't bạn call me an arse'' I said,pecking Harry's cheek,and sliding out of bed. I opened the door,chasing Louis to the kitchen. Somehow he ended up chasing me.

Harry laughed,walking after us,still shirtless.

''So you're both an item?'' Liam questioned us

Zayn and Niall raised their eyebrows at us,''So...let's see the answer'' They both said

''Uh...'' I stuttered

Harry smiled,''Well,true story,bro''

We both ran to the living room,jumping onto the couch.

I loved Harry Styles!!!
Name: Harry Edward Styles
Age: 17
Height: 1.78 m
Trademark: Curly Hair
ngày of birthday: 1 February 1994
ngôi sao Sign: Aquarius
Brothers hoặc sisters: One older sister Gemma
trang chủ Town: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK
School: Holmes Chapel High school in Crewe, Cheshire
Favourite Song: Free Falling bởi John Mayer
Favourite Film: tình yêu Actually
Favourite Band: The Beatles
Favourite TV Show: Family Guy
Supports: Manchester United
Is: Right Handed
Best friends: Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall

Harry came up with the name of his boy band, One Direction.He has green eyes.Harry and his band, One Direction, are the official new ambassadors for Pokemon.He’s the youngest member of One Direction.Harry loves cats, has four nipples and lives with Louis Tomlinson.His yêu thích color on a girl is pink. He wants to name is first baby girl Darcy. Harry says that he is a loyal boyfriend and his mom thinks he is a romantic.
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