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// relationship problems //

Kate’s P.O.V:

Im really annoyed at the moment. Harry is spending WAY too much time with leah. I know she’s his sister but cant she just back off? Why cant they be the kind of brother and sister that fight ALL the time? No, instead they have to ‘care for each other’ and ‘talk’. Uhh.

And then that stupid boyfriend of hers – niall. hoặc as i like to call him – blondy. He gets on my nerves all the time! No reason, he just annoys me. Its not that i hate him though.

Maybe i could dislocated leah’s shoulder hoặc something to get her away from MY boyfriend. Wait... ive already dislocated her arm. maybe i could murder her? Wait no – i think thats taking a bit too far.

hoặc is it? Ok CONCENTRATE kate! She’s your best friend and harry IS her brother. But that doesn’t give her the right to steal MY harry. Something has got to be done.

Leah’s P.O.V:

We went into my apartment when we got back. Niall went trang chủ because zayn wanted him.

I opened the door and walked inside. Uhh. The apartment was a mess.

“we NEED to clean this up!” harry announced.
“why?” i groaned.
“BECAUSE ITS A MESS bạn IDIOT!!!” kate roared at me.

Woah! Whats her problem?

“jesus kate! She only asked a question!” harry pointed out.
“oh just fuck off the two of ye!” kate stormed out of the room.

Harry looked a bit upset but then turned to me and smiled.
“i guess we’re gonna have to clean this mess up!” harry said.


He grinned at me. Then kate came in and his smile dropped.

“im just getting a drink. Don’t talk to me.” She snarled.
She opened the fridge and took out a can of coke.
“um kate.... that’s mine.” Harry said.

“oh be quiet!” she growled and stuck up her middle finger at him. She left the room and slammed the door after her.
Me and harry looked at each other in shock.

“come on. Lets start cleaning this mess.” I said, trying to change the subject.

I got a cloth and started cleaning the counters. Harry fixed the couch.

Suddenly i felt a wet cloth hit my face. Harry had flung his cloth at me and now had a big cheeky grin on his face.

“i got bạn BA-AD!” harry sang.

I laughed quietly to myself and then... BAM! I hit him in the face with the cloth i had in my hand.

“OH bạn BI-ATCH!!” harry laughed.
“well then harry, be that way.” I pretended to be upset.

“aw is the lickle gurl sad?” harry teased.

I pretended to cry. I think he actually believed me!

“aw! Im sowwy!” harry apoligized in a baby voice and gave me a hug.

Just then kate walked back in. Perfect timing!

Harry’s P.O.V:

“what are bạn two idiots up to?” kate asked.

“we’re not idiots kate. Well at least I’M not an idiot!” i winked at leah.
She slapped me in the arm.

Kate rolled her eyes. what is her problem? I really want her to tell me whats up with her. She’s the reason i’ve been so down lately.

She’s always in a foul mood and its really upsetting me. That’s why i’ve grown even thêm close to leah. I feel left out. Its like kate doesn’t even want to be with me anymore.

Leah’s P.O.V:

“kate are bạn ok?” i asked. I was getting worried about her.

“yes. Im fine. Now go away for a minute.” She grumbled. I froze.

“oh um.. ok. I’ll be in my room if any of bạn need me.” I đã đưa ý kiến quietly before going into my bedroom.

Harry’s P.O.V:

“well that wasn’t very nice.” I đã đưa ý kiến to kate.
“what wasn’t very nice?” kate asked innocently.

“what bạn just đã đưa ý kiến to leah! She only wanted to know if bạn were ok and bạn told her to go away!” i shouted.

“and bạn point is? ........” kate asked.
I rolled my eyes and walked out to the balcony.

Kate’s P.O.V:

For god sake! Now harry is mad at ME because of HER! Why cant leah just go and jump off a bridge hoặc something? hoặc maybe i could push her off a bridge................

Leah’s P.O.V:

I sat down and went on my laptop. There was nothing exciting on the web so i turned it back off and checked my phone. I had 3 new messages. The first one was from an unknown number.

‘Hiya hun! Its Amanda:) Niall gave me ur number if dats alright? I waz just wonderin if u wud like 2 cum over 4 a while? Lois wont be here for a while cuz her and louis have gone out 2 dinner:P luv ya lots ♥ xxx’

I smiled at that message. Amanda never fails to make me smile.

‘ya ill call over soon:) xxx’

The tiếp theo text message was from my mom:

‘hi honeybunch! How r u? We miss u lots over here! Hope u nd haza r behaving ur selves! Today ross tattooed Owen Wilson! How cul is dat? I got is autograph 4 u nd haza cuz i no u luv his acting! I’ll post it 2 u soon! cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly misses u loads 2! See u soon luv xxx’

I tình yêu owen Wilson! He is one of my favourite actors ever!

‘OMG! Cool! Miss u 2:) xxx’

The last one was from liam.

‘leah this is liam’s friend luke. I just wanted 2 tell u dat we are after u. Liam doesn’t no im tellin u this nd u BETTER not tell him. He hasn’t a clue about wat we are up 2 nd we don’t want him finding out either. Watch ur back.’

I rolled my eyes. why wont thye just leave me alone? Liam doesn’t know anything? Maybe he isn’t ALL bad then...

‘ya sure. Im really scared of a couple of idiots like u.’

Just then there was a knock on my giường room door.

“come in!” i said.
Harry walked in.

“i’m in a bad mood.” He grumbled and knocked over my lamp on my bedside locker. It fell to the floor and smashed.

“and is that the reason you’ve just broken my lamp?” i asked, laughed.

“leah, im serious.”
“sorry har. Whats wrong?” i asked.
“its kate.” He sighed.

would really like some feedback!!! ill put up part 14 soon:) xxxxx
 i'll take the bullet bởi Leah horan!!!:Dxxx
i'll take the bullet by Leah horan!!!:Dxxx
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