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 Red Riding mui xe
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red riding mui xe
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This Ngày xửa ngày xưa bức ảnh might contain ăn tối ăn mặc, áo choàng ăn tối, chính thức, trang phục dạ hội, ăn tối, áo choàng cưới, áo choàng buổi tối chính thức, ăn bữa ăn tối, ăn tối váy, áo choàng buổi tối, áo choàng, and áo choàng trà.

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 gif bởi newton-scarmander
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I think with the latest episode, Page 23, we've finally completed an important arc. Over the summer I made an bài viết about my speculations as to weather hoặc not Regina hates herself as well as her ability to forgive herself (link). Now I finally get to type one to sort of bọc it up.

Since that last bài viết it has been confirmed that Regina really did hate herself with a degree of intensity. That moment when the Mũi tên xanh leads the Queen to a mirror was so emotional. How she stares at herself in the mirror, crying and saying no. And then her father softly saying, "oh, Regina." That had to be one...
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