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I know this topic is really old LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại but I've been meaning to type this bài viết for a long time, I've just been to lazy to do so. As of late I haven't seen many people on fanpop who still insist that Regina doesn't tình yêu Henry, but trust me on tumblr there are still a good number of them--especially on this blog called 'anti-ReginaMills'. So I decided to type this up.

For starts all Regina really did was fight to keep Henry. In the first season she was trying to get Emma out of Storybrooke mainly to keep her from getting Henry. The main reason she hated Emma was because she felt that Emma was...
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I tình yêu Belle. I like that she's sweet, brave, willing to see the best in everyone and not afraid to say what she feels no matter what happens. She is the character that reminds me the most of myself. I like Rumple too mainly because of Robert Carlyle. Who can manage be both alluring and incredibly creepy even dressed as a sparkly imp. I've been a devoted fangirl since the Full Monty and OUAT has only encouraged that. However I can't support Rumbelle.

I know that the idea of seeing the best in someone and changing them for the better is very được ưa chuộng with most girls. I'll admit I've fallen for...
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