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Below is a danh sách of my hàng đầu, đầu trang five yêu thích episodes from Season Three of "ONCE UPON A TIME". The series was created bởi Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz:

FIVE yêu thích EPISODES OF "ONCE UPON A TIME" - Season Three (2013-2014)

1. (3.11) "Going Home" - In order to stop Peter Pan aka Malcolm's plans to cast a new curse upon Storybrooke and create a new Neverland, both Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr. vàng and the Evil Queen aka Regina Mills are forced to make big sacrifices.

2. (3.09) "Saving Henry" - Emma Swan, Snow White and Regina struggle to prevent Pan from absorbing a dying Henry Mills' tim, trái tim into his body....
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5. Ruby
I tình yêu her because she has gone through SO much and she's still one of the kindest/sweetest people in town. That makes her incredibly strong. She's unconditionally helpful to others. Even people she doesn't know that well hoặc people she doesn't seem to like much. She's also such a loyal friend (especially to the Charmings and to Belle). Plus, she is full of personality and I tình yêu her bold style. And whenever she shows up on screen working as a waitress I get reminded to "Twin Peaks", which is something I love. She grabs all the attention. Ruby is also sassy and sexy without even having...
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I kind of just wanted to make a silly and ridiculous New Year's fanfic.

Sitting alone in her house Regina decided to make herself a danh sách of New Year's resolutions. None of which actually pertained to her hoặc anything. Nope. She had done enough changing for one year. These resolutions she compiled for the residents of Storybrooke, because she knew exactly what flaw they should work on. And Hook's 'My goals are to pick up twice as many chicks and grow my goatee out thrice as sexily' just didn't cut it for the mayor. So the mayor sat there nghề viết văn out a danh sách that read thusly;

"Get a real job and...
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Okay so I'm doing my opinions on ships, excluding CS and SF to prevent any immature comments.

Rumbelle- I only dislike Rumbelle because I think it's a dysfunctional relationship. He hurt her emotionally and physically yet people still ship them, it's so strange. He was horrible to her for no reason and just when he becomes nice to her people think an abusive relationship is okay? It's never okay.

HookQueen- I did ship them in season 2 as I thought that they had so much in common (true loves both had their hearts ripped out..) but now I think that Regina is too good for him. He flirts with...
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She is my yêu thích "new" character so far. I tình yêu her, I think she's so sweet but also has a comedic side to her- "You may stick me..." "You trying to provoke me!"
I tình yêu her, she's my 6th fave now, considering I wasn't crazy about the Disney version of her.

I find Peter really funny for some strange reason. I think it's funny how he just appears in places out of nowhere, like when he made Rumple eggs. I don't know whether to believe what he says half the time, but it's a love/hate thing :P

Firstly I tình yêu how Felix is just "there". He is everywhere haha :P He seems really...
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This is a glossary of sorts to my bài viết "Is Killing Ever Justified?". Please read it first link.

OUAT Legal Dictionary

"There are actually 4 kinds of homicide: Felonious, accidental, justifiable, and praiseworthy. It makes little difference to the victim which sort they die of; the classification is mostly for the benefit of lawyers."

By US definition:

homicide n. the killing of a human being due to the act hoặc omission of another. Included among homicides are murder and manslaughter, but not all homicides are a crime, particularly when there is a lack of criminal intent. Non-criminal homicides...
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6 biggest tropes the Zutara and thiên nga Queen ships have in common.

1. Similarities

Katara and Zuko both..

- Mất tích their mothers as a result of the war
- are master benders of their respective element.
- share a stubborn and temperamental attitude.

Gina and Emma both...

- share the same son
- had an unhappy childhood that left them jaded


2. Good Girl/Bad Boy(Girl)

 "Everyone loves it when the protagonist falls for the antagonist"
"Everyone loves it when the protagonist falls for the antagonist"

3. Sexy Couple

 "They're both so attractive they would look so good together."
"They're both so attractive they would look so good together."

4. Belligerent Sexual Tension

 Slap.. slap..
Slap.. slap..

 bicker.. bicker.. .. .. Kiss?
bicker.. bicker.. .. .. Kiss?

5. Opposites Attract

 ngọn lửa, chữa cháy & Water
Fire & Water

 Dark & Light
Dark & Light

6. "That one moment in..."

 Crossroads of Destiny
Crossroads of Destiny

 Straight on Till Morning
Straight on Till Morning
"1. Launches himself on a vengeance quest - first thing to do is going to the “eternal kindergarden” where he constantly gets his đít, mông, ass kicked bởi a little boy with the yellow bug and his gang.

2. Comes back from Neverland - only to be pushed around bởi bitchy mother and daughter, and eventually gets Nữ hoàng băng giá for 28 years.

3. Upon coming back to life, pretends to be a simple blacksmith - gets chained to a cây bởi a group of girls.

4. Constantly makes innuendo jokes, hits on each and every female in sight - didn’t get one to actually fall for it.

5. Busies himself making rape jokes to impress...
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Lana Parrilla on Season 2 of OUAT and Regina's relationship with Henry

“My character, she’s Mất tích everything. She’s Mất tích everything. She’s Mất tích her power, and she’s Mất tích her son. She has nothing left, and that’s a really, really hard reality for her. Because here’s a woman who has been in control of everyone and everything apart from Rumple, Mr. Gold, for 28 years, if not more. It’s quite a jarring experience for her. I would say the biggest loss is Henry. Not so much the curse. I feel like curses can fail; curses can be lifted; spells could not work, and the Evil Queen can deal...
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posted by bdavis98
ok so we all know that becuase of the curse non remebers who they are/were, and they don't age. but henry becuase he wasn't effected bởi the curse still ages like a normal kid (as far as we know) which makes sence is to why he's the only one who can see/know that they are crused they never get old,but how is it possible that they themselves don't notice (most of bạn would say because they are crused) ok they are but they are crused to live as different people that's all as far as noraml goes they look very normal, like normal people they have jobs,hospitles,cafe's..... and so on they even don't...
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The Season Three finale of ABC's "ONCE UPON A TIME" ended on a curious note. The finale consisted of two episodes - (3.21) "Snow Drift" and (3.22) "There's No Place Like Home" - in which two of the series' protagonists, Emma thiên nga and Killian Jones aka Captain Hook, found themselves transported back in time and to the Chuyện thần tiên ở New York Forest due to circumstances beyond their control.

Let me make this brief. The main villain of Season Three's một giây half turned out to be Regina Mills' older half-sister Zelena, who was also known as the Wicked Witch of the West from...
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1. Ruby
I tình yêu Rubes simply because she is awesome in every way. She is a loyal and PATIENT friend to the "two idiots" and always sticks bởi them all the time. She's also developed as a character since season 1. She used to dress a bit...well..ya'll know what she was like! But she's toned down her outfits and her attitude towards others. She also has thêm confidence in herself. When characters like Belle have confidence in themselves it can come across cocky and big-headed, but Ruby doesn't come across like that.

2. Regina
Well I tình yêu Regina the same reasons everyone else does. She's sassy, funny,...
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posted by afirewiel
Shortly after the season 1 finale aired, we were told that season 2 would focus (in part) on Emma and her tình yêu life; thêm specifically, that this season (for her) would be about her falling in love. So, who’s the lucky one? We have yet to receive a definite answer, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating. So while we wait Emma’s tình yêu interest to come forward, let’s take a look at our options.

Option # 1: Some ngẫu nhiên new guy.

While entirely possible and likely, I hope this is not the case. I don’t mind the addition of new characters, but I like them to have a bigger purpose than...
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posted by Evilregal14
Okay so I'm going to clear up what I think about certain ships on this show.

In my opinion, the best couple on the show. They have some things in common and have such good chemistry. They admitted they tình yêu each other in 2x21 and that's enough to prove their love. He was willing to fall through the portal so she could stay with Henry.

Okay, so I really don't understand this Captain thiên nga shit. They don't have any chemistry, she betrayed him on the beanstalk, knocked him out after he stabbed Gold, pushed his (broken) ribs and punched him in 2x09. So where is the tình yêu there?...
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First and foremost Regina has done so much thêm good than he has. Regina spent 2 seasons working at redemption and I think it paid off whereas Rumple is still lying through his teeth to Belle about how he's a changed man as he goes off to murder Zelena...the woman Regina spared and actually kind of saved. Regina's redemption arc has been really successful to this point. Rump's was a joke. Okay he stabbed Pan and saved everyone at the cost of his own life. That was the right thing to do. However he turned around and went for vengeance again, something Neal wouldn't have wanted done in his name....
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posted by Evilregal14
29. The sultan
28. Peter Pan
27. Alphonse
26. Ana’s mother
25. King George
24. Martin&Myrna
23. Moe French
22. Rumple
21. Granny
20. Edwin
19. Emma
18. Snow
17. David
16. Milah
15. Cinderella
14. Cora
13. Henry Sr
12. Anita
11. Michael Tillman
10. Kurt
9. David
8. Jefferson
7. Leopold
6. Regina
5. Neal
4. Robin
3. Geppetto
2. Eva
1. Ruth

Just FYI, this is my opinion please don't insult it bởi saying it's confusing, stupid hoặc weird. Don't bình luận things like "You think ___ is better than ______?!" because it can come off rude. Plus I'm quite busy so I can't respond in long detail, so there's no point in asking me questions.
**•Lana Parrilla Talks About Regina Teaching Emma Magic, Their Developing Relationship & Her Own Adeventure In Neverland!•**

Regina's seemingly strong dislike of Emma:
"It was never a personal hatred Regina had for Emma, she was a threat. Regina wanted to stop her from taking Henry. She did extreme things to stop this extreme threat of losing her son for good. It wasn't a personal vendetta, but it was the risk of losing the thing that meant everything to her, Henry."

"Now that she is working with Emma, Hook (and the Charmings) to get Henry back. Regina & Emma call themselves "the Moms"...
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I think one of the reasons I tình yêu Rumple so much is the fact that he is quite possibly one of the most intelligent people on the hiển thị and he is definitely the best master manipulator. From the moment he Mất tích Bae through the portal he was looking for a way to get him back. He was so focused on reuniting with his son that every flashback scene he is in he is in some way working toward getting to the Land Without Magic.

Let's recap:

The moment he loses Bae through the portal he meets the Blue Fairy who he tricks into telling him that there is a curse that will take everyone there. There is no other...
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This is an bài viết I’ve been meaning to type for quite a while now. It’s about some of the double standards I see within the fandom in general (not just on fanpop but also on tumblr and even youtube). I plan on comparing Gina’s actions to Gold’s and the good side to the bad side in general. I’m going to try to do so from an unbiased perspective.

Part 1: vàng & Gina
First off and probably the most widely debated is how it’s okay for vàng to rip people’s hearts out and kill them but it’s not when Gina does it, hoặc vice versa. So to start off I’ll compare two scenes; the one...
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Season One

Emma thiên nga drives a VW Beetle, as did John Locke.
There is a Geronimo Jackson sticker on Emma's car.
Henry Mills gets off the bus at Gate 4. It is also Room 4 Emma checks into at Granny's giường and Breakfast. This is one of the Mất tích numbers.
Regina Mills and Henry live at house number 108.
The time on the clocktower in Storybrooke is Nữ hoàng băng giá at 8:15. It is a reference to Oceanic flight 815.
The clock unfroze at 8:15, chimed at 8:16. Then the tiếp theo morning, Regina sees the clock at 8:23. 8, 15, 16 and 23 are all Mất tích numbers.
There is a close-up of Emma's eye after she wakes up from the...
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