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Before I start my article,I have to thank zanhar1 with her help for coming up with the perfect wording for the opening paragraph of my article.We are both những người hâm mộ of Once Upon A Time,and she has a passion for writing.Thank bạn for all your help zanhar1.I appreciate it thêm than words can say..

Every once in a while there comes a hiển thị so spellbinding and full of magic, humor, wickedness,hope,love and family, that it really touches one's heart. From the very first episode to the very last, Once Upon A Time delivered on each theme and then some. To create such an alluring hiển thị bạn need brilliant writers and an enchanting cast to go with it. Once Upon a Time, is one such show.

Over the course of Once Upon A Time's seven seasons,we watched the characters from Storybrooke come and go.We laughed and cried with them as they fell in love,or Mất tích a loved one.We watched them turn from villain to hero,or hero to villain.

A key theme of Once Upon A Time is family,and not just the ones related bởi blood.Family is about those that tình yêu bạn unconditionally.Who would go to the ends of the earth for those they love,or those who would die for bạn hoặc sacrifice their life for a loved one,whether it was for a family member hoặc a friend,even if it meant they didn't get to have their happy ending.

In the final episode,every beloved character did indeed get their happy ending.Gould was reunited with Belle.Regina was named the Good Queen of the Newly United Realms.

In closing,on behalf of all the những người hâm mộ of Once Upon A Time,myself included,I would like to thank Edward Kitsis,Adam Horowitz,the writers and most of all the magical cast for giving us seven enchanting seasons,and taking us on several amazing journeys - from Storybrooke to Neverland,Camelot,Oz and all the realms they traveled to and all the characters they met along the way.We will never forget the magic they brought us.They will stay with us long after the magic has run out.
Regina Mills,the Evil Queen
the cast of OUAT
Henry and his 2 moms
The Good Queen of the United Realms