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Who do bạn hate, and why?

Okay, here is going to be a spot where bạn pick a character bạn hate and bạn talk about them. Don't just say who bạn hate and don't just say 'because they annoy me' hoặc anything like that. Back up your opinions give examples, quotes, episode titles. Warning: Do not bình luận on other people's posts. This is not a thảo luận spot, this is me being curious about why characters are hated. Just vent and di chuyển on.
 TDDD posted hơn một năm qua
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zanhar1 said:
Greg he's kind of just a dweeb. He's a wannabe villain. I probably wouldn't dislike him as much if he wasn't so geeky. He just has that whiney pouty voice and it doesn't work well. And he tortured Regina so that's always a minus.

Charming besides being boring he's almost becoming a Gary-Stu. Bare with me for a một giây as I explain this; he has 'the perfect' wife, they try to make him seem like a great, bold guy, and he did that thing that I hate; he was in a situation where he was inevitably doomed about 3 times now, a situation where a miracle was needed to save him. And he got out of it each time. Not to mention he's a bit of a hypocrite. And they way he treated Hook was ridiculous and childish. And I find him to be simply boring.

Snow. She's a lot like Charming. I feel like they are making her out to be this insufferably perfect, pure, God-like character. She and her husband have ego to boot and arrogance beyond compare that I can't stand. And she's thêm hypocritical than Charming, she hates Gina for ripping hearts out but then she goes and kills someone too. And she didn't even have the guts to do it herself (this is when her character went down đồi núi, hill for me) what The worst part is I liked her in season 1 and in the first few episodes of 2, but as time passed I started to dislike her. It annoys me that she can't keep her mouth shut; first Gina's secret and then blurting out the fact that Neal is alive when Hook and Charming clearly đã đưa ý kiến not to--at this point she has no excuse, she's an adult, she knows better. And then there's the fact that she is not willing to do whatever it takes to save Henry, who bởi all means was the one who freed her butt from the curse. And most gần đây is her confession, I felt so bad for Emma as she ran her mouth.

Blue, I don't trust her.She screwed Tink over, all Tink wanted to do was help someone and she was punished for that. I think it's ridiculous that's she'd help the dark one's son but not help Gina because she was his apprentice. I feel like Blue didn't help because she was afraid it would tarnish her reputation, that she only helps people to better her status. And that makes me sick.

I'm sorry for any offense guys. I'd also like to say that I don't hate these guys (the closest to such is Greg) I just dislike them.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
*No longer dislikes Snow*
zanhar1 posted hơn một năm qua
xanosis said:
I hate Emma she is so bitchy about Henry and how Regina is not his mom. like she raised him and everything and i dislike Henry too for always being suck a dick to Regina
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posted hơn một năm qua 
Evilregal14 said:
I hate Rumple because I don't like his ways and what he does. I don't like his personality. I don't like how he does things for no reason like forcing cá voi to Kiss his boot "because he looked at Lacey" what a stupid excuse! I hate Hook because he thinks he's "it". Like when he đã đưa ý kiến to Emma "I will win your heart.." hoặc something along those lines anyway. He seemed okay before he became like that, anyhow.
I hate King George for obvious reasons. He is cruel for no reason, like poisoning Snow so she couldn't become pregnant. Also for trying to shoot Ruby.
I hate Mary Margaret for killing Cora and slapping Marco (I know!). I could understand if she killed Cora herself but this? She tricked Regina into killing the last person that loved her and she loved (not including Henry, since they wouldn't kill him), which is sick and twisted. Slapping Marco was horrible, he was apologising and then she has the nerve to say "it wasn't me"??? Seriously??? Who was it? The invisible man?
Greg, I hate for torturing Regina. Torture is horrible, no matter who it is. Sick man.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
Regina tortured someone (Graham). Rape is torture (link
GrinseRabe posted hơn một năm qua
Didn't bạn read the rules? bạn aren't supposed to bình luận on other các câu trả lời so im just going to ignore you.
Evilregal14 posted hơn một năm qua
Diamond_Queen said:
King George and Blue (like everyone else, I think lol): because they are evil, I don't see a good side to them, I find them annoying and boring and they try to ruin the lifes of characters I like for no reason. Plus, in Blue's case she's such a hypocrite: always diễn xuất like she's good, wants to give everyone a fair chance and help...then does the exact opposite.
Greg and Tamara: Firstly, they simply are a sort of villains that I don't like. They say they hate magic and then use it -.-" Greg acts like a wannabe and he tortured the poor Regina. Yep, I get it. He's had a rough past but it's still no excuse. Plus, he was stupid enough to not notice anything wrong when they came to Neverland. As for Tamara, the way she treated Neal was just awful! She manipulated him for so long ugghh... I was so glad they died:)
Charming: He's boring!! haha. He also has this god-complex sort of thing that's really annoying. He's a hypocrite and arrogant. For example: he puched cá voi (I hated him so much in that moment) cuz he slept with Snow when they were cursed...while he was married!! He thinks he's better than everyone else and acts like a bully whenever he gets the chance. I think he's a coward to a certain extent. He only "bullies" others when they are vulnerable hoặc don't opose a threat. For example: he treats Whale, Jefferson (at the beginning of season 2) and Hook (season 3) terribly! But usually he doesn't dare to say anything to Rumpel because he knows he'd win against him in a fight and because he's helped him with deals in the past. Also the way he treated Gina when she was trying to be good and not use magic for Henry. He completely took advantage of it and enjoyed pushing her around way too much. Next, when Hook was useful to him then he was okay and when Rumpel stopped being useful in FL he locked him up. Plus, he's fighting against the Evil Queen, who kills innocent people but he often comes to get help from the Dark One, who also kills innocent people...seriously, wtf!!?? Ohh another thing that annoys me: he has no confidence in Snow. I'm not Snow's biggest người hâm mộ but I think that she at least deserves that from her true love. For example: in season 1 he didn't believe she was innocent. That was when I really started hating him. Then, this season he didn't tell her he was poisoned and was willing to die without having even được trao her the chance to know hoặc properly say goodbye.
Okay, that's it xD
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posted hơn một năm qua 
I'm just commenting myself so I guess that's okay xD I just wanna say 've forgotten about some characters: Maurice and Milah, who I hate for obvious reasons and for being awful parents. I also hate Henry's (Regina's dad) father: The way he had no respect for his own son and how unfairly he treated other people, like Cora. I also dislike (not as much as hate, though) both Henrys right now xD Regina's dad cuz I think he was weak and didn't protect his daughter like he should have. Plus I also think he was selfish. He only tried to convince Regina against her curse when it would imply his own death. I get he was trying to make it up for her bởi helping her but still. Henry (kid) annoys me soooo much and I think he's diễn xuất really stupid this season, which is a shame cuz he used to be quite a smart kid.
Diamond_Queen posted hơn một năm qua
minervadawn said:
There are very few characters who I truly hate. Really I only have three and none are main characters.

#1: The Blue Fairy for ruining Regina's life, Tink's life, Dreamy and Nova's life and indirectly ruining Rumple, Neal's and Snow's life. She is like the worst person on the hiển thị but she gets away with calling herself good.

#2: August for being and selfish bastard and ruining Emma's life. I have đã đưa ý kiến why I hate him many many times before so I don't think it requires repeating, although I might write an bài viết some day. I just hate him so much.

#3: Cindy: Ok... this is a personal issue. Lọ lem is my yêu thích Disney Princess. She is my yêu thích because everything about resonates grace and pose, her voice, her hair, the ways she walks and talks and her attitude toward life. Yet she isn't submissive, of all the classic Disney princesses she is to only one to actively attempt to better her life. When I watch her movie I want to be her. She is one of my role models.

Ashley is adorable and little else. She possesses none of the traits I admire in Cinderella. She lacks not only the grace and pose, particularly when it comes to her Toddlers and Tiaras influenced sense of fashion, but she is also needy and self-pitying with none of Cindy's independent resourcefulness.

At times Charming annoys me as well for at the reasons Diamond_Queen mentioned but I wouldn't say I hate him. In fact his interactions with Hook these last few episodes have been some of my yêu thích parts of the episode. I bro-ship them so hard.

As for Greg and George, unlike what seems like everyone else in the fandom I don't hate them. I actually feel incredibly sorry for them they are probably the two most miserable characters on the show.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
angelicwolf2192 said:
I'm starting to hate Henry he is so annoying and too gullible even though he's a kid and all he does is whine whine whine about magic in the một giây season and how his both moms lie a lot. Peter Pan lied too and Henry still picked Peter Pan over Emma! Um Neal is not my yêu thích i think he should forgive rumple as he's trying everything to get his forgiveness twisting everything around to make rumple sound even worse of agendas also when I see Neal in my mind he is a killer and wants to kill fangbangers like sookie cause he was in True Blood for the first season but that's beside the point.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
sophiatm68 said:
I hate Snow White and Princes Charming, they think the have the best ideas. There so ANNOYING!
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posted hơn một năm qua 
misse1000 said:
I think we all can agree that we hate Pan...same with King George

I don't like Hook. I don't trust him. He's switched loyalties far too many times. First he was loyal to Cora. Then to Emma. Then back to Cora. Now he's back to Emma.

Millah abandoned her son and husband for another man. That's just low, especially since she let them think she was dead.

Belle's father, Maurice. He tried to make her forget Rumpel. Um, hello? Your daughter is a grown woman. She can make her own choices.

Aurora. She's so needy and whiny.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
101musastella said:
1. Charming

He is a hypocrite and a Gary-Stu. I have a big hatred towards him since the first time I saw him on TV. He's also a boring nutcracker. Really, I also hate how he never trusts villains like Gina, Hook and Rumple who seem to have regretted their old past and he still doesn't trust them. He's also arrogant and only cares for his family, hoặc his self. Oh, not to mention he how treated cá voi in the một giây season!

2. Blue.

Tink just wanted to help Gina, but instead she doesn't allow her to. Helping is a good thing and nàng tiên are supposed to help. I think Blue is a bad influence. What zanhar1 said, was Blue afraid helping a "villain" would ruin her reputation and embarrass her all over? For somehow I think the best way to kill enemies is bởi helping them.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
Swanhook said:
Although she is actually a really good character at times (in certain plotlines in season 1 when she is badass and bold), she is often way too nice, too moral, too gentle and tổng thể too perfect for a character. I get she is supposed to be pure as snow, but she is at her best when she is thêm colorful and sadly she gradually only becomes thêm of a stay-at-home mom rather than a hero and a princess. Another issue is the fact that her relationship with Charming defines her instead of a woman defined as a whole bởi herself.

From the beginning, Charming was less than charming... He can be a pain in the ass. He's not the sharpest pencil. He doesn't stick with a true "character" and instead juggles between situations inconsistently. He is supposed to be heroic but very often he is thêm scared than anyone around him. To be fair he sometimes is Charming.

He is kind of useless, unimportant to the plot until it's convenient (like the breaking of the curse in the season 1 finale) and the diễn xuất is weak.

In the first season he was actually a cool, funny and relatable character. Then he became very minor to the plot and all of a sudden he became the official panic-spreader of the town. From a character to a caricature.

Jiminy Cricket:
Like Snow, he is too damn nice, moral and calm. Also he always analyzes people and treats them like patients. And he is irrelavent to the plot.

Blue Fairy:
Self-righteous, vain, ruins people's lives (Tink, Nova).

Feels thêm like a brand of cola than a person- too many catchfrases and "coolness". Her origin story is also stupid and just another family issue.

Greg & Tamara:
Horrible actors, horrible characters, worst antagonists. The idea of "muggles" wanting to destroy magic is not too shabby, but the execution was terrible.

She is just too dumb, naive and acts like she's in a shampoo commercial.

Before anything, I don't exactly hate her, I just don't like that she is always behaving in the very same emotions: fear, hesitation, pain. She is not annoying... but the lifeless nghề viết văn of her character is (as opposed to the witty, funny and sassy Anna and Kristoff, and the amazing snow Queen Ingrid).

As hunky and delicious as he is, August is a real douchebag. He abandoned Emma, he's a (wait-for-it...) liar, an egoist and interesant person.

He is just too gullible to survive even one season of the show. Always confused, juggling between women, and what's with murdering động vật then crying over their bodies? WTF man get a grip.

Maurice (Belle's father):
A case of overprotective, bossy, lousy father.

Sindey / Mirror / Ginny:
He is a twoface backstabber, anybody's puppet, and he is always up to no good.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
TheMagicLoki posted hơn một năm qua
Also, bạn pretty much listed half the cast.
TheMagicLoki posted hơn một năm qua
lililc said:
The Blue fairy because she has a pretty selective danh sách of who deserves to have a happy ending,she helps humans but ignores nàng tiên ,dwarfs and people judging bởi their family

David Nolan and Mary Margaret in the 1ts season ,because they romantize cheating

King George ,Tamara ,Greg for obvious reasons

And while not the characters i don't like the actress´s perfomances of Young Snow White,Megara(she is so bland) Dorothy,Gwinivere,Elsa

And Merida,i hate Merida for a lot of reasons:
Her character is unesesary,the only episodes focussed on her are the definition of filler
She doesn't fit in the OUAT world
Her character is boring and she looks like a disneyland employ
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posted hơn một năm qua 
Zee2099 said:
I hate Snow white/ Mary Magnet: She is just two good to be real, and always make others feel like they are bad...I understand why regina hated her, she is really too Goody Tushu.

I also hate Charming, hoặc whateva his other name is, he always get angry? (i dont know if I can describe it as anger) for no reason, he and MM wants to protect Emma, but dont realise she is, if not the same age as they are, i mean like literally...He always want to be the hero and sometimes act without thinking....

Charming and MM always make the evil people feel like they deserve no right to be on the earth...and i think its becase of them that evil people like regina exist....they always think they are right, but are also EVIL too

My fave character is Regina, she want to be good but some people just have to make her evil (Talking about Charming and MM)

Oh yea, i also hate Henry too, that kid is an ITK (I too KNow), he is annoyingly too smart...his diễn xuất is really bad, and he is too Công chúa tóc xù for a small kid (which is fake in real life)

And in total, i hate OUAT, i am just watching it to finish it, since i already started it, i dont know how it progressed this long, it should have ended at season 2 hoặc 3
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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