We all tình yêu Old School Nickelodeon ... otherwise y'all wouldn't be a part of this spot. But what and when does OSN exactly refer to? Does it refer to the '80s? '90s? '00s? There seems to be a lot of thảo luận over which shows can be considered OSN (which is great -- please thảo luận more) but here is a danh sách of Nickelodeon shows from the 1980s-1990s, the prime OSN years, as based upon their airings in the US. Hyperlinked shows are the programs most agreed upon as being part of the OSN subset. But what do bạn think? Which show(s) would bạn include/not include under the "Old School Nickelodeon" category?

The Adventures of the Little Koala (1984-1988)
link (1994-1997)
Allegra's Window
link (1994-2005)
link (1992-1996, 1999-2000)
Bananaman (1983-1986)
link (1991-1994)
Count Duckula (1988-1993)
Danger chuột (1981-1992)
David the Gnome
Doctor Snuggles
link (1986-1988)
link (1991-1994)
con voi hiển thị (1984-1988)
Eureeka's lâu đài (1989-1995)
Fifteen (Hillside?)
Figure It Out (1997-1999)
Finders Keepers (1987-1989)
link (1988-1993)
Get The Picture
Ghostwriter (1992-1995)
link (1992-1995)
link (1996-2004)
link (1989-1991)
Inspector Gadget
Into The Labyrith
KABLAM! (1996-2000)
link (1996-2000)
Land Of The Mất tích (1991-1992)
link (1993-1995)
The Littl' Bits (1991-1995)
Make The Grade (1989-1991)
My Brother And Me (1994)
The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo (1996-1999)
Nick Arcade (1992-1993)
The Noozles (1988-1993)
Pinwheel (1979-1989)
link (1991-1996)
link (1993-1996)
Roundhouse (1992-1995)
link (1991 to 1994, 1996 to 2003)
link (1991-1992)
link (1994-1998)
Think Fast
Today's Special
The Tomorrow People (70's and 90's)
Welcome Freshman
link (1991-1993)
link (1990-1992)
link (1979-1990)
You're On!

I would like to argue that OSN begins around 1990 and starts to conclude around 1997 based on the dates of the được ưa chuộng OSN-recognized shows. Would bạn agree?