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How + when do bạn play Knights of the Nine? (Expansion pack)

 WolfPred posted hơn một năm qua
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theCyndie said:
Not an actual expansion, but an official plug in which bạn can download to your PC if bạn have the original Oblivion client, and is included in the console versions for Oblivion Game of the năm Edition.

Once bạn have the plug-in installed, just wait a few days in game and you'll get a new quest called "Pilgrimage". It will tell bạn about an attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil.

A little trick I like to do when I play Knights of the Nine: because the lore of it requires a worthy knight who is pure of tim, trái tim (which means 0 Infamy rating), when bạn complete "Pilgrimage", your character's Infamy rating is reset at 0. I will do all the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests, rack up some thêm Infamy, then do the Pilgrimage, and my Infamy will be reset, even after all that ^^.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
Dont wait at all u go to anvil talk to the prophet he will tell u the rest of what u need to no
halo116 posted hơn một năm qua
halo116 said:
Go to anvil close to the chapel (he will be yelling) is the prophet talk to him blah blah blah and pray to all the wayshrines blah blah blah then i dont no what to do cuz i dont no where all the wayshrines
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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