Gemmed Civilizations

Authored by Riku114 and wantadog

Kingdom of Pendallan: (Clear / ???) 
The Kingdom of Pendallan is notably one of the most normal and average looking nations. With a Gem that created a large stone castle and purified an area for regular life, Pendallan ended up developing and appearing to be very much like the world that it was before everything seemed to be destroyed by the black substance.


The Gatteren Forest / Gattaria: (Green / Plants) *Riku 
The Gatteren Forest, otherwise occasionally called by it's occupying nation Gattaria, is a massive flourishing forest filled with massive towering trees and several rivers that all flow down from Lucinida, a massive middle tree that stands in the middle of the forest. Its that tree that the Green Gem sits inside and provides life to the entire forest. 

Due to how much the forest provides for the nation and how large the trees are, the majority of Gattaria is actually hidden away in the canopy of the forest or within houses carved from the large trees. Like wise, the capital of the nation is built upon Lucinida. Thanks to this way of living, Gattaria is considered one of the most, if not the most, stealthy nation both in general way of life and in manners of combat. Culturally they hold a strong belief on working with nature and that Lucinida provides all that they would need to live. Its because of this belief that Gattaria lacks normal technology (as it uses various Gattaren-native plants to serve purposes like lighting) and has strict rules around killing animals and eating meat. It is also commonly seen that various animals, typically birds, large cats, snakes or rodents are often found being a large help within the nation, as they, at times, seem to almost work and communicate fluently with the people. For the most part, while the members of this nation are hesitant to outsiders with their strict and unique cultural beliefs, Gattarian people are considered very friendly and trust one another, making it so that if you are accepted by one member of good standing, it is rather easy to be accepted by the others. 

The Sky Rider: (Light Blue / Wind) *Riku 
The Sky Rider is the name of the massive eagle-shaped airborne vessel that takes the domain of the sky thanks to the help of the light blue wind gem located in the center of the wheel vessel, a part of which is rather sheerly traditional as the vessel travels via command rather than actual steering. On top of the vessel is where the nation finds itself as it is full of all that one would need to survive and manage from water, to fertile ground to houses to live upon. Along with the necessities for a nation, the Sky Rider comes with air crafts that can be deployed to travel as well as attachable and detatchable wings that take some training to properly learn how to maneuver.

The people who live upon the Sky Rider tend to live in a very free and relaxed manner as most of the nation works together peacefully with little conflict, even more so with their army with how coordinated they can be. For the most part, members on the Sky Rider tend to just want to have fun and kick back rather than anything else. Being one of the nations that do not have to worry too much about being attacked, the Sky Rider focuses its army towards aiding other nations and people that may need help when needed, easily making it so that the Sky Rider is the most allied and well liked nations present to this day. While their nature is often passive and more helpful than aggressive, it would be wrong to take them a weak nation as they are still very well trained.

name of civilization: (Yellow / Light) *Wanta 

Meritan Dominion: (Purple / Electricity) *Riku

Upon the purple gem awakening, a large lighthouse-like building sprouted from the ground with a massive signal tower at the very top of it. With this signal tower, a signal was emitted that seemed to bother and repel darkness, making it a safe place for humans to settle around, knowing that something within the radius of the tower was making it uncomfortable for dark creatures to enter. Taking into consideration of the tower type, the future leader figured out it was probably some form of signal being emitted that the darkness didn’t take too favorably too. Seeing this as a chance to grow, he took the title as leader and instructed the brave to go out and observe to figure out how far this power went – to lure and test how far they would be comfortable going in and, upon figuring out, to mark it and begin building a wall with the few trees and damaged soil that was around just in case. While the other members did this, the leader took into the tower and did what many weren’t comfortable with, and began to mess with it, changing wires and adding in coding with what was able to be found inside the rest of the building, items such like well functioning computers and technological materials. After about three weeks of living off of very little and many deaths from failure attempts to lure creatures in, the leader was capable to enhance and edit the signal that was being released to encompass more space. Slowly over time, the land began to purify more and more and the people living there were quickly able to build a massive society.

Over several years, the nation that was barely scraping through to survive, quickly grew into one of the largest, most advanced society with the goals their leader set out along with the gifts and power the main tower gave them. In order to get where they were, the leader set up the nation as a nation heavily based on intellect and advancement under the idea that electricity and technology held the information for everything, and, with that information, any form of survival and growth could be created. To make this ideology a reality, it was required for anyone over the age of one to be put into school where they would stay up until they are thirty. Each year, every student would take six tests, each an even distance from the last where each student would be heavily analyzed. These scores would determine if they thought you had potential and if you were going to be a valuable member to their society. The lowest 3% of students by the age 5 mark were kicked out of school and, depending on their parents, were expected to take up hard labor jobs or serve others as servants (and for the worst slaves). This continued as they went up that the lowest 10% at 8 years old would be kicked out, then 15% at 12, 20% at 15, 40% at 18, 50% at 21, 60% at 24, and finally the lowest 80% of the leftover members at 28 where the ones that managed to make it all the way to the top would be completely raised, taught, and educated to have some of the best and most high class jobs. (Those that stopped at 24+ usually still have high class jobs still. 15-18 is low-middle class. 18-21 is high-middle class)

With this massive meritocracy and stress on intelligence, the nation’s technological levels grew rapidly, allowing them to create a society that is more technologically advanced than the world was before the apocalypse as well as large defensive walls around the radius of their nation. This wall served two purposes. One was to make sure that, in the case something were to happen to the protective signal the tower admitted, that there would be something else to protect them and the other was to make sure no information or technology got out of the nation without them knowing. That second reason holds because the Meritan Dominion is very possessive of their information, knowledge, and technology as their intellect and advancement is one of their main commodities with other nations and because they don’t particularly care about the rest of the world since they are comfortable as they are. For the most part, the Meritan Dominion likes to trade other nations for information they don’t have (which has often put them close allies with the Realm of Handan) or valuable items that are native to only other nations.

Realm of Handan: (Pink / Soul) *Riku 
The Realm of Handan is a nation purified and built off of the bright pink gem that holds the power of Souls. Upon awakening, this gem concealed itself inside a orb that sits in the middle of the top room of a large Japanese Temple it formed. Around it, it created the basis of three areas, to the Northwest of the temple was another golden and white temple labeled "Tengoku" aka Heaven, to the Southeast of the temple was another black and red temple labeled "Jigoku" aka Hell, and in between the temples and around it were a few seemingly regular buildings. It is this area that became the capital as the nation began to expand outward in a similar fashion, keeping the structure of Tengoku in the Northwest and Jigoku in the Southeast.

This structure ended up creating the odd and strict caste system that the Realm of Handan became known for. Upon birth in Handan, a child was brought up to the Divine Judge (leader) where, with the presence of the bloodline that awoken the gem, the orb would one of seven colors, each of which determining what class of person they are and would be based off of what readings their soul gave off as well as if they had any special abilities. If a child were to be determined to be a different class, may it be higher or lower, than that of their dominant parent (highest ranking), than the child is taken from their parents and adopted/raised by a parent of the appropriate class. It is also forbidden from one of the Tengoku class to marry into Human class or the Jigoku class. Such acts are consider treasonous and capable of being punished with death and/or exile. The only ways to move within the caste is to marry into someone of a higher rank where one would get partial benefits, to meet under the Seraphims and Princes to have the request judged, or to leave the nation all together. 

The following list are the various classes.

  • Tengoku
    1. ​​Seraphim - Seraphim is the highest ranking of the Tengoku classes as well as the highest possible class one can be in. They make up one of the smallest portion of the population as there are only seven current known Seraphims and as such were often raised like siblings to one another. As the highest class, Seraphims often display some of the greatest capabilities with their abilities among all the different classes, however their abilities tend to be more geared towards passive usage rather than for violent purposes. Within society, Seraphims end up being close-kept 'government' officials that help the Divine Judge run the Realm of Handan as they tend to make and agree on a lot of the decisions. As the highest ranking of Tengoku, they have the ability to give out orders and commands to the lower Tengoku rankings after they have reached a certain age of maturity.
    2. Dominion - Dominion is the second highest Tengoku class and the third highest possible class over all, sitting just below the Jigoku Princes. Dominions, much like Seraphims, are also rare as they all also hold abilities, however their abilities tend to be lesser in strength. Because of this, Dominions are in charge of policing over the nation as to make sure there are no major violations going on. For those that do not do policing, the other Dominions work under Seraphims within research facilities or run the main medical centers. They serve as the Generals for the Angels and can command units of them.
    3. Angel - Angels is the lowest ranking of the Tengoku classes, ranking only slightly higher than Humans and about as equal as Demons. The duty of Angels are to serve out the commands of their higher ups and to fill in where needed. At times, they may join in more offensive duties, help out with regular medical centers or teaching. Occasionally, due ot the sheer lack of duties, they may end up taking up Human class work. Angels tend to have either no powers or weak and underwhelming powers.
  • Human
    1. ​​Human - The Human class is the lowest class, however is also considered one of the most free class. Within the human class, there are little to no expectations or responsibilities and, while they may not be able to get to the higher classes of luxury, they get the ability to relax and live life. The only real expectations of those in the Human class is to handle the basic jobs such as farming, gathering, store running, etc.
  • Jigoku
    1. ​​Prince - Prince is the highest ranking of the Jigoku classes as well as the second highest possible class overall, being just slightly below Seraphims. Princes, much like the Seraphims, are small in number, currently only having six members and were also raised much like siblings to one another. They too are given the priveledge of being close-kept 'government' officials. What differs about Princes to Seraphims however are that they tend to lead the offensive forces, usually having their abilities geared more towards offensive usage. This role of theirs rarely actually demands them to go out to combat, as they are the leaders, however does place them out on the battlefield at times. While conquering is not a main goal of the Realm of Handan, figuring out how to deal with the black substance and the creatures that are formed from it is, thus what they tend to fight.
    2. King - King is the second highest Jigoku class and the fourth highest possible class over all. Kings tend to take the roles of being the on-field commanders that serve directly under the command of the Princes. They often lead expeditions outside of the nation in order to either come in contact with another nation, or to explore outside into the destroyed land in hopes of finding something value into their quest to understand what destroyed the world or for one of the monsters fromed by the black substance to bring back for dissection.
    3. Demon - Demon is the lowest ranking of the Jigoku classes, ranking only slightly higher than Humans and about as equal as Angels. Like angels, Demons tend to have either no powers or weak and underwhelming powers. Due to this, they tend to serve as the foot soldiers and grunts to the Jigoku armies and fill in the units that the Kings tend to lead.
  • Seraphim's positions go...
    1. Azura - Leader of Seraphims: Manages all the duties, powers, rules, and delegations to all the Seraphims
    2. Eliza - Leader of the Research Bureau and Second Hand to Azura: Manages all the experiments and testing requested for the nation
    3. Unmei - Leader of National Relationships: Handles the social aspects of maintaining the nation and keeping it happy
    4. Phanuel - Leader of Judgement and Punishment: Handles the majority of cases and crimes done within the nation and dealing out judgement
    5. Conrad - Leader of Interrogation: Deals with interrogating and receiving information from captives and anything brought in for him to work with
    6. Lukhail - Leader of Intel and Information: Manages and keeps information on everything going on in the nation and manages the storage and "Closed Library" in the Seraphim castle
    7. Priscillia - Leader of Detainment: Manages and handles the capturing of people within the nation and keeping them subdued.


Land of Terradors: (Brown / Earth) *Riku

The Terridian Nation is a nation who's gem formed itself into a massive colosseum laid into the center of what resembled many ancient roman cities. The main city, otherwise known as the capital, found itself made of a ridiculously strong and practically impenetrable rock and within the colosseum were various weapons. Out of these weapons, the most notable were the shields and armor made out of a very similar material to the rocks that built up the city. However, naturally being so, such impenetrable defenses came in a limited quantity and thus when the society was formed, it centered around the will for the safety and protection of the capital, and even more so, the freedom of perfect defense.

With the high competition to get these, the original leader decided the logic would be the best to go - give those who fought the best, the best tools. Once they got the best tools, they could be sent out to clear out more area and expand the safety to others. With this in mind, he set the colosseum up to be a place of competition where people all the members of the early society would spar against one another in order to determine their place in the originally small group. As this continued, it became to place of promotion within the army where each soldier would demonstrate their strength by sparring against a higher ranking person or dueling monsters, each depending on what position they were going for. All of this went good for a while until protests broke out over how the leader himself didn't appear to be too strong of a person. Due to this, one of the generals in the army forced him into battled, quickly and easily killing him. Upon killing him, he announced that he himself will be the new leader and reform how things are done and, while doing so, claimed the title not as King or Leader but rather the Commander.

It was shakey at first, but people quickly adopted the Commander as the new leader may it be by choice or by force. With this, the controlled nation based on strength warped itself into a nation of brawn. Laws stated enforced that strength and combat ability ranked above all as any political and government official, including the Commander himself, could never deny a offer of a duel. Duels had to be given 24 hours notice before the planned day unless pushed forward by a higher official. A duel for a government position always ended in the death of one person or the next while those for military positions could end with a forfeit. Crimes of any form were charged with time within one of the Colosseums built by the nation and, for the greatest offenders, the main Colosseum would be their place. If they survived, usually they were let off free given it wasnt a major offense. Murder charges were rarely given much attention since it was often seen as "clearing out the weak." However, with that being said, harming a woman or a child that wasnt part of a combat career was seen as a major offense. (Women in combat careers were exempt.)

As for the social aspect, intelligence based jobs were not too favored as they were often thought as the 'nerdy,' 'weak,' 'snobbish' jobs for those who couldn't hold a sword right and thus were often paid the least. Crafters and labor forces often were accepted and liked, but were often also included in monthly competitions as many associated the strength of their employees to relate to the quality of their goods. However at the end of the story, the most successful and most well treated / liked members of the Terridian society were those that took up combat roles, either as sportsmen or soldiers. For those that ranked the highest, they were permitted to practically do whatever they liked with little to no punishment and could receive any good with practically no payment. Such classes were determined by the badges that could be worn on the shirts or on the identification that the country ran. 

Upon reaching the age of four, most male children are instantly enlisted in an army-like system which often replaces their school, usually only spending an hour or two each day on academic work. At the age of 16, they were given the permission to drop out, but before then everyone was pushed to be strong combat ready individuals. Those that could not keep up were often casted off to be out of both education and combat, often resulting in them being placed in labor forces or servants


  • "Death Match" - Death Match is a form of tournament that people can register in. This is as it sounds. People are put against one another and it only ends when someone is dead. These continue until there are only three to ten contestants left (depending on original size of people competing). These Matches are taken much more seriously and winners are often rewarded more money and better prizes for succeeding but they also occur less frequently. Occasionally, Hal himself joins in during the final round when there is a small amount of competitions if he find a fighter he finds particularly strong.
    • There is an even rarer style called "Death Match Royale" where five to eight contestants are put in the tournament field and set to fight eachother to the death - each man for themselves. These are rare and often only really seen in the main Colosseum and other massive tournament centers but they do occur.
  • "Casual Tournament" - Casual Tournament is the most common and most "sports" like type of tournaments. These occur at least weekly in every tournament in the nation and, for bigger popular tournament arenas, they can sometimes occur up to every other day. With these, the fight continues until one member is rendered unable to continue combat, until one member has taken notable damage (excessive bleeding, broken bones, etc) that would greatly hinder their fighting capability or endanger their life, restrained / pinned for five or more consecutive seconds, or someone accidently gets killed. Along with this, one side may always forfeit and an official or referee can always end it due to complications but is most often done if the fight is going on too long or if the fight is considered too boring. While it is stated that you are not allowed to kill your opponent in the Casual Tournament, if a death happens, there isnt any real punishment as it usually comes with a scolding and at worse a month or two suspension from the games. Because of this, some people who have gotten too competitive in these have "accidentally killed" opponents who appeared to show too much potential, however those that did this often also got "accidentally killed" by people that werent fond of the behavior. There are a few classes to this style
    • Solo: Matches are done one on one
    • Duo: Matches are done two on two
    • Registered Competition: Matches that are pre-registered and approved to show. These are often offered and requested by the fighters and submitted to the people who manage the tournament who decide if the competition is interesting enough for them to want to give it time or not. With these, special rules can be set, but most tend to go with the basic rules
  • Within tournaments, contestants are often given a ranking given by the judges that watch the battles and the scores / placements they have gotten in prior tournaments. These mostly apply to the Casual Tournaments, but they also do carry over to Death Match.
    • Kid - Kid class is the most casual ranking that only occurs in the tournaments for kids. They are a little more strict on rules however. Kid class contestants are stuck at the Rookie level.
    • Rookie - Rookie class is the entry level class. Usually flat combat and nothing too fancy is expected from these fights and until they have a few wins under their belt and their fighting style appears more fluid, they dont move up. Often rankings of this level dont get too much attention.
    • Intermediate - Intermediate is where some style is expected. Usually showed before the Upper Ranks fight and is usually a crowd warmer. If their fight is boring, they can be closed down. Usually Intermediate fighters have won a lot of rookie fights, but do not show the style, fluidity, and overarching combat skill to move up. If they reach that, they can have a chance of going to Upper Class.
    • Upper - Upper Class is the class that is known to be the "Professional Fighters" and very few actually get this high. Its at this point that they are likely to be known almost as celebrities and most people have a fanbase nickname for their combat style, may it be "The Luzon" or "The White Knight." These fighters are expected to put on a show just as much as they are expected to put on a good fight as a demonstration for their sheer control of their fighting skills. By the point of getting here, most of them have come to talk to Hal at least once and has been approved by Hal himself to move up to this rank.
    • Elite - Elite Class are the absolute top of the crop fighters. These fighters do not fight as often as any of the lower ones as they have usually been offered major positions in the army with their skill and mainly take place in large tournaments. Along with this, these people are given the privilege of being held close to Hal in the viewing box of the tournaments and often also serve as the judges. There are very few of them, but they do exist. 

name of civilization: (Black / Death) *Riku 

The Dardohar: (Dark Blue / Water) *Wanta 
The Dardohar is the embodiment of the Dark Blue Gem and takes the form of a massive Steam-powered Supertanker. The actual Gem is not kept on the Dardohar but is instead stored safely underwater in one of the fleets submersible vehicles. The Dardohar is a war vessel and its natives powerful conquerers. As such, the fleet is operated like one would expect an armada to be run. When they find something that isn't their own, they attack and take everything. Rape and murder are commonplace. Women and children are kept beneath the deck of the Dardohar and are not allowed to surface for any reason. When the males reach the proper age, they are brought to the surface to undergo an initiation; however, the most unique thing about the Dardohar is that it isn't the only thing that the Blue Gem created. Over the years, those aboard the Dardohar have developed an addiction to the ocean itself. As the gem and the Dardohar purify the water around it, the inhabitants can drink directly from the ocean without any form of filtration and consuming the water for that long has led to a dependency on it. Going without it for too long or getting far enough away from the purified water or the Dardohar can produce negative effects. For all intents and purposes, the Dardohar conquered the conquerers.


The Nyssa Tribe: (Red / Fire) *Wanta

When the *unspecified cataclysmic event* struck the world and all the bad stuff started baddening the world, while the other gems activated and created massive ships, eagle flying things, forests, and even castles...the Fire gem remained dormant until there was nothing around it except the darkness/bad stuff. Then it exploded in a single, massive pillar of fire that spread outward, permanently scorching the earth and even air that it touched. The fire destroyed any of the darkness/bad stuff in its path and stopped after creating a triangle resembling the Delta symbol.

The triangle formed was only 1 mile from point to point and the ground and air was so damaged by the blast that practically nothing could grow from it and anything entering the airspace encompassed by the triangle found itself succumbing to the toxic air, even machinery. As survivors fled into the safety of the triangle, they feared that they might have traded a swift death via baddening for a slow death of starvation until miraculously something began to grow. Starting in the epicenter of the blast where the red gem was located, small, strange vegetables that they had never seen before started to sprout. Animals made their way into the triangle and also began to adapt to the new environment. Water began to trickle back into the triangle, albeit several degrees higher. Hot enough to burn but not hot enough to steam.

It took time and several of the survivors did not survive the transition. Those that remained began to show relief. They partied, feasted, danced long into the night, and began the process of repopulating. However, eventually they went too far. They ran out of food, they were slowly running out of space in their limited triangle of protection, and the Red Gem, still lodged in the ground in the very center of the triangle, did nothing. Inwardly, they always expected that they could reproduce and expand their community and if anything bad happened, the little magic ruby that saved them once would perform a second miracle and their territory would grow. Yet the Gem stayed dormant and their new home was in danger of one man who at that time was the leader of the community took matters into his own hands and purged the triangle of the unnecessary. Using some of the very fire the Gem had used years earlier, the elder burned down more than half of the populace in a single night, freeing up desperately needed resources and instituting a law of population control. A limit of 1000 people at any given time. Those with disabilities, old age, or anything else preventing them from contributing to the society were to be put down in the same purifying fire that was used twice before. All crime was met with a fiery death sentence. Outsiders that took anything more than they were given were also killed. Every year a festival was held where the "excess population" was to be sacrificed to the Red Gem in fear that they might one day lose their protection. The scorched land that originally saved lives was now being used to exterminate as many lives as possible in order for the remaining to survive. And as such, they took on the name Nyssa.

What the Nyssa nation, or tribe, lacked in numbers, they made up for in deadly power. The still-blazing flames created by the Red Gem which the citizens titled "Promethean Fire" was terribly destructive. Weapons or armor forged and tempered in the fire showed incredible durability. It greatly increased the piercing power of arrows and bullets. Defensively, the fire was equally strong as passing through the flames bordering the triangle was nearly impossible.


Qeacaba: (Yellow / Light) *Wanta

The nation of Qeacaba was formed by the power of the Yellow Gem, which concealed itself in the center of a massive, elaborate golden fountain. Spreading outward from the fountain were golden roads that winded and twisted together in seemingly no pattern. When the gem originally purified the nearby land, the people who flocked there were inherently good but after over a year of near starvation and a lack of viable government, those good people turned to their base instincts. One after the other, the people turned their focus from what they needed to what they wanted.

From that desire for desire, a sort of order did form that wildly differed from the governments of the other nations. For starters, the leadership was split into several equally or nigh-equally powerful factions, thus providing the Qeacaba nation with several rulers. These rulers were generally the ones that provided the objects of peoples desires rather than the ones to utilize it. In this nation, nothing was taboo. Sex, murder, theft, drugs. If you wanted it, you could probably find someone to provide it. This was most prevalent in Vitze, the reigning capital of Qeacaba. It's there that the Yellow Gem resides and it is there where the most important people lived.

Thanks to the inherent risk of injury or sickness or addiction, the medical prowess of Qeacaba far outclasses the other nations. Many cures for previously "incurable" diseases were discovered in Qeacaba. So much so that rumors have developed that the fountain in which the Yellow Gem resides produces the elixir of life(although its actually just booze)

Main Groups are : Drugs, Medicine, Sex, Violence, Gambling. Of these, Gambling holds the strongest power - even if not by a large margin.