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 Kakashi Tsunade
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I made a little research and found that in shippuden Tsunade was 67 and Kakashi 28(I say it refering to my tìm kiếm but I'm not sure)although the age diference is big(it's not so felt),they look cute together It took me to much to make shadows
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This Naruto tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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10. Gaara & Matsuri
The first couple on my list, I haven't even really been properly introduced to yet. From what I can gather, Matsuri is one of Gaara's fangirls in Shippuden and ends up becoming his student. It's a little weird to like a mentor/student relationship as a couple, but for these two it just seems to work. The age difference isn't that different, is it? Gaara's only 17-ish, while Matsuri is like 12. Only 5 years! And Matsuri definitely has a major crush on Gaara, and I could see Gaara liking her back. This couple is just super sweet and I tình yêu them. Still, it does seem to be...
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