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Hair Color:
Eye Color:
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hơn một năm qua BLAMargera123 said…
this is mine:
Name: Plague "Kage of Hundred Eyes"
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Village: Yaminomura
Rank: Yamikage
Hair Style: Shaggy
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Eye Color: Purple Glowing
Description: He wears a Black Pants, A Long Sleeved Black Shirt with the chest opened to reveal bandages around Plagues Chest, Black Sandals, wears black Gloves, and wears a Kage Jacket that has black flames on it and purple stars, under the bandages on his chest, back, and arms are a 100 sharingan eyes in Mangekyo form.
Weapon(s): Waterball.

Dark Style, Dark Blade Jutsu - the user raises one of his hands and make a hand seal thus creating a sword made of darkness.

Dark Style, Shadow Armor Jutsu - the users whole body get surrounded by a black aura.

Forbidden Art, Black Hole of the Damned - the user takes one his hands and shows his palm, then a black dot appears on his palm, the dot gets bigger and bigger until it can suck anything into its path.
History: Plague has been alone his whole life when he became a Jounin he made a friend with a girl but then the girl suddenly vanished, devastated by the fact his only friend was missing he trained like crazy just to look for her, but later one day he was a assigned a mission to find a gang of murderer's he accepted the mission and went on a search to find them, he used a technique his friend taught him to have super sonic hearing, he heard a murder being made so he ran to the scene of the murderers killing a girl, but when plaque looked at the girl it was his friend. Angered by the scene of the gang killing her his rage made a very strange change to his chakra his chakra began to explode around him eyes started coming out of his back arms chests, he noticed that the eyes were sharingan eyes. Once he got his new ability he took out his kunai knives and sprinted to the murderers, Plague Began stabbing them one by one until they were nothing more than a blood soaked corpse. Once he killed all the killers his friend spoke. "P...Plague?" she said "Dont talk save your strength..." "i dont need my strength... You Do..." Quoted the girl. The girl raised her head and kissed Plague. "I...Love...You..." were her last dying words. Years past and Plague became Yamikage.

so theres mine PLZ REPLY!!!
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hơn một năm qua Spazola77 said…
Name:Tasogare Kenji
Hair Style:Spiky, Frizzy
Hair Color:Purple, Bright
Eye Color:Purple, Dusky
Description:Somewhat tall, very good at evasion/blocking, good sense of direction, very much like Naruto. Always wears black ballet shoes, black fingerless gloves, black skinny jeans, purple motorcycle jacket, black t-shirt.
Weapon(s):Shuriken, Katana, Kunai Knife, Mind
Jutsu:Night Flyer Jutsu(created by her)-her specialty, this allows her to blend in with the night sky and lets her actually fly; all jutsus Naruto has except Sexy Jutsu and Harem Jutsu.
History: Estranged by her family due to her love for nighttime and her power, Tasogare turned to prowling the streets and forests in the area. She was discovered and captured by Gato, but was then released after his death. Upon return to the village, she was shunned and avoided by everyone in the village except for her slightly younger brother, Mayonaka. Through years of tough training, she and Mayonaka finally pass the Chunin Exam. The two make up a team along with young but strong and stubborn Hinoiri Tsuru. Hinoiri has a major crush on Tasogare, even though he is too involved with battles and proving himself to get into a relationship.
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hơn một năm qua BLAMargera123 said…
hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
oaky I am not listing Justu for they are too long this is a fan made charcter ...

Name : Teinzeinmaru "titain of Kumogakure."

Age : 28

Gender : M

Village : Kumogakure

Rank : Jouin/ Strongest member next to the Raikage

Hairy style : presumbely Brown and long

eye color : a deep Green

Kekeigankai : Rinningan , Strom Release, Swif relase,Crystal relase, Ice relase, Boil relase. it is unkown where or how he aquired all these relase's , Lava Release .

Description : seeing how Teizeinmaru is very secertive little is known about him but A has seen him every now and than and he wears Red amour ( much like Han's Steam armour , )that cover's his whole body and mouth, the same style of hat as Han, he also wears a cloak concealing his two Kantana's and his staff is visable just a bit above his back. the scroll his held up by a strap just like Jiryia's was.

weapons : a staff , two Kantana's & a scroll.

Justu : too many to list but here are a few

de-atomazation justu- he has invinted this techqinue to fit his title and is able to de-atomize the things he touches.

Ancient Style Justu Titians Seal Formation 100 Release : this is a really powerful Sealing move he use's as a last Resort and is said to be his most powerful move . upon the activation of the justu a binding circle appears and at the command "Release" four gaint pillairs appear to surround the enemey than upon the word "seal" many chain shoot from the pillair re-straining your body upon the phrase "100 Seal relase " what looks like a portal opens up beneath you sealing you within Teinzen's Mighty scroll.

Varuois fire justu's

Varouis Earth justu

Varouis water justu

Varouis wind Justu

Varouis lighting Justu

the six paths

Ninja Art summoning-bear

Ninja Art summoning-weapons of all kinds

Historey : Teinzein didn't know he had possed Rinningan during his Youth but was born with a Irrgular amount of Chakara leading people to believe he carryied the two tailed demon cat the third Raikage took him in as his own and Trained the young boy, Quickly relazeing that Teinzein wasn't haveing troubble Mastering hokage level justu he forced Teinzein to awaken his Dormant Rinningan once awakened he entered the acdeamy and set records for all ninja and very quickly was put into the rank of Jouin not likeing his Kekigankai the third Raikag taught him Strom relase he than ventured into the land of earth and learned from the Five tailed beast host Megma relase and many earth justu's he also gained his armour around that time. he has done many great things and has proved himself to be one of the strongest ninja's in all of the world . he is also the only ninja able to do Hokage level missions by himself. they say when he steps into a battle feild war's tend to end

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hơn một năm qua invaderlin123 said…
Name: asuna kinko
Age: 16
Gender: female
Village: leaf
Rank: jounin
Hair Style: short black hair with bangs in her eyes her headband helps her bangs out of her eyes
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: light blue eys
Description: smart funny and kind and reeeally powerful
Weapon(s): kunai knives and a large sword
Jutsu: knows all her jutsu teijutsu genjutsu and ninjutsu

History: a ninja from the village of rocks came to the leaf one day and gave the hokage a little baby girl wrapped in cotton cloth.
when she was in the academy she was made fun of because she wasn really a leaf ninja she was confused and she had no idea what they were talking about (back then she had long hair) one day she asked a couple of girls with long hair if she could play with them the girls told her to get lost or they will beat her. she ran away and that night cut off her hair with her own kunai knife and swore to herself that she will work hard and not let anyone stand in her way.
hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Nice Invader :P
hơn một năm qua invaderlin123 said…
thank you ^^
hơn một năm qua Skitty_Love said…
Name: Chiyori Tana
Age: 16
Rank: chounin
Hair Style:
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Emerald
Description:Headband as belt, Jagged-to shoulder hair,acts cute and sweet but really tough and practices a lot.
Weapon(s): Daggers mostly
Jutsu: I'm not gonna name any :o
History: Daughter of a rich family, best friend is Temari.
hơn một năm qua Atteroz said…
For anyone with Anime Ideas they want to share, or want to rate and read other peoples Anime ideas come to to Register share, review ideas!
hơn một năm qua Ichigosuke said…
Hi! Heres mine. I still have more ideas to come.

Name: Kite
Age: 15
Gender: M
Village: Konohagakura
Rank: Genin
Hair Style: Shaggy, Downwards Spiky
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Orange
Description: Always wears a brown coat above and black pants, and a hat.
He has a sort of bracelet on his hand, with 2 thin metal chains around it.
He has a scar on his left cheek like an animal clawed him.
Weapon(s): Kunai, Shuriken.

Jutsu: He uses a special style, Grass Style, which is close to the 1st Hokages Tree Style.
1) Grass Style, Grass Branch Drill:
A lond sharp pointed drill made of grass shoots out of the ground and attacks the enemy.
By command, Kite can create another "branch" that shoots out from the first one on any pont of it.
That way, even if an enemy dodges his first strike he can still do a suprise one. There is a limit of how many branchs he can sprout out of the first one.
They move in straight lines. He can shoot a branch from a branch that sprouted from the first, but still has the same limit.
2) Grass Style, Grass Whistle:
When he uses this, a branch of grass shoots out of the ground near the targets feet and
tyes itself around his legs, afterwards it slowly starts to grow around the target, eventually choking him.
3) Grass Style, Bamboo Leaf: Instantly, a ton of sharp bamboos grow around him.
They then fly into the air, and then he sort of does a throwing motion, and they fly like he throwed them .
He can grow up to 30 AT MAX.
4) Grass Style, Grass Clone: This is basically like any other sort of clone, but made of grass.
5) Grass Style, Grass Blade:
His Ultimate jutsu: First, his first jutsu, Grass Branch Drill, grows from the ground from several places
around him, and covers his hand, creating a revolving grass drill.
He then rushes to stab the enemy. It can basically drill through anything, tearing through the enemy.

Kite was abondened by his parents in the forest surrounding Konohagakura when he was a kid.
He was attacked by a wolf. He fought for his life and killed it, although he got a nasty scar on his cheek as a result.
Wounded and Tired, he travelled through the forest. A few years later, when he was 8 years old, he was found near the gate of the village, fainted.
After a few days, he woke up, and when asked, refused to tell who he was and how he survived in the forest for over 4 years.
Actually, he couldnt even speak, as he never learned how. A year later, he was admitted to the Ninja Academy.
By then, he knew how to talk, although he still behaved very wild in some aspects.
Although he was away from society, and had to survive alone, he still acts very friendly, and always jokes around.
People find him very funny, as he still doesnt know all kinds off stuff about people, so he acts wildly to some people.
He is a very good tracker, and has eccelent senses. The only reason he still isnt a Junin is because he isnt interested in ranks.
He went once to the chunin exam, and beat the forest easily and went all the way to the finals, but he quit before his first fight, saying he was to bored to continue.
He gets along well with his team, and is considered the leader, becuase in the field, his talent is unbeatible.
He worked hard to survive the jungle, and so hes got amazing survival skills, and can easily find hidden traps or enemies.
He is very similar to shikamaru: He uses greats plans to catch and nuetrilize his enemys.
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 Hi! Heres mine. I still have thêm ideas to come. Name: cánh diều Age: 15 Gender: M Village: Konohagakur
hơn một năm qua Ichigosuke said…
And another one. Please comment.

Name: Gin Erasuki
Age: 23
Gender: M
Village: ???
Rank: ???
Hair Style: Spiky
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Gold
Description: Wears A black blue jacket and black jeans.
Has a very dark personality, and strange enough, he has a very dark sense of humor.
He will usually say something very dark, followed by a wierd smile which is his laughter.

Weapon(s): None. He fights bare handed.
Jutsu: He uses a special Style, Cobining Lighting and Water Styles. He calls it Dark Lightning Style.
He combines it with a fast paced hand to hand combat style.
His style is basically controlling liquifided lightning. Its basically bubbly water, with electricity flowing through it.
He can control it freely.
1) Dark Lightning Style, Thunderclap Bird: He creates some water in his right hand, and puts his left over it.
When he pulls his hand off, instead of some water there is a bird, made out of water. THe bird then flys where he wants it to.
Upon contact the bird would explode and the water will spray on the area. THis water contains the lightning, so upon contact, it will feel
as though you were hit by a chidori.
2) Dark Lighting Style, Liquid Shock: He sends out a straight, thin wave of water, like a lightning wave.
It is strong and can even cut rocks.
3) Dark Lightning Style, Thunder Punch: He creates a sphere of water in his hand, then puts tons of electricity in it.
He then runs to thrust it into his enemy, much like chidori or rasengan.
4) Dark Lightning Style, Sen Kotori no Raimei (Thousand Little Birds of the Thunderclap):
He creates tons of birds like the first one and sends them to attack his enemy. By blowing them all up, he can spread the whole area with his deadly water.
5) Dark Lightning Style, Final Wing: With this, he grows 2 wings, made of black blue feathers.
He then creates a sphere of water between his hands, flys up to the air, and shoots it at his opponent. Upon contact the water will spread
until it covers the whole body. THen one single flash is seen, and the body is electricuted.

No one knows who he is or from where he is. He simply apeared one day, saving Kakashi and Asuma during a fight they had.
He then befriends them, and he came back to the village with them.
He cant control all of his powers, so he asked to be locked up by the Sandaime.
He would be allowed to get out when ever he felt like it. He was often visited by Asuma and Kakashi.
He would play Shouji with Asuma and always win, and He would just sit and talk with Kakashi.
After hearing about Asumas death, hew vanished from his cell. To be seen again only once,
at asumas funeral.
He now roams the country and saves people on his ways, and he also collected orphans and trained
and took care of them.
 And another one. Please comment. 2) Name: gin, rượu gin Erasuki Age: 23 Gender: M Village: ??? Rank: ??? Hair
hơn một năm qua BLAMargera123 said…
this ones my cousin's:

Name: Eru Aburame
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf
Rank: ANBU
Hair Style: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Description: He wears a Black Mask that covers the top half of his face, he wears black goggles, he wears a short black jacket that is attached to the mask, he wears a black overcoat under the short jacket, he wears black pants, a white sash around his chest, and black sandals, and the metal piece of a forehead protector is attached to the left sleeve.
Weapon(s): Blow Dart

Insect Blade - The user has 24 praying mantis' come out the palm of his hand the mantis' make the shape of a katana once that happens the insects turn into an actual sword.

Summoning Jutsu (Praying Mantis) - the user takes his/her blood to summon an animal or other things.

Insect Clone - a large amount of bugs that create a copy of the user.

History: Eru has been an ANBU for 3 years, he and another ANBU have been hand picked to be in a top secret organization, for years his teammate and him have been accomplishing a large amount of missions, and now he still does so.

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hơn một năm qua BLAMargera123 said…
heres one to go with my cousin's plus its another one of mine!:

Name: Av Oshanhamoni
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf
Hair Style: Shaggy
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Description: he wears a Dark Blue long sleeved shirt, he wears the Konoha Flak Jacket, he also wears a white kimono with blue waves printed on it, he wears black pants, black sandals, he wears his forehead protector attached to his flak jacket, he also wears a white bandana over his forehead that has the word "Water" in kanji.
Weapon(s): Tanto

Water Style, Acid Spit - the user spits up acid.

Water Style, Water Bullets - the user shoots out water pellets out of his mouth that can pierce through meat.

Water Release, Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave - the user spits up a large amount of water that forms a giant orb around an area.

Summoning Jutsu (Aquatic Life) - the user takes his/her blood to summon an animal or other things.

History: like eru he's been ANBU for years also. and was eru's teammate in the missions they've been through.
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hơn một năm qua mydogiscool said…
Here is mine I,ve thought alot about her so please comment
Name: Mokushi Teiku (sight Taker)
Village:Village hidden in the leaves
Rank: Abu Black Ops
Hair style:Long with ponytail
Hair Color:Black
Eye color:White (she is blind)
Description:Wears a Black,red,and White samari gi
Weapons: Katana,Demon Wheel Shurikin,and Shibin
Jutsu: Sight Tacker Jutsu (gives the ability to take the enemies eye sight for 15 seconds
Fire style: Fire ball, Phoenix Flower,and Dragon Flame Jutsu
and Fire Style Fire Prison Jutsu ( Traps them in a cell full of fire)thats all for now
hơn một năm qua mydogiscool said…
here is the pic
 here is the pic
hơn một năm qua DragonSight said…
Name: Theron Lieren
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves
Rank: Chunin (young i no)
Hair: short and snow white
Eyes: red
Clothes: usually in a green crop top over a long seelved white shirt and green skirt
Weapons: Kanata, kunai, shuriken and needles.
Jutsu: Imperial Sight, it's like the Baykugan but some what different
Fire style dragon ball jutsu
Shadow clone jutsu
Ring of Five flight fire jutsu
Sunning jutsu: she can summon a large Pheonix named Mana
History: her parents were murdered when she was young and she caught the eyes of Kiba during the chunin exams when she faced off against Temari. Temari lost and Theron went on 2 fight Shikamaru in the finals. During the sands invasion she released the gen jutsu helping Sasuke. but not before saying 2 him 'i still hate u, but i love the village so stay out of my way so we can get this done.' She befriended Kiba + Tenten soon after and is now dating him
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 Name: Theron Lieren Age: 13 Gender: Female Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves Rank: Chunin (young
hơn một năm qua darkwing34 said…
This is mine
Name: Soskue sakuri
Village: cloud
Rank: sage in training
Hair style: medium length straight
Eyes: blue
Description: he wears a black dress shirt, black pants tattos that resemble an agreement with a sage and a mask that resembles a village diety
Weapons: katana, short blade dagger, throwing knives,
Jutsu: shadow style:
Dark flow
Shadow posession
Demonic rage
Dark flare
Shadow seal demonic curse
Dragon rage
Meteor strike
Flare strike
Fire seal flame dome
Gods wrath
Peircing heaven
Lightning possesion
Lightning strike
Water dragon
Whirl pool
Water sphear
Water spike
Water coffin
Heavens wrath
Heavens seal angelic strike
Angelic light
Angels armor
Angelic possesion
Angels bow
Angels blade
History: his family was murderd when he was 6 for having an allience with the heavens sage . When he found out he was protected because he was the next child to become the heavens sage. When he turned 15 he was already a high ranking jounin and surpassed even his seniors. He the had an encouter with the past heavens sage and was Gould he was not yet worthy of obtaining the title of sage. But when he was on a mission whither his team they where ambushed and he lost his best friend. Then when the rest of his team was trying to escape the girl whom he loved was taken down. While he held her in his arm
sshe said "I don't want to die yet......... Not with out telling u that I always loved u and I know I will be reborn olny to fall in love with u again. Then a flash of light goes off and he emerges whit the wings of an angel and a tattoo that looks like flames ingulfing his torso. He lives his life now trying to avenge his fallen friend and love.

hơn một năm qua PHRYAN said…
Name: kiimihoro SHARMA
Village:Multiple (in all villages because has been travelling)
Rank:sage of light (former atsuki member)
Hair Style:spiky
Hair Color: black
Eye Color:purple (rinnegan)and sharigan.
Description:He wears a dark long coat,white hair,rinnegan and a hood.
Weapon(s):fuma shuirken (big shuirken)and temaris fan and sword
Jutsu:flame style shuirken,multiple shadow clone,dark sphere of hope,swift sword swipe and dark wave,demons wrath,angel sphere,11 tails light sphere,full armour
History:born on the night 11 tails was captured and11 tails possessed him with s dark future ahead he became part of the 4Th sand kazekage group which led him to the atsuki.He became the leader and realised his doing and fled the group to be sacrificed as a sage.That is before he's dad killed his family.
hơn một năm qua 1999jacko1 said…
Name: Hage
Age: 16
Gender: male
Rank: Jounin/ strongest in village apart from sakage
Hair Style: black and wild
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: black
Description: wears black cloak with red hood
Weapon(s): Sharpest sword in village can cut through another sword easily
Jutsu: Shadow
Can control them making me hidden( like our town which is shadows) can force people into walls and stuff like that
History: Shrinkage found me in in street and raised me teaching me along with ten others the way of the ninja I was top of class and one day at chounin exam final part I almost destroyed the building against a powerful opponent from sand village injured him badly and came back the only new chounin from my village became jounin elite and trained genin they are now jounin but arent that strong compared to the standard of our town
hơn một năm qua Alvin2442 said…
Hair Style:messy going down near my neck
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Sliver,Blue,and Green
Description:wears a grey and black striped shirt with a dark gray jacket over it
Weapon(s):Sword(like Sasuke's)that can cut into any metal
Jutsu:All The Basic(Fire,Earth,Wind,Water,and Lightning) Nature Transformations Releases and Jutsu and Shape Transformations but uses water the most
History:Karo was born into three eyes:Bakugan,Sharigan,and Rinnegan.When he was eight he ran away from his home an orphan and ran towards the Five Kage Summit where all the great leaders ended up training Karo. When he was 11 he settled in the Kirigakure and trained and became the Mizukage at age 12.
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 Name:Karo Age:12 Gender:Male Village:Kirigakure Rank:Mizukage Hair Style:messy going down near my ne
hơn một năm qua shukaren said…
rank:senin but chosen for next hokage
hairstyle:shoulder lenghth & very spiky
hair color:pinkish yellow
eye color:changes with mood usually glows purple
description:wears cloths like shikamaru's & garra's
extra info:Naruto's son has the tentails demon's twin brother also known as tentails sealed in him can use chakra beast separately Garra is his god father Shukaren calls him Uncle Garra his mother is supposedly Sakura
uncomplete list of jutsu very few listed:summoning/all/also able to summon 1000 birds that know chidori,using above jutsu and chidori does chidori 1,001,000 birds have to do chidori with him,rasengan,rachidori,special dragonblade rasengan p.s. without the dragonblade,and all types of clone jutsu including his own demon clones it takes as much to kill them as to kill real person
kekegenkais:sharingan & beakugan obtained by injecting blood
teachers who taught him:Shikamaru,Garra,his father/naruto,and at one point he forces his soul out of his body and learns from Kakashi's soul
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hơn một năm qua UchihaKaryu said…
Name: Uchiha Karyu (Kah-Ree-Yoo) (karyu means fire of the dragon, i thought it fit since the uchiha clan uses fire-style jutsu :))
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Village: The village hidden in the leaves
Rank: genin
Hair Style: His hair is kind of like roxas's from kingdom hearts II.
Hair color: brown
Eye color: black
Description: he wears a shirt thats like teen sasukes except its red an sleeveless with the uchiha symbol on the back. He wears black shorts with yellow suspenders but he just lets them hang instead of putting them over his shoulders. He wears bandages over his ankles and he has a braclet strap thing over his left bicep. He also wears normal blue ninja shoes and a necklace with the uchiha symbol on it.
Weapon(s): normal everyday shinobi weapons (kunai knifes, shuriken, paper bombs, smoke bombs,etc.)
Jutsu: okay before I list his jutsus i want you to know that his chakra nature is fire.
(1) Fire-Style: Fire Wall Jutsu. This jutsu makes fire appear from the ground circling karyu and his enemy, (And also when the fire circles around them its a 30 meter radius.) karyu kicks the enemy into the air and then clenches his fist in the air towards the opponent so the firewall closes in and crushes the enemy.
(2) Fire-Style: Fire Ball Jutsu. This move is you build up chakra in your stomach and then burst out fire from your mouth in a ball form toward the enemy.
(3) Fire-Style: Fire Dragon Fist Jutsu. (This jutsu is similiar to firewall jutsu) after doing the hand signs karyu slaps the ground (like summoning jutsu) and fire comes out of the ground only circling karyu and it takes the shape of a dragon face and karyu jumps into the air going after his opponent and punching them (which also burns them).
(4) Shadow Clone Jutsu. Makes multiple clones of the user with equal amount of chakra in each clone.
(5) Rasengan. Jutsu where chakra is rotating in the palm with alot of power and you attack the enemy with it. (Karyu was taught this jutsu by naruto).
(6) Fire-Style: Rasen Eruption jutsu. Like naruto (wind-style: rasen shuriken) he puts his chakra nature into rasengan making his own jutsu. This jutsu makes the rasengan red and has fire circling around it and the fire from it spreads out too (like chidori) this is his specialty, his ultimate jutsu and its very powerful and takes up alot of chakra so he can only use it once as a last resort.
History: Okay, karyu uchiha is the younger brother of sasuke and itachi he was just a few months old when itachi killed their clan. He grew up in the leaf village but he was always alone. He never knew what it was like to know what love feels like because sasuke would always talk about revenge and never actually hung out with his younger brother. When sasuke left the village karyu finally realized that this is reality and sasuke was now considered a rogue ninja and an enemy. When karyu becomes 13 he also runs away from the village as a genin. (But he is no ordinary genin he already has the 3rd level of his sharingan and then later he faces a traumatic event that causes his to awaken his mangekyo sharingan and he gets amaterasu and susano'o. His susanoo is a very special and rare one, its the "golden susano'o" and it has the power to fuse with its user(in this case karyu) when he and his susano'o fuse his hair turns golden yellow and he has his sharingan. He can also choose not to fuse with his susano'o and just summon it normally, his susano'o carries two swords made with its chakra and its face is covered with a mask with an x engraved on the front so u can only see its eyes. His mangekyo sharingan power is he can stop time and makes the enemy slower and he kills you.) anyways when karyu leaves the village he goes and joins the akatsuki and stays with them. When hikaru(another made up character) goes after karyu they fight and karyu wins but he doesnt kill his friend he just leaves and goes back to the akatsuki. Karyu works with his brother sasuke and plans revenge on the leaf. And tbc. c:
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 Name: Uchiha Karyu (Kah-Ree-Yoo) (karyu means ngọn lửa, chữa cháy of the dragon, i thought it fit since the uchiha c
hơn một năm qua angelicanimefan said…
Name-Yagi Yukiko( Yukiko means snow child)
Hair style-She has long orange hair that she likes to keep in a pony tail and bangs up to her forehead.
Eye color- aqua
Description-She loves wearing purple kimonos but wears a short(up to her knees) orange dress.She wears a heart pendant and blue earrings.She has been through a lot causing for her to be shy but when she is with her friends she can be very loud.
Weapons- Other than
normal ninja weapons she also carries around a katana.
1) shadow clone jutsu- Makes multiple clones of the user with equal amount of chakra in each clone.
2) rasengan-Jutsu where chakra is rotating in the palm with alot of power and you attack the enemy with it.
3)Summoning Jutsu (Dragon) - the user takes his/her blood to summon an animal or other things.
4)Water Style, Acid Spit - the user spits up acid.
History-Yukiko was the host body of the 5 tailed werewolf. She was living a relatively normal life until one day.It was Yukiko's 5th birthday and she had just come back from the ninja academy "Mommy I am home!"But no one answered. She walked into the kitchen and saw a note attached to the refrigerator. It said 'Yukiko, honey we are so sorry! But we cannot bear to live with you knowing that there is a beast inside of you so your daddy and I committed suicide. I just want you to know I love you and hope you will be the best ninja there is.' Yukiko started crying and ran to the hokages office.When she got there she knocked on the door "come in" said the 3rd hokage and looking at your upset face he says"whats your name and why are you crying?' You answer by giving him the note. "How come I wasn't informed that you had the 5 tails?" He asked "because my parents didn't want me to get made fun of and wanted me to live a normal life and prohibited me to tell anyone or talk to anyone for that matter."You answered through your sobs"well child, I will protect you from now on alright?"he asked gently"hai hokage-sama."She answered respectfully" and I want you to at least talk to your teachers and tell them about the 5 tails."the hokage said"are you sure they wont want to stay away from me?"Yukiko asked"no"he answered.As she was about to leave Iruka walked into the room"oh hello Yukiko!""hello Iruka-sensi" you said for the first time. He smiled to you warmly and turned to the third" hokage-sama what do you need?"asked Iruka"I think Yukiko can tell you"he answered"but Yukiko doesn't talk to me!"he objected"umm........sensi I will tell you everything!"After telling Iruka everything he escorted her home promising to be a father figure to her.As the years went by Yukiko proved to be a very strong and promising young ninja who only talked to her sensi's especially Iruka and kakashi.When the hokage died you felt as though you had lost a father.But
Jiraiya was there with Iruka and Kakashi to comfort Yukiko. Apparently they told him everything.He said that he wanted to take her to training for a few years.Yukiko agreed to go with Jiraiya.<<skip foreword 4 years>> Yukikko came back(she was 10) and she went to her house.On her way, she saw a boy with blonde spiky hair sitting alone and crying."What's wrong?"she asked"people call me a monster and hate me cause I have the nine tails inside on me" the boy answered.Yukiko felt bad for the boy and told him everything about her."Wow I'm Naruto,whats your name?""I am Yukiko"she answered.She started hanging around with kids her age and soon developed a crush on Naruto.You decide to tell Kakashi about your feelings and he responded with a smirk"you fell for Naruto huh? Good choice!" Yukiko went beet red. A while later at the chunin exams Yukiko had to fight Sasuke Uchiha and that's when things got serious. Yukikos demon chakra started to leack out and she hit Sasuke with a demonic Rasengan.Everyone gasped.Not beacause Sasuke was beat it was because they finally found out Yukiko was a demon but she didn't care.As the years went by Yukiko's crush on Naruto became stronger and became best friends with Temari, Gaara, and Hinata. When Jiraiya died Yukiko were more upset than Naruto and comforted him.Yukiko and Naruto finally got together 2 years later and fought Pain and the akatsuki together.They eventually get married and have 3 kids(2 boys and 1 girl)
hơn một năm qua UchihaKaryu said…
Name: hikaru
Age: 15
Gender: male
Rank: genin
Hairstyle: all of his hair looks like the wind is blowing in it all in one direction and it just stays like that
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: blue
Village: leaf village
Weapon(s): normal shinobi weapons
Description: wears headband on his head and his bangs cover half of it, wears dark blue caprise with normal blue ninja shoes, his shirt color is red and its long sleeved and its a hoodie. Has bandages on his right leg over his caprise, also carries a sword over his back.
Jutsu- his chakra nature is water :).
(1) water style - water dragon jutsu. The water forms into a dragon and attacks the enemy with huge amounts of water.
(2) water style - water fang jutsu. Has a sword made out of water and its very sharp.
(3) water style - riptide jutsu. Creates a giant tsunami wave that crashes into the opponent.
(4) water clone jutsu. Makes clones of the user with water.
(5) water style - aquajet jutsu. Almost like fire ball jutsu where he shoots it out of his mouth except its with water and the water is compressed and its really long and can cut thru anything like butter.
History: he grew up with karyu and They grew up together they were the best of friends and thought of eachother as brothers. When karyu left the village to go after sasuke hikaru was always there waiting for him to return but later hikaru found out that karyu joined the orginization akatsuki and for the good of the village he thinks of karyu as his enemy because hikaru someday wishes to become hokage. His parents abondoned him in the mist village because he was an accident and his parents didnt care about him at all. Hikaru then ran away and confronted the leaf village and the 3rd hokage excepted him because he had nowhere to go and he was a defenseless child who needed care. Hikaru grew up experiancing people dieing when he was in the mist village so he grew up wantin to bring peace to the world also and he later on fights karyu and they become rivals. Even though its a shinobis duty to never show emotions hikaru becomes very upset when him and karyu are no longer best friends.

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 Name: hikaru Age: 15 Gender: male Rank: genin Hairstyle: all of his hair looks like the wind is b
hơn một năm qua Eris24 said…
Name: Shaunee Andrews
Name meaning: Morning Glory
Age: 25
Gender: female
Village: Music and Darkness
Rank: Missing Ninja
Hair Style: short I usually wear it down
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel green
Description: I wear red and black clothing I have no head band but I wear a red tiara (am not a princess)
Weapon(s): my voice and the power of darkness
Jutsu: none
History: I never lived at a home because I was always on the move but one day I was really hungry and there were no villages around my stomach started growl I then said a loud because I thought no one was watching me but I was wrong but I was to mad at myself to now it "SHUT THE FUCK UP STOMACH I KNOW YOU HUNGRY GIVE ME A BREAK" I yelled at it then I saw a man with pale skin and long black hair coming up to me I looked at him and said calmly "did you by any chance hear that" he nodded and I was a little embaressed now and said in quiet voice " what is your name and by any chance do you have any spare food you could share with a street enchant girl" "sorry my dear my name is Orochimaru yes I have some bread do you want it" I nodded quicky with out second thought
He gave the bread and was about to leave when I said "thank you orochimaru but dont you want to know my name" he turned around and said "yes I would like to know it and you" I blushed a little and then said while smiling "it's Shaunee Andrews" he smiled a little then said "what rank are you village from dear shunee" I made eight different colors of red on my blush I said "I am a missing ninja for rank I am rightfully from the village Music and Darkness but I ran away"
Time skip
I have been a maid for Orochimaru ever since the day we met I became in love with him but he didn't show he loved me but I knew he did because he saved me a lot when he could of left me for died but he never did.
I hope he will confes his love soon
hơn một năm qua Eris24 said…
If you click on my icon that what I look like
hơn một năm qua BLAMargera123 said…
Heres a new character!:

Name: Alloy Kyouki


Gender: M

Village: Konohagakure

Rank: ANBU (Youngest)

Hair Style: Shaggy

Hair Color: Black with White Streak

Eye: Red

Description: Wears Black Pants, Boots with Metal on Tips, Wears Fish Net
Shirt, keeps a mask around his neck just in case of Smoke Attack, Wears
Black Gloves with Red Banages around his fists and forearms, Wears
Black Hat with the Forehead Protector around It, and wears Black Glasses.

Weapon(s): Unbreakable Chain with Kunai on the Tip.


Illusion Style: Parasitic Fear Jutsu - the user is able to manipulate the
enemies mind thinking there are parasites attacking the Enemy.

Fire Style: Burning Fear Jutsu - the user is able to manipulate the enemies
mind making the enemy believe that He/She is on Fire.

Nightmare Style: Angered Lunacy Jutsu - the user is able to hypnotize the
enemy into fight the enemies Teammates.

Nightmare Style: Sanity Lost Justu - the user is able to leave the enemy
Completely insane for 10 Minutes.
hơn một năm qua ShadowStallion said…
Name: Kataki Induana
Age: 17
Gender: Boy
Village: Hidden in the Leaves
Rank: Jonin
Hair Style: kind of like Sasori's but longer
Hair Color :Light Brown
Eye Color: Green, like turqouis like
Description:he has a green cap(like Mizuki's cap when he was a child) with his band on it, a brown long sleeved shirt with the left sleeve ripped and a bandage over the same arm,and his chunin vest over that.
Weapon(s):Puppet Master, Dragon Puppet, with no eyes on the puppet
Jutsu:Fireball Jutsu,Puppet can also copy Ktakis jutsu, very fast and about 2 times as fast as Lee,but no as good in Taijutsu, good in hiding, Extra Chakra, (Green),like naruto has red)
History: As a baby the Dragon of the Forests was in search for a body to go into, so it could last longer, it found Kataki, and and got sealed into his body on the left arm, he lived like a regular child, through his years, and succeeded the Chunin exams at age 14, and the Jonin exams at age 16, he now trains 3 children who graduated from the Academy!
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hơn một năm qua rasen-shuriken said…
Heres mine

NAME: Hotaka Miura




RANK: Jounin



EYE COLOR: Dark Blue

DESCRIPTION: Clothing is black pants and sleeveless shirt, flak jacket, forehead protector on upper arm, fingerless gloves, braclet with kanji for strength and wisdom, three claw marks on lower arm, and Y-sandals, commonly will have tired eyes(grey under eyes)

WEAPONS: Notte Shuriken(Large shuriken built to ride on by focusing chakra in feet) kept in scroll
Kuma(special puppet built like a bear, can open back to extend eight metal cords covered in shurikens to pierce anything it wraps around with its signiture "bear hug")kept in scroll
Thousand Origami Birds(origami birds infused with chakra to be indestructable other than with fire jutsu

TAIJUTSU:Passing Fang
Fang Passing Fang(with Masaki)
Fang Rotating Fang(with Masaki)
Handodoriru o kaiten sa se(rotating hand drill) user will jump on wall and put their arms in front of theirselves and put their hands in a position like the snake hand seal then will jump off wall with max. force while spinning and strike the target
Eight gates
NINJUTSU:Summoning Technique(wolves)

History: Basiclly, He has great chakra control like Sakura but mainly uses Taijutsu. He has a blood pact with wolves that are the creaters of the Inuzuka clan techniques. His personal summon is Masaki, a three year old Timber Wolf
hơn một năm qua ironsasuke7 said…
What are you writing about ???
 What are bạn nghề viết văn about ???
hơn một năm qua ozzie1030 said…
name : miko okamiyasha
name meaning : deadly wolf demon
age: 16
gender :male
village: dark village
hair style: somewhat messy but still neat
hair color: black
rank : genin/missing ninja
eye color: light brown
description/history:s the sumakage child the second last child he was happy until he was 6 where he watched he's mother struggled with a bigger ninja cloaked in black so noone can see who he was after the ninja left before cutting his mother neck that maiko tryed to get help but when the villagers saw the seen they blamed maiko because he was fused with a deamon destoryed most of the village so the edlers stoped it and put it in maiko just seconds after he was born to seal it the put a seal on the left side of his body to power the seal his father used they familys power which was the irogun was just like the byakugan and the shiringon noone know this because to porect it from other nation trying to steal it and make super ninja it can sense chakira frequency which are the amount of chaika someone is admitting and alawing the user to perform that justus which means that maiko can use any justus he want. and the blood style which can malulate the users blood into different wepons so with out the deamon ,the eye or the seal maiko would die so after the accident no one would talk to him even his father just like naruto now in the first season he wore a black long sleeve hoody jacket and khaki shorts most of the time get ripped or shredded form opponets in the second season he wears a gray hoody and longer black pants then in the tired he wears a red one and gary shorts
weapons: kunai ,shringan,and,scroll bombs,scrolls
justus: mud shot, tri water dragon asslot, flaming crimsan or sappire phinoix of the west or east , air arsonal,dark river, dark spearrows, metal,lava,magatic,partice,dust,expulosive­,wo­od,­yin­g,a­nd yang ,
hơn một năm qua DumbCaboose said…
Name: Aito Jubi
Age: 16
Gender: Boy
Village: previously: Stone Present: Leaf
Rank: Holding back: Ambo Full power: Sanin
Hair Style: previous: Shaggy Now: Always messed up.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Description: A caring person that loves romance and friendships. He always eats chocolate to keep his high metabolism from withering him. Has split personality disorder, which he talks to his “demon” in his head. When angered, he lets loose a cruel, jerk that loves bloodshed and sex, aka his “demon” side. During his close transformation, he now is deformed and wears bandages to cover his face and body. Now has a hunchback and wolf like appearance.
Weapon(s): Crystal Style: Diamond sword: a sword of diamond, infused with the uses chakra. If another ninja wields this, it will shatter like normal diamond does when hit with great impact. Aito is bad at Karate but is a great swordsman. Without the sword, he can’t fight hand to hand.
Jutsu: 1) Nature Release: With the power of the Ten Tails Chakra, he is able to wield a god like feat, the five changes in chakra nature. He can wield many justu with elements and master one justu from each bloodline trait that uses elements (ice, lava, storm, etc) also he can create justu that have all five chakra natures. All are S ranked. Here are some examples: Nature Style: God’s Shield: The user creates a barrier with his/her hands that can protect the user from any attack, no matter how strong. The cons are the weak spots are where the arms are not pointed; creating a spot that drains chakra when hit.
Nature style: Mother’s touch: this justu heals all wounds on a target. The con is that the user’s natural healing is lowered intensely, causing wounds to be lethal.
Nature style: Perfect Rasengan: The use creates a powerful blast that cause grand destruction. The user must use 5 clones, one for each element to create the justu. If the user misses a target, the user dies of chakra drain. Uses 99% of chakra on user if the target is hit.
2) Due to his friend ship with Lee, Aito learned how to use the 8 Gates. He use a justu (Nature Style: Elemental clone) in order to negate death of the 8th Gate, as the Clone has it’s own soul. The clone dies but the user still remains alive. The clone uses 50% of the users chakra.
3) Aito sucks at hand to hand combat. He uses elemental themed puppets to protect himself at close range. Can control 1 puppet at a time.
4) Summons Golems that take upon a single charka nature. These golems power and sizes depend on the chakra used.
5) His last power is his bloodline trait of the Jubi family, The Naturiangon. The users eye becomes the color/s of the element/s he puts into his eyes. When activated, the user no longer needs to weave hand sighs to use elements chosen in the eyes. Con, the user goes blind after 5 min of use. The time to recover sight depends on the number of elements used. Takes 10 Min to activate full Naturiangon.
History: Born from the Jubi family, clan is the cult of the Ten Tails. Aito’s body was used to seal forbidden chakra from the Ten Tails. The clan and chakra is as old as the First ninja. Since the earth village lost it’s jinjuriki, The Cult of the ten tails decided to make an incomplete jinuriki. They hide Aito in secret, never to see daylight. When Aito’s parents are killed for treason against the cult, Aito unleashes his rage and kills the entire clan with his power. Now the Stone village knows about the half jinjuriki and orders the ambu black ops to imprison Aito. In Fear, he runs and becomes rouge. He is age 12 and stubbles across the Fire village and faints from starvation. Rock Lee saw this and instantly helped him. When Aito awoke, Lee and Aito became great friends. He was assigned by the Fifth Hokage to train under Kakashi Hatake while Naruto left the village to train. When Naruto returns, Aito is 16 and has unleashed his talent. Also, while Naruto was gone, he grew a very great attraction to Hinata Hyuga. When he gets the gut, when Naruto returns, Hinata explains her feelings for Naruto and thinks of Aito as a brother for the kindness he gave to hinata during his training. Then activates his rage again, which then gave Aito split personality disorder, giving the chakra of the Ten Tails an outlet to be conscious. The New Aito challenges Naruto to a “Duel.” This is where Naruto has learned the Wind Rasengon. Aito activates his Chakra and brings 9 of the Ten Tails. Before he reaches 10 and Destroys the leaf village, Yamato And The Fifth Hokage place’s the First’ necklace on him and bring Aito to 0 Tails. But he is greatly injured by his transformation. While his skin remains human, his bones have deformed to Wolfen, causing huge deformation. His taijustu increased but his body is repulsive. He finds another love that accepts his ugliness and he trains with her, developing powers to one day control his Dark side that lurks in his mind.
 Name: Aito Jubi Age: 16 Gender: Boy Village: previously: Stone Present: Leaf Rank: Holding back:
hơn một năm qua Condor116 said…
Name: Hiroti Nara
Distant member of the Nara clan
Age: 16
Gender: male
Village:village of the leaves

Rank: chunnin
Hair style: long and in apony tail like shikamaru nara only much longer.
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour:dark purple
Description: i wear a largepurple and black robe that has sleeves that extend past my hands and are very open at the end, the area from the waist down is longer than my ankle and touches the ground when i walk, i wear my large cowel and most times it is so big that you cant see most of my face with an exception of my mouth.
Weapons: i carry 2 5feet long staves crossed like and x on my back, each staff is like a large multi tool that can be changed from a normal wooden staff to a triden, spear, war hammer, battle axe, broad swordand can even make a blade pop out of any place along the staff but i only use this in close range combat.
Jutsu: chakra type Shadow

Shadow clone jutsu: create multipe clones of my self

Summoning jutsu: i summon a massive raven to attack my opponent

Shadow possesion jutsu: control over my foe by controlling my shadow to take over their body.

Shadow tear jutsu(i made this one up): i make my shadow attatch to my foes body and make it separate and move to his armpits neck and the joint where the thigh meets the waist and on my comand my shadow tears my foe limb from limb.

History: i am a part of the nara clan and am shikamarus younger brother. I grew up in his shadow(punn intended) and was always being asked why i couldnt be like my big brother shikamaru. This is what made me become so dark and cold inside. At the age of 10 i became a genin and it was then that i began to unleash my hidden demons, i became bloodthirsty like that guy from the sand village, i think they xalled him gaara. I killed my first person on my 11th birth day when a kid in the hyuga family branch decided it would be funny to trip me while walking through the streetsts. Once i became chunnin i was aproached by a man named orochimaru who asked me if i wanted to strike fear and devastation in the eyes of those arpund me, and i agreed. He took me to the village in the sound where he gave me my multi staves aand gave me my first assasination mission which was to kill the leader of the sand village and leave evidence framing the water village. So i went out and found the leader sleeping in his bed but before i could stab him with my kunai knife i got a peircing feeling in my head then i began to hear a voice telling me different hand signs and when i began to perform these hand aigns i noticed my shadow had begun to grasp the leaders joint on all his limbs including his neck, and once i red the final hand sign my shadow tore deep into the sand leader joints and then expanded tearing his body apart and leaving nothing but a mess behind in his bed.
hơn một năm qua ImAnEasel said…
Name: Shuriken Tutsaki (the clan name doesn't mean anything, I just made up sounds I liked).

Age: about the same age as Naruto.

Gender: female.

Village: Hidden Leaf/Konoha.

Rank: genin in Naruto, chunin in Shippuden.

Hair Style: long, loose and wavy.

Hair Color: light purple.

Eye Color: greenish blueish colour.

Description: easy-going, rather cheerful, head in the clouds daydreamer, but can be serious and brave when necessary. She loves drawing and often invents monsters and draws them. She's never understood why all the girls fall head over heals for Sasuke and it's always annoyed her slightly. No matter how bad things get, Shuriken always tries to look on the bright side. She doesn't always succeed, though.

Weapon(s): a large, metal boomerang given to her by her brother long ago. It is beautifully engraved. The Tutsaki clan are renowned for their special boomerangs as well as their kekkei genkai... which leads me neatly on to:

Jutsu: her kekkei genkai (I'm not sure if I spelled that right), the blue phoenix jutsu. Back when she was a genin, her arms could sprout blue flames made of her chakra and resemble wings. If she managed to touch anyone with these flames, they would be burnt rather severely. Now, in the Shippuden series (the version in my mind, anyway, where Shuriken is real :P), she can also fly using this jutsu. Furthermore, she has recently developed a technique where she spins in the air, making herself look like a blue fiery disk resembling some kind of... Yes, you guessed it: shuriken. This move does a LOT of damage.

History: the Tutsaki clan have a tradition of naming their children after weapons, hence Shuriken's name... yeah, not the best story I could have come up with for her name, sorry. XP A year or so before the Uchiha slaughter, her parents were killed in a house fire; but her and her older brother, Kunai, survived and went to live with their grandparents. Their grandfather showed Kunai how to make many weapons including swords, boomerang, shuriken and kunai knives (the Tutsaki clan make most of Konoha's weapons in my daydreams). Shuriken then went to the ninja academy and quickly became friends with Hinata. A year or two later, Kunai made her a boomerang and they trained together in the art of fighting with boomerangs and using their kekkei genkai. Years later, when Naruto's class were put into three man squads, Kunai (who had become jounin by that time) was picked as the sensei of Shuriken's squad. In my fantasy version of events, all the new genin that year seemed so promising that the third Hokage decided that, for the first time ever, they would have a rookie twelve instead of a rookie nine. Shuriken's squad was part of these twelve rookies, along with the other nine ninja we all know and love. Then, much later, came the chunin exams. The other two squad members of Shuriken's team were scared of Gaara like everybody else, but not Shuriken. When the others were surprised about this, she explained she drew much scarier things almost every day. She showed them one of these drawings of a monster she'd made up and her fellow squad members were rather disturbed, one of them asking what went on in her mind (in answer to this, she merely chuckled). Kankuro also noticed that there was one genin in the room not seeming the slightest bit scared of Gaara and wondered if she was really brave, or just really stupid. Unlike her other two squad members, Shuriken was able to get through the preliminaries to the final round, but lost her battle in the final round. During the Forest of Death part of the exams, Shuriken and Rock Lee became friends after battling a giant serpent together in the forest of death (they had the same type of scroll, so they didn't need to fight each other). They had been separated from their squads, but found them again, soon after. In the gap between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, very soon after Naruto left with Jiraiya, Shuriken's brother was killed while on an S-rank mission and one other member of the squad died from his woulds a few days later. For some reason I haven't really thought of yet, Gaara and the sand siblings visited the Hidden Leaf village not long after. During this visit, Gaara and Shuriken began to talk... and laugh. The Leaf and the Sand went through many adventures together in the gap between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and during this period, Gaara and Shuriken became close friends. Some time in Shippuden, the other remaining member of Shuriken's squad was also killed. In the great ninja war, Shuriken had to fight against her whole squad, including Kunai.
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hơn một năm qua OriginalH1h said…
Name: Emiko (Ten-Tails to her very few friends)

Age: 20

Gender: female

Village: mist

Rank: Rouge

Hair Style: Long scraggly hair (like jiraiyas)

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: White hot Naruto’s kyuubi eye

Description: quiet but cheerful, sleepy, laid back, wears samurai styled leggings and pointed boots with a banner with the same inscription chaos and demon in red and white covering half of her right leg, plate arm guards obviously protecting her arms and hands, bandage bra, and she wears he protective band of the leaf village around her waist holding the scroll and what seems to be the leg armor up, and white fury things wrapped around her waist that seem to be tails. She also has a face mask like kakashi only make from metal and a bandage of her eyes to hide the obvious demon eyes (though the glow can be seen through the bandage).

Weapon(s): longer-bladed ninjato, and a longer bladed kunai both slinged across her back, and a scroll behind her on her waist that has the inscription of chaos and demon on it,

Jutsu: Awakened state - Emiko removes the bandage and concentrated on powerering her eyes, the demon eyes get a little bright and the pupil gets thinner, there’s then the tomoe rinnegan like sasuke’s but white and in both eyes

Demon style: Death of Thousands - the earth under her shatters as she propels herself in whatever direction she chooses, she calls out shadow clones that are more demonic in appearance that attack and explode into fire for a bit then she moves in using taijustsu in a flurry from different directions fixing with a forbidden version of rasengan that is like the ultra instinct kamehameiha from dragon ball z

Earth style: Earth Reforging - Emiko locks her chakra into the earth around her, swiping and using her mind to move columns of different shapes and sizes out of wherever there is earth in a flurry of blows

Demon style: Weaponized Chakra - Emiko surges immense amounts of chakra to different parts of her body, using each surge as a weapon in anyway she can think of

Demon style: Chaos Shuriken - like the Rasen shuriken only deadlier this one glows red hot and when conjured and thrown leaves destruction wherever it goes

History: Emiko was a loner when she was born, her mother died immediately after her birth because of wounds she sustained from a battle that had happened recently, in her early years preparing for the chuunin exams, her team consisted of a serious boy and a stuck up girl, who both talked more to each other than Emiko, while Emiko sensei talked with her the most, always acting like a father figure to her, most of the missions they went on her serious S ranked missions by mistake but they always finished them with only a couple wounds to tell the tale, though one of the missions blinded Emiko and left her fighting for her life in the hospital, until she of course left healthy and blind, she later gained the demon eyes but she didn’t tell anyone, after the chuunin exams a massive attack on the leaf village occurred, in the process leaving Emiko’s sensei dead and her teammates even angrier, which made them blame Emiko for the attack, so in turn she left the village during the night, leaving a flower on her senseis gravestone, she left heading towards the mist village where she came across a strange pale white figure who ended up attacking her, though Emiko kept all her rage so she fended him off quite well, only in the process losing something she was given by her mother at birth, to which she hunts the strange man down.
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Name: Tayasami Haryuta Age : 8 Gender: Female Village: Konohagakure Rank: Genin Hairstyle:bangs like Hinata but spiky and very very long. Hair: Dark sandy brown eye color: Really dark teal or black Description/personality: Tayasami Is kind hearted young genin who is very short tempered. what Tayasami wears: at first Tayasami is wearing some of shikamaru's clothes with a ribbon holding her up up in a ponytail on right side of her head, and a pair blue shinobi boots. later on she changes her out to a more female style outfit which is, a Red and white Kimono dress that is pretty short with a pair of blue shorts and blue shinobi boots she also wears the leaf village head band on her waist with white knee socks and white arm protectors. History: Growing up was easy for her, until she turned six years old she got a life threatening fever for days, after making a strong recovery from her deadly fever she had witness her clans death right in front of her eyes not by uchiha Itachi it was Orchimaru, Orchimaru tried killing her but Itachi showed but he managed to kill her along side with Tenten, after the event she was unconscious, but when she woke up she saw she was at Tenten place, a few weeks after that she left the village on the word of Itachi, She later comes back to thee village only Two years later, where she was asked the to the village by a Anbu black Op asked her to leave, she then replied " Cha! I will not move. " after a few moments Tenten came to her rescue and told the anbu that Tayasami was a Academy student who was on a training mission. her and Tenten were later sitting at a Tea shop in the village and she told Tenten about her adventures, then Lee and Neji showed up asking Tenten who was the girl, Tayasami was quick to answer that she was a friend of Tenten's, Neji didn't believe Tayasami at all, That's when the Hokage and The Anbu appear, where she was asked a lot of questions which frightened Her and almost made her pass out due to the pressure, therefore Tenten answered all of the questions for Tayasami besides two. P>s < Tayasami's Clan are direct descendants of the Uchiha Clan> Weapons: Like Temari she uses a fan for her ninjustsu. Justsu: she is Capable of Fire style ninjutsus, she also Has Wind style Ninjustsu and a Kekki Genkai which is Sand, She Also Has the Sharingan. and She is also has the good side of the One tailed beast inside her. like her mom She Has the Cherry Blossom or as you know it Monster strength.