Naruto Naruto: Modern Age Discord Server

HaruOtsutsuki posted on Dec 07, 2018 at 08:23AM
Hey everyone! I'm new to this site but I'd like to share something! If you use discord feel free to join my naruto server! We have 100+ people in it and would love your company.

Are you a Naruto fan? Do you have a slight interest in Naruto? Are you a newbie to it? Whatever your stance is, come join us at NMA!

What is this server?
Naruto: Modern Age is obviously a server about naruto. We have RP channels, Reaction Roles, a simple stat system, custom character profiling and more!

:sparkles: We hope you join the shinobi fam, we'll endeavour to be friendly as can be and hope you meet some cool users here! :sparkles:

- Chill and relax while chatting with our awesome users
- Meet new shinobi!
- Learn more about Naruto by asking questions or reading the fact of the day!
- Chat about other anime in the anime channel
- Build long-lasting friendships
- Give us suggestions on how to improve and what we can add

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