Naruto Shippuuden diễn đàn fanfiction:Naruto Shippuudden 2(with a new character)

AngelUchihaNeko posted on Aug 11, 2012 at 01:49PM
I need some creative users here for a fan fiction. I was writing the beginning,u have to carry on telling the story. You have to give the new character which is appearing in the beginning a name. she is from the real world. Its three years after the fourth world war so the canon characters(for example Naruto) are about 19-20.

Naruto,which was now an ANBU,was walking though the forest to get fresh Air. Suddenly he saw a girl lying on the floor. She wore a transparent shirt,and under it it's a black basic top. She wore a black bag with skulls on it and she wore a capri jeans and ballerina shoes. And around her neck its a green scarf with multicolored skulls. "What is this girl doing here?"he asked and picked her up. he brought her to Hospital and went to Hokage tower,where Sakura is the Hokage now. "What is your request,Naruto?"she asked. "I found a girl in the forest while I was taking fresh air..."Naruto said,but it's interrupted by Sakura.
"What did I say to you?"she shouted. "Don't leave the Village!" "Sorry,Lady Hokage",Naruto said.
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hơn một năm qua therealuchiha said…
not to be negative but I'm pretty sure sakura will not be hokage but ill go along:)

then naruto says "but anyways I found this girl outside of the village i thought she might need help" quoted naruto. " bring her to the room on the right I will take a look at her"sakura says .thirty minutes of waiting within the hospital keeping concirned for the girl,until sakura says to naruto" she has a miled concussion but nothing seriouse she should be up in a few hours".
hơn một năm qua conan_cacai said…
Act II: Looking for

Naruto was relieved. " I'll be going then"."Hey,wait! there's still...", Sakura was not able to finish."Energetic as always.That's what your about to say, right?". Sakura looked at her right and saw Shikamaru. Sakura smiled. "Anyway, why did you call me all of a sudden?another attack?want to send my team to some mission?",asked Shikamaru."Sort of...but it's more than that. I need to discuss something on you. Come with me."said Sakura. They headed to the research lab.
"look at this.."Sakura gave Shikamaru a bag."unique sense of fashion ha,nice skull!" "Not that!" "Just kidding..(Sakura's losing his temper) okay,okay!". Shikamaru inspected the bag and he was astonished by what he saw. "That bag belongs to the girl who was saved by Naruto earlier". explained Sakura. "This is the first time i see this kind of...(shikamaru doesn't know what to call it) thing. "Same goes here and that's why I called you.Ino is still on a mission with her students so I have no options." Sakura went to the next room with Shikamaru on her back. "I need you to get some information from this gir..."Sakura paused. "She's not here!", sakura exclaimed as they dashed to the window of the room and saw no signs of the girl. "I'll look for her ", Shikamaru said then disappeared like a wind in mere seconds."I need to deploy others as well".Sakura did some hand seals,summoned a hawk, and let it soar from the window to the wide sky of Konoha. Meanwhile Naruto was heading to his favorite ramen stall when someone grabbed his arm.

...this is fun so please continue or I'll finish the story myself..joke
hơn một năm qua AngelUchihaNeko said…
oh great! I thought it won't be interesting.

Act III:The girl
Naruto got pulled into an alley. "Psssssst!"a female voice said. It was the girl. Her grass green eyes looked strictly in Narutos shiny blue ones. "What are you doing here? And who are you?"Naruto asked the girl. "The guys in the hospital want Information from me,and right now my name isn't important now. They steal my bag with my important things like my cell phone or my purse!"the girl answered. "Oh..."Naruto said. "So I have to go to Ichiraku. Want to come,too?" "No,I have to stay here,I know that I'll get consequences. So don't tell about that I am here!"the girl said and Naruto went to Ichiraku. "Wierd girl...but she's cute anyways..." (I don't want to have Naruto X OC,okay? But Sasuke x OC,and Sasuke has to have long hair,I love guys with long hair)
hơn một năm qua conan_cacai said…
hahaha!...I'm reading again the flow of the story and I just noticed the errors that I've made(grammar!).XP
Anyway, I need to know what you think and like AngelUchihaNeko so that I can follow your story without cutting your excitement like 'do you like Naruhina? fan of Sasuke or Itachi?' What do you mean by real world mean our world to Naruto world?

Act III: Upcoming Stage Play

"Who's that cute girl,you are murmuring about,ha?",Naruto saw the first person to acknowledge him together with his 'always-late' teacher. "Iruka-sensei! Kakashi-sensei too!" Naruto was in great surprise."I thought you were both in the academy, training new shinobis?". Naruto sat beside Kakashi. "Aren't we allowed to take some break?"Kakashi yawned. "Naruto will never be satisfied by that answer so cut it off.", Iruka began to explain. "There are no classes for this whole week." "Why?" "Something urgent happened. Weird rays of light came from the clouds like comet this morning but we believe that it's a form of massive chakra." "We just confirmed that two more rays went to the direction of the Hidden Sand and Hidden Cloud.", added Kakashi."Ooookaaay... what is it again?",Naruto already finished 5 bowls of ramen."Each comet-like figure has an enormous amount of chakra almost equal to the chakra of your fellow Kurama. We didn't know how many rays have exactly appeared and the worst thing is..." "...We don't know who made that. We don't know if he/she is an enemy and we found nothing at the place where the lights vanished.", Iruka continued. "Now that's a worthy explanation". "the light...the girl...". Something flashed on Nruto's mind."I need to go. It's my debt for you guys today but I'll pay for it later!" "Hey,wait!" Naruto disappeared in a blink of an eye."He's always like that ever since he learned his father's Flying Thunder God technique..." The veteran jounins made a harsh laughed then continued their meals.

Meanwhile,at the alley near the Ichiraku Ramen, not all things were going smoothly according to plan."What now?What am I going to do?",said the girl to herself.The sun was almost at its sleep and she was still hiding in the dark alley. "I should have just come with him...." "but things will get worse!" Her mind was about to explode from thinking. "They're going to ask me some questions that shouldn't be answered but on the bright side,I will no longer need to hide from them." She closed her eyes and started to formulate a plan "Eureka!", She finally stood up and made her mind."Now all I have to do is to set the stage for the major act of my life.".
hơn một năm qua AngelUchihaNeko said…
Yup. I like Naruhina and I also am a fan of Sasuke but I saw a doshinshi(or what's it called like) and I saw Sasuke with long hair there. OMG he looked so hot there! and its "Our" world to the Shinobi/Naruto-World.

Act IV:The girls' ability

The girl,whos scarf is used as a hood by her, went to Hokage tower. Suddenly she got grabbed by Shadows. It was Shikamaru. "Let me go!"the girl said. "Who are you?"Shikamaru asked. "That's none of your business!"thre girl said and suddenly her eyes were glowing turquise. Waves of Water was flodding Konoha. The Waves were flodding past the girl and washing Shikamaru away. How did I do that? the girl thought. "Oh no,I am so sorry!"the girl said and ran to Shikamaru. "Are you okay?" "Yeah",Shikamaru coughed. "I didn't believe I did that by myself. I am so sorry!"the girl said. Her hair,which is blonde with turquise streaks,was waving in the wind. "So who are you?"Shikamaru asked her. the girl just rolled her eyes and said:"I am Wave and I am 19 years old,I won't answer more questions."the girl answered.
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hơn một năm qua conan_cacai said…
I didn't expect myself to be a regular visitor of this forum but's done and I cant stop myself from typing.XD

Act V: Cornered
"That 's right. You don't need to answer anymore because we'll do that for you.".Shikamaru paralyzed Wave with his shadow bind jutsu. "I cant move!" "water go!"Wave shouted. "Let me try it again- water go and free me!GO---GO!GO!GO!...Go!go...g.." "haha! What the hell are you thinking?Do you honestly think that you can do jutsu by just spitting nonsense?". A guy with his not so long hair being danced by the wind was standing above her in the tree's branch. He was facing against the light of the moon so his face was blur but his posture and his clothes were the distinction that he's a little older than Wave. "Not again,Sasuke! I told you to stay put..." .Sasuke jumped off. "Common, Shikamaru. I've beeen watching her for five straight hours and all she did was to talk to herself." "Wow, so I was not hidden well back then",Wave said to herself. "he is harmless(Wave nodded as Sasuke was explaning), innocent (Wave nodded again), and just crazy so... " "Hey,wait!I am not crazy!" Then why are you talking to yourself in a loud voice and calling your friend's name?", they heard a dog's bark and from the woods came Kiba. "I was not shouting a single name and...". "Eureka,eh?Do'nt deny it for the second strongest sense of a dog is its hearing.", Kiba replied. Wave was about to burst from laughter. "Eureka is not a name! It's a phrase you puppy-head"- she said but only to her mind. "Haisst...okay, chat time is over. We are bringing you to the lab."Oh no....Wait!why lab?I'm not a frog!(Wave is imagining all sorts of scientific activities inside a laboratory.)Don't bisect me or anything. I swear I'll tell you all that I know!","Yeah, I know.This is why I hate women", Shikamaru whispered as he tied the girls' arm and feet using a paper seal and put her on Akamaru's back. "Yikes! no dogs please". She screamed a couple of stupid things-"What you are doing is against the law...this is deprivation of human rights!...let me go!" "You want me to shut her up?", Sharingan eyes replaced Sasuke's usual eyes. Wave remained silense. She sense something scary about those eyes and chose to be quiet.

hơn một năm qua conan_cacai said…
I'll be out for a couple of days because mid-term exams are approaching so I made this in advance.Sayonara for a while!

Act VI: Confusing Manifestations

They were about to leave when someone yelled -"WAIT!". It was Naruto. "Naruto-kun! Tell them that I'm innocent!", words came out from Wave's mouth. "You know her?" "No, maybe but...yes",Naruto was confused on the words. "Yes!I'm just a traveler who met Naruto while walking in the woods when I saw a light coming in my direction then that's the end.", Wave said hoping that Naruto will just agreed to her. She was surprised when Naruto said "yes". "But then the order is.." "I know but she will not resist us so there is no need to restrict her. I already told this to Sakura...I mean to Hokage.",Naruto said. "could you give us a moment?", Naruto asked. "You're a hero,an anbu and...our friend. We believe that you're responsible enough to carry your words as a ninja", Sasuke said in a relaxed manner.They released her and left.

"Thanks for covering me,anyway", Wave said. "What cover are you talking about?I know that you are not a traveler but I've really met you before. As far as I can remember, you're a retired shinobi from the Hidden Rain." . Wave was about to tell Naruto that it's impossible when she heard a loud boom."Hold this!"' Naruto handed her the special kunai made by his father. "Run now!" Naruto thought that the enemy was after him but it was the opposite. He heard a scream."Oh-ow...They're after her...", Naruto used his space-time jutsu, dashed to her location and saw someone threw a kunai at Wave from the woods. He grabbed Wave and brought her to a safe place. "My arm.." "Don't worry. It's just a little cut. Worry about the poison that is inside instead". She was about to say something again but Wave started to feel sleepy. She lost her consciousness. The next thing she saw was her room's ceiling."Damn, it's just a dream. Need to sleep for tomorrow's quiz...". Wave sleep again not realizing that Naruto's kunai was under her bed and that a small scratch was in her arm beneath the blanket.

hơn một năm qua AngelUchihaNeko said…
A few hours later Wave woke up. She didn't feel so dizzy anymore. "How does that come...?" she asked quietly to don't wake Naruto up. Again that guy saved me...she thought. In her heart she felt Naruto's "gift"-The gift connecting people (Grandma Chiyo explained that as u know). She looked at the arm where the cut was-and it was gone! The cut was healed up fast. the poison is gone,the cut too... But how? she thought. And Naruto is wrong... I am just a girl from the modern world,where the technology is totally mastering us! But good that my favorite subject in school is Science,so I think the water in me is heal my wounds up,we have got about 60 percent of water in average... But then all she can think is about that raven guy with the almost back length raven hair and these creepy red eyes... She love mysterious things but this is really a freaking mystery to her. Questions were rushing round and round her head. "This is a crazy world here,but its also a great world,it's so boring in the modern world";she said to herself. "And I have to tell Naruto-kun about it..."with that she fell asleep again.
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hơn một năm qua capricorn_angel said…
tht i was so lost in the fresh air that i didnt noticed when i crossed the village... n then i saw this girl on the ground..,
hehe dat's all i know
hơn một năm qua AngelUchihaNeko said…
read the WHOLE story!!!!!
hơn một năm qua AngelUchihaNeko said…
Act VI:The next morning

Wave woke up. She saw Naruto dressed up in his Anbu Outfit. "Come on,we have to go to the Hokage Tower!"he said. "Okay",Wave said blushing because she was looking forward to the raven guy. So they arrived at the Hokage Tower and they had to research Wave a bit. "The poison is gone!"Sakura said. "It's another ability of me,I don't know why",Wave answered. "And now I'll say my full name,my full name is Wave Bluu. I know,it's a wierd name but..."she said but got interupted by Sasuke. "So you are part of the Bluu-Clan? But that's impossible! The Bluu-Clan got killed 19 years ago!" "What do you mean?"Wave asked but then she remembered this dream she dreamed on and on. "I remember! The people got killed but I came into the modern world as I was a Baby!"Wave said. "So that's why you can do these Waves!"Shikamaru said. Wave looked at him with a killing glace. She hates this guy with the shadows. "How is the modern world to you?"Sakura asked Wave. "Should I really say that? It's so boring!"Wave answered. "But to you guys It will be amazing." "So in reality you are from this world,the Shinobi-World",Sasuke said. Wave nodded in Sasuke's direction. "Right!" she said.