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kiba16 posted on Jun 22, 2012 at 02:39PM
Ok that rp is in Naruto Shippuuden make your own character ant lets start

Ninja info

D.o. b:
Team #:
# of mission:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Chakra type:
Hidden or curse powers:

or be one of the naruto series ^^

character taken :

sasuke uchiha:?
naruto uzumaki : ?
kiba inizuka:?
rock lee:?
sakura haruno: ?
neji huyga:?
hinata huyga: ?
Orochimaru: ?
karin: ?

akatsuki characters taken :

itachi uchiha:?
Deidara: ?
Hidan: ?
Nagato: ?

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hơn một năm qua kiba16 said…
(here is my)

Ninja info on:

Name: Nikita Uchiha

Nickname: Death angel and Black rose

Age: 16

D.o.b: 7 April

Gender: Female

Personality: evil, gold heart, sometimes good, she care for her brother Sasuke, loyal, smart, strong and she dont talk very much

Likes: training, fight, susi, watch the sky, watch the stars, rain, the colours red and black and black roses

Dislikes: Konoha, the colour pink, Itachi, fake pepole, fanboys and lost the fights

Clan: Uchiha Clan

Village: Konoha

Team #: Team 8 (now she is with Akatsuki)

Rank: Jonin/Mist

# of mission: 15 Ds, 13 Cs, 16 Bs, 19 As, 15 Ss

Height: 1,69

Weight: 49 kg

Eye color: black

Hair color: dark blue

Clothes: (like sasuke's) and akatsuki coat

Chakra type: Fire, Lightning and Wind

jutsu: Chidori, Chidori nagashi, Rasengan, Amaterasu, Tsukoyomi, Explosion of death. kiss of death, 1.000 years of death, fire style: fire ball no jutsu, Susanoo, sharingan, chidori sharp spear: Raika, kirin, fire release : big flame bullet, fire release : great fireball technique, fire release : fire dragon flame missile, chidori kouken, chidori senbon, chidori katana and genjutsu

Weapons: katana, demon shuriken and kunais

Hidden or curse powers: the 15 tails demon wolf and the death angel

Bio: Her family killed by Itachi when she was 6 years old. She was very good student at the ninja academy but she had only 2 friend Naruto and Yuki.Some years leater she become Genin, she was in team 8with Hinata, Kiba, Shino and Kurenai and she was the stronger of her team. To her first A rank mission with team 8 she was the leader and the 15 tails demon wolf go inside her. To the Chunine exams she fight with Neji and she went to lost but in the end she win. To the second much of the Chunine exams she fight with Gaara, the fight was very hard and the death angel get out and she win. When Sasuke left she left with him. She Join to Aakatsuki and her partener is Deidara and Tobi. Some mounths ago she was in love with Deidara and now she live with Akatsuki and her dream is to destroy the konoha

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hơn một năm qua AngelUchihaNeko said…
Full Name: Melissa Melodee
Nickname:the pink Notekey
Age:(Original series)14/(Shipudden)18
Appearance:silky dark brown hair,grass green eyes,pale skin,her left eye is a glass eye,she has got it,since she was five,her adoptive father punched her in her eye as he was drunk and agressive again
Clothing(first Appearance):a white polo shirt with a red tie,a red Blazer jacket,a short red-black checked Skirt,black knee-high and red Ballerina shoes(Her school outfit)
Ninja Outfit:an olive green top with a low neckline,a pair of black Hot Pants and high heeled Shinobi sandals,and ninja equipment like a Kunai Pouch and a hip pouch,a Konoha Headband around her neck,her crest on her back is a tattoo
History: Melissa was in school as she found a portal,she was 14 there. She collapsed in front of the Konoha Village gate. The Squad 7 found her and brought her to Hospital. Four days later she woke, and found later out that she is the last suvivor of the Melodee-Clan. She came in the Squad 7,although they had to be just four people. Like this,she comes into adventures! But as she is kidnapped by akatsuki,she lives with them and her partner is Hidan,in whom she is in love.
Team:Team 7
Hidden or curse powers:the Curse Mark on her neck,no other except her can see it because of her long hair
Likes:Her friends,music,fancy clothes,peace
Dislikes:War,people who aren't talking much,Hidans Language
Jutsu:Just the Melodica-no-Jutsu

Another Info: She always says "neh" after all sentences she is saying.
hơn một năm qua kiba16 said…
( cool character ^^)
hơn một năm qua Cadmus-The-Hero said…
Okay My Turn

Name: Reitō No-Oni

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. He can usually accomplish any task once he has set his mind to it.

Likes: Toketsu Ramen

Dislikes: Nothing (Forgot)

Clan: Kōri No Ichizoku (Clan Of The Ice) {Entire Clan Deceased}

Village: Fire (Konaha)

Team #: Team 23

Rank: Chunin

# of mission: 3 D's 16 C's 4 B's 2 A's (All In All 25 Missions)

Height: 5'4

Weight: 133

Eye color: Ice-Blue

Hair color: Red

Clothes: For The Ninja, A Helmet, Chest Piece, Shoulder And Knee Guards, Gloves And Boots. Actual Clothes Will Be Shown If You Ask (And The Helmet Will Only Be On During A Mission)

Chakra type: Ice

Jutsu Techniques: _Ninjutsu_ Kyōretsuna burasuto (Shattering Blast) Yuki No Kurōn Gijutsu (Snow Clone Technique) _Genjutsu_ Kōri ten-hō (Ice Heaven Technique)_ Taijutsu _ Kōri no kidō (Ice Lauch)

Weapons: Kusarigama (Chain and Sickle), Kunai (For h.t.h combat), Katana.

Hidden power: Eien no Shifuku

Bio: (Once a part of the Kōri No Ichizoku, Reitō left His home in the snow capped mountains to find a cure for his clan. And once he found the cure, He raced back to his home only to find the charred remains of His entire clan. And After His Traumatizing Event, He Had Amnesia. Now Reitō Awakens In Someone’s House, Clueless To As He Is And Where, And As He Sits Up Someone Walks Into The Room)

'So Your Finally Awake.' Mystery Man
{'Yes, Where Am I?' Reitō}
'In Konoha,'
{'Konoha, Where's That?'}
'I Cannot Answer That, But Can You Tell Me Who You Are?'
{'I... I Don't Know.'}
'So You Don't Know Who You Are?'
{'Yes' }
'Well, I Can Tell You What You Are, A Reitō No-Oni! M.M Starts Laughing
{'Why Are You Laughing?'}
'Because Your A Demon Of The Cold! You Should Have Seen The Cuts You Had! Not To Forget That You Had Severe Frostbite Over Half Your Body. Hell You Shouldn't Be Up Right Now! (M.M Continues Chuckling) 'But, My Name Is Sadaharu.'
{'So I Am Reitō No-Omi, The Name Sounds Nice, Doesn't It?'}
'Yes, Well It's Not The Name I Would Have Pick For You... Well A Names A Name, Come On And Let's Go Outside.'
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 Okay My Turn Name: Reitō No-Oni Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Serious and quiet, int
hơn một năm qua kiba16 said…
(okay lets start)
Nikita: *walks*
hơn một năm qua Cadmus-The-Hero said…
(As We Walk Around Konohagukure, I Accidently Bump Into Nikita) Oh, I'm Sorry, Didn't Mean To Do That.
hơn một năm qua kiba16 said…
Nikita: it's ok
hơn một năm qua kiba16 said…
Nikita: who are you ?
hơn một năm qua Angel-of-Light said…
I Am Reitō No-Oni, Pleased To Meet You.
hơn một năm qua kiba16 said…
Nikita: nice to meet you too