Naruto Shippuuden Create your own Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden character! I mean Kunoichi...

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Date of Birth:

Blood type:


Zodiac sign:

Favorite color:

Favorite foods:

Least favorite foods:



Missions completed:

Pet(if you want):








Jutsu(at least 3):


Clan(you can make up one if you want):

Kekkai Genkai:


Your hystory:


What is they thinking about you?
Kiba & Akamaru:
Your teammates:
Your sensei(it can be a boy or girl):

Your motto:

If you make this,I will give you 7 props!!!! And sorry about the Akatsuki characters in 'What is they thinking about you?' sorry if is too little...

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hơn một năm qua Cadmus-The-Hero said…
Okay Here Is My Try

Name: Reitō No-Oni (Demon Of Cold)

Age: 17

Date of Birth:

Blood type: O+

Origin: Once a part of the Kōri No Ichizoku, Reitō left His home in the snow capped mountains to find a cure for his clan. And once he found the cure, He raced back to his home only to find the charred remains of His entire clan. And After His Traumatizing Event, He Had Amnesia. And After Witnessing The Killing of His New (Friend) Kenshi, He Has Vowed To ‘Never Let Anything Like This Ever Again.’ Thus Protecting The Weak Ever Since. And He Almost Got His Revenge For The People Who Killed Kenshi, He Was Murdered After The Mob's Boss Slew him. Now Reitō Awakens In Someone’s House.

Zodiac sign: Rabbit

Favorite color: Rustic Colors

Favorite foods: Toketsu Ramen

Least favorite foods: Doesn't Complain When Gets Food

Rank: C-B+

Hobby: Taking Strolls In The Forest

Missions completed: 2

Pet(if you want): A Dog (Konohatsuru)

Personality: Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. He can usually accomplish any task once he has set his mind to it.

Crush/BF: He Has No Crush/Bf Though A Few Girls Like Him

BFF: Kenshin (Deceased)

Teammates: Shujinko (Strategist/Susake) Sonya (Medic/Sakura)

Rival: Shujinko

Appearance: Tall, Muscular, Red Hair,Ice-Blue Eyes, Straight Nose, White Teeth.

Outfit: Is The Picture

Jutsu(at least 3):

_Ninjutsu_ Kyōretsuna burasuto (Shattering Blast) Yuki No Kurōn Gijutsu (Snow Clone Technique) _Genjutsu_ Kōri ten-hō (Ice Heaven Technique)_ Taijutsu _ Kōri no kidō (Ice Lauch)

Element: Ice

Clan(you can make up one if you want): Kōri No Ichizoku (Clan Of The Ice) {Entire Clan Deceased}

Kekkai Genkai: Ice Release: Eien no shifuku (Eternal Bliss)

Family: All Dead

Your history: Lived A Peaceful Life Until Entire Clan Had A Disease Oddly Enough, He Wasn't Sick. He Rushed To The Closest Town At The Bottom Of The Mountain, Which Is 8 Miles Away, He Rushed Back Only To Find Out While He Was Away, The Entire Clan Was Decimated, And He Suffered So Much Emotional Trauma, He Had Amnesia, When He Awoke, He Was In A Mountain Traveler's House, The Traveler's Name Was Kenshin And He Said He Found Me On The Road Going Down The Mountain, So He Brought Me Here. He (Kenshin) Then Became My Best Friend Until A Supposed Crime Boss Said That Kenshin Owed Him A Lot Of Money And Before Any Of Us Could Blink, He Struck Kenshin Down. In A Fit Of Rage I Attacked The Mob Boss And He Slew Me And Threw Me In The River, And The Next Thing I Know Is That I'm Waking Up With Amnesia In A Complete Strangers House.

Dream: To Remember Who He Really Is

Your sensei (It Can Be A Male Or Female) It Is Sadaharu Sensei (The Person Whose House I Am In)

Your motto: The First To Truly Win, Is The Last One To Do So

I Did Not Add The What Do They Think Of Me Because My Character Did Not Know Any Of Them Besides His Teammates And The Few Times He Bumped Into The Other Characters In The Market (Because He Lives Outside The City's Walls)
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 Okay Here Is My Try Name: Reitō No-Oni (Demon Of Cold) Age: 17 ngày of Birth: Blood typ
hơn một năm qua NarutoUchiha4 said…
Name: Okami Kurokawa (Wind Wolf)

Age: 17

Blood Type: O

Origin: Originally from Takigakure (Village Hidden by a Waterfall) though found out that his grandfather was originally of Sunagakure. So he went on a mission to find out about his ancestry, as well as scout out for his clan. He came back home to bad news as he found out that the jinchuriki Fu (his best friend and crush) was missing.

Zodiac Sign: Wolf

Favorite Color: Red, Gray, Blue, and White to name a few

Favorite Food: Ramen Noodles everyday

Least Favorite Food: Any food that might jump at me

Rank: Missing S-rank nin

Hobby: Discovering his ancestry, understanding the energy of the universe

Missions completed: 33
S Rank --> 9
A Rank --> 23
B Rank --> 1

Personality: Laidback, but can focus if need be. Horrible to have as an enemy but constant as a compass for his friends. A hard worker, he is very intelligent and perceptive.

Crush/BF: Fu (Jinchuriki of Seven-Tails)

BFF: Naruto, Darui, Sasuke

Teammates: Akane Kurokawa (my sister)

Rival: Deidara of Akatsuki (Knew him for short time before he went to Akatsuki)

Appearance: Tallish, shaggy navy hair , amber eyes, dark tan skin, brooding expression

Outfit: Forehead protector around left arm, t-shirt, two katana swords strapped to back, shorts

Shadow no Jutsu (Shadow Clones), Tornado Jutsu, and Healing Wind Jutsu, Chidori, Mangekyou Diringan (Like sharingan but allows me to create illusions and use the winds of all directions), Wind Release: Wolf Spirit of the Wind, 8 Winds Technique

Elements: Wind, Water, Yin,

Clan: Never knew my clan (parents died shortly after my 2nd birthday)

Kekkei Genkai: Moon Release

Family: I Hate Them for how they and the rest of the village allowed Fu to be captured and killed

History: I was born into the Takigakure village, where I lived with my family. From the beginning of enrollment to shinobi training, people saw me as talented, and I finished early. This left me free to wander around the village, where I met Fu (Seven-Tails Jinchuriki) and became good friends with her, helping defend her from bullies and the village. I later had a crush on her, but I was then sent my village on a mission before I could tell her my feelings. Once I came back, (the mission was to find the Spirit Wolf of the Wind) I found out that Fu had been captured and killed, and everyone hadn't done a thing about it, and were even celebrating it. In my anger, I decided to go rogue and sliced a horizontal line across the head protector. I am know a rogue/nomadic shinobi that is ready for hire and willing to help, if it means teaching my village a lesson they won't soon forget, even if that means working as Akatsuki member......

Dream: See Fu again and become strongest shinobi I can possibly be

Motto: Its not how many times life can beat you down, its how many times you can get back up.
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hơn một năm qua yoki96 said…
Hmmmmmmm~ Well, let's see....................

Name: Yuki Kaso

Age: 16

Date of Birth: April 1st

Blood Type: B+

Origin: A lively girl from Konoha living in Sunagakure. Her parents had a job offer (working in Kazekage's office) and moved there. Later on, Yuki also got a job there (doing all kinds of missions)

Zodiac Sign: Rat

Favorite Color: Reds of any shade

Favorite Food: Anything sweet

Least Favorite Food: Anything unappealing to her pallet

Rank: Jonin (and a VERY skillful one)

Hobby: Drawing, being with friends, playing with her dog (Aki)

Missions Completed:
S --> 4
A --> 32
B --> 15
C --> 0
D --> 0

Pet: A dog, Aki

Personalty: A lively and fun girl. A thrill seeker, she does everything in her own way and pace. Thus being scolded a lot by others. Very headstrong, too. She is willing to help others if they need it. But she herself is VERY independent, also stubborn. She will do almost anything to make people laugh, thus being loved by many. She loves challenges and hates losing them. She is not the soft type, meaning she doesn't like any girly stuff (flowers, celebrities, love and alike). She is very loyal to people close to her. Very easily angered, she would punch/kick/burn the living daylights out of anybody who angered her

Crush: None (though Kiba and Gaara seem to like her)

Konoha: Naruto, Kiba, TenTen, Hinata
Sunagakure: Temari

Teammates: She does missions on her own. But is, occasionally, joined by her friends (namely Temari)

Rival: Anybody who challenges her (but only for that period of time)

link: Standing at 162cm, she is a short, big spirited one. Has short brown hair with bangs, and light blue eyes (eyes can change color to red when Kekkai Genkai is activated). Also EXTREMELY pale, like a vampire

Outfit: A sleeveless red shirt, with a small turtle neck. Wears black shorts, with black combat boots. Wears leather gloves (without fingers). And has a black-blood red bracelet on her right wrist

Jutsu: Control over any type of fire (usually ninja tools are shaped), Kasai shuriken (fire shuriken), Moeru yōna ninja tsūru no ame (flaming ninja tool rain), Kyojin gorogoro hi meisu (giant rumbling fire mace), Moegami no batsu (Moegami's punishment), Inferno, Ryūsei-gun (meteor shower), Neppa (heat wave) also good in hand to hand combat

Element: Fire

Clan: Kaso clan (not really a clan, the only family with that name)

Kekkai Genkai: Fire Release (enormous amounts of strength and speed are released)

Family: Father (Baki Kaso), mother (Sumiko Kase), younger sister (Sayori Kase), dog (Aki Kase)

Your History (herself speaking): Hi *waves* I'm Yuki Kaso. I live in the Sunagakure but I was born in Konoha. My parents had a job offer to help Gaara around the office and later I got a job as well, doing all sorts of missions. I'm always scolded by Gaara for "not doing things right" *slightly annoyed* *says loudly* At least I still do them *rolls her eyes* Every day it's the same speech, and it's getting annoying. Temari is my best friend and I hang out with Gaara and Kankuro, as well. Didn't know those 3 were all siblings, though ^_^; They don't even look that much alike. While I was living in Konoha, I first met TenTen and Hinata. I would usually train with TenTen and help Hinata boost her confidence a little *grins* Heh~, she would usually get all nervous if we just say Naruto's name. Ooops, forget what I said, OK *still grinning* Of course we have our down time, as well. Later I met Kiba and Naruto. And they are just awesome, we would usually go and pull pranks around the village *grins mischiveously* Kiba and I usually walked Akamaru and Aki, but he sometimes acts a bit weird when it's just the 2 of us. I wonder why *oblivious to the situation* And don't forget everybody else, they are all awesome in their own way. Nowadays, I spend my time at home, relaxing or drawing. Sometimes I do that while I'm bored at Gaara's office, too. And he would also look at me strangely, just like Kiba. And whenever I ask Temari or Kankuro to tell me what's up with him, they just giggle and say "Oh, it's nothing, he is just like that" *sighs and crosses arms* Everyone is so weird these days. I still visit my friends back at my ex-home. They visit me sometimes, too, and we have lots of fun. All of us (including my new Sunagakure friends) would get together and just hang out somewhere

Dream: To be a artist

Motto: Every day is a new adventure, so make the most of it!

What They Think:
Naruto: Hm, Yuki? Ahhh~ she is loads of fun. We usually pulled pranks around the village. She would crack a joke almost anytime. We sometimes eat ramen together, too!
Sakura: We made sleepovers a couple of times. And she would always suggest horror movies and then scare us later ^_^; Kinda reminds me of Naruto, though not that much annoying (Naruto: HEY!)
Sai: Yes I know Yuki. She is good friends with Sakura and Naruto. She has nice artwork and we occasionally draw together
Kakashi: *looks away from his book* She is very strong and skillful. Maybe even more than Naruto. Though they are the same once it comes to their attitude
Yamato: *looks at Kakashi with his "link" face* That was my answer
Neji: She would usually train with TenTen. And they have similar combat techniques. However, Yuki's are much stronger
Tenten: We do everything together. Temari and I consider her as our sister. And sometimes we go together on missions, too. She is such a spunky girl
Lee: She is amazing in all ways, very youthful just like Guy-sensei and Me (Yuki: -_-; Yeah, that's it)
Guy: SO MUCH YOUTH!!! *does his dramatic pose with Lee as support* (Yuki: -_-; Someone stop them please)
Kiba & Akamaru: I just love her *blushes tomato red* I-I-I mean she is an awesome friend. We usually walk Akamaru and Aki together *still blushing* *grins* She would always bring something sweet with her and share it with us. Heh~, not like she made it though, she is just terrible at cooking........ Ah! *looks around* *sighs* I better not say that while she is around
Hinata: Ummm~ we do a lot of fun things together *plays with her fingers* I feel a bit confident when I'm around her
Shino: ........ A very strong girl. Just make sure you don't anger her. She shows no mercy then
Kurenai: She is good friends with Kiba and Hinata. I've even seen them train together on a occasion
Choji: We usually eat together. She has such a appetite and a large sweet tooth
Shikamaru: Hmmm~ Yuki? *smiles* We always watch the clouds together, and she would always fall asleep
Ino: She is fun, but she doesn't act like a girl. She occasionally dresses up nicely and puts on make-up, but could be a bit more feminine (Yuki: *pretends to barf* Nobody has the time for that)
Asuma: I've seen her with Shikamaru a few times, watching the clouds and almost every time I've seen her, she was asleep ^_^;
Tsunade: She is a very nice girl. Reminds me of Naruto a little
Temari: She is like my little sister. TenTen and I would always try to surprise her on her birthday, but she never falls for it ^_^; It's never boring when she is around, that goes especially for Gaara *giggles*
Kankuro: She is one of a kind, to tell you the truth. And is also very fun to be around with. Right Gaara *nudges Gaara with his elbow*
Gaara: *blushes* Still no excuse for her not doing the job right................ *blush sligthly deepens* She has nice artwork, though (Kankuro: *grins* Yeah, sure, artwork)
Your teammates: She is a strong one
Your sensei: Doesn't have a sensei
Orochimaru: Doesn't know her
Sasuke: Her name sounds a bit familiar (he forgot about her)
Itachi: Doesn't know her
Deidara: *smirks* You mean the fire cracker? Un, I met her, she was with that blonde kid with the Kyuubi sealed in him. She is feisty, un
Sasori: ............ I've met her
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hơn một năm qua Darksoul22A said…
Name: Akira Uchiha

Age: 17

Date of Birth: July 26

Blood type: AB+

Origin: Born in the Hidden Leaf. Rest will be explained in history

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Favorate Color: Dark reds & black

Favorate Foods: Barbeque & Miso Ramen

Least Favorate Foods: Dumplings

Rank: ANBU

Hobbies: Perfecting his sword style, Spending time with his pet Raven

Missions Completed:

Pet: Raven (Kuroshin)

Personality: Calm, serious, but caring about his allies & team

Crush/BF: No GFs, but Ino & Sakura has taken a liking to him

BFFs: Heishiro Kagayami

Teammates: Heishiro, Genshin, Kazuya, Akihiko, & Toshimaru

Rivals: None

Appearance: Tall, lean, slightly pale, black hair in a ponytail, black eyes

Outfit: Full body mesh net suit, black pants, black short sleeve v-neck shirt, white shin wraps, dark gray arm guards, gray w/ red trim waist cloth (like sasuke's), red strap, black sandals, katana strapped to back, leaf forehead protector, red jewel necklace

Jutsu: Kamigiri (God killer); A technique that is like chidori, but with fire covering his arm & lightning surging through the fire, Fire style: Fire ball jutsu, Thousand blade dance: he uses vulcan style to increase his speed, then slices his opponent 1000 times, Susano'o, Kiryu (Amaterasu combined w/ lightning), Ryukami (Kirin, but stronger), Summoning jutsu (Ravens)

Element: Fire, Lightning, Vulcan (Fire+Lightning)

Clan: Uchiha Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo sharingan

Family: Father (Hiro Uchiha), Mother (Suzuki Uchiha), Older Sister (Kiku Uchiha)

Your History (Himself speaking): Greetings. I am Akira Uchiha. I was born outside the leaf village. My mother, father, my older sister, & I left the village whenn I was
young when our clan's annihilation occured. My sister and I spent every day together, & eventually, we gained our sharingan. She gave me a necklace w/ a red jewel.Then that day happened. I was coming back from training when rogue ninja invaded our home & took my family hostage. My mother were killed, but my sister & I escaped. But they followed us, & my sister was killed protecting me from them. That awakened my mangekyo sharingan and killed them all w/ Amaterasu. My sister died, but gave me her eyes before she passed. I decided that I would never let anyone I care about die again. Some time later, I met Heisiro & we became friends. Then we met the others & formed the team Tategami. We travel as bounty hunters & collect the rewards. We help our villages from time to time.

Dream: To become strong enough to protect his friends

Motto: Never let your friends down

What They think:
Naruto: I like the guy. He's found to be around, plus
he likes Ichiraku too.
Sakura: Well, he's cool, & nice. He great to be around
(plus I think he's cute). But he's a good guy.
Sai: He seems to be a nice person, we would occasionaly draw together.
Kakashi: *looks away from his book* well he's a skilled
ninja, he may even be my equal. All in all, he's a great ally.
Yamato: Akira? I like the guy. He is of the few people who can actually beat me.
Neji: Akira Uchiha is a nice person. We would train together & he seems to know a way to always counter my eight trigrams palm rotation.
Tenten: I think he's kinda cool. We would always fight with our weapons & it would end in a draw. He's one my favorites.
Lee: I think he is one of the atrongest sparring partners i've had. His moves are filled so much youth. (Akira: Youth. That's it. -_-)
Guy: I agree with Lee. He has so much youth in him. *does his dramitic pose with Lee as support* (Akira: Please just stop -_-)
Kiba & Akamaru: I think he's alright. He a strong opponent. Right Akamaru? *Akamaru barks with agreement* I love fighting with him.
Hinata: Um... He's sweet I guess. *playing with her fingers* H-he's always with Naruto so he must be a nice guy.
Shino: He seems to be a acceptble kind of
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hơn một năm qua NarutoUchiha4 said…
Name: Tyero Uchiha

Age: 16

Bloodline: O

Origin: Will be explained in history

Zodiac sign: Cheetah

Favorite color: red, black, blue

Favorite foods: Ramen bro, ramen

Least favorite foods: Anything that tastes like ****

Rank: Missing S-rank nin

Hobby: Eating food, taking walks

Missions completed: 42
S-rank --> 9
A-rank --> 23
B-rank --> 9
C-rank --> 1

Pet(if you want): a fox (Kitsune)

Personality: A jokester most of the time, he keeps the mood light, but can be very serious and focused. Likes to flirt with girls a lot.

Crush/GF: Jessica Uchiha

BFFs: Jessica Uchiha, Renvo Uchiha, Syrena Uchiha, the Taka group

Teammates: Jessica Uchiha, Renvo Uchiha, Syrena Uchiha, Akane and Daichi Kurokawa

Rival: Renvo Uchiha

Appearance: Messy black hair, black eyes, tan skin, tall

Outfit: traditional sandals, the forehead protector on around my neck with slash across design, a katana strapped to back, shorts, t-shirt with Uchiha logo on back

Jutsu(at least 3): Shadow Clone Jutsu, Chidori, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Kamui,

Element: Fire, Wind

Clan(you can make up one if you want): Uchiha

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan

Family: Syrena Uchiha (older sister), Ren and Jake Uchiha (parents)

Your History: Was born to a pretty high status family in the the Uchiha clan. My sister was born a year before me and we traveled all over Konoha with our friends Renvo and Jessica. Over the years me and my sister showed ourselves to be skilled at jutsus, and both of us and our friends unlocked the full sharingan by the age of 10. At that point we both passed our exams and become Konoha shinobi. It happened that we were all out on missions when Itachi carried out the massacre of the Uchiha clan..... When we returned and saw the carnage of the massacre, all four of us unlocked the Mangekyo sharingan. After that we cut ties with our village and went on the hunt for Itachi, and revenge on the village that didn't do anything about getting him...

Dream: To travel the world and understand things, and show Konoha that they should have never let us been wiped out.

Motto: Know your friends from your enemies, but don't let hatred define you.

Out of all the characters only met Sasuke once:

Sasuke: A bit of a jokester most of the time, he doesn't seem to take anything seriously, until you fight him.
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hơn một năm qua silverloin said…
Name: Matako Momochi

Nickname: Warrior of the Hidden MIst

Age: 18

Date of Birth: July 29

Blood type: A

Origin:revealed in history

Zodiac sign: dragon

Favorite color: red

Favorite foods: any

Least favorite foods: i dont have one

Rank: Mizukage

Hobby: training and traveling

Missions completed 1914
S-rank: 652:
D-rank: 321

Pet(if you want): hawk

Personality: funny, smart, handsome, social, sometimes keeps to himself, problem solver, leader, takes command, kind

Crush/BF: Ino

BFFs: Shikamaru, Kankuro, Gaara, Rock Lee,

Teammates: i

Rival: Shisui Uchiha

Appearance: black short spiked hair tall (about kakashis height) muscular ninja with a scar going diagnoly acros his chest

Outfit: sleeveless black shirt and matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, Kirigakure's striped wrist and leg-warmers.

Jutsu(at least 3):Hiding in Mist Technique
Silent Killing
Water Clone Technique
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
water style waterfall jutsu
water style water tornado jutsu
water style water shockwave jutsu
water style five shark jutsu
Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique
Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant
Demonic illusion torture rack
Element: water

Clan(you can make up one if you want): banpako clan

Kekkai Genkai: Mangekyou Sharingan

Family: Zabuza Momochi
didint know my parents....

Your history: i was abandoned as a child and only had the picture of my brother i was confused and mad at the world so i would take it out on the world i was a special kid i started at the academy at the age of 5 and was given B-ranked missions at the age of 7 one day at the academy i took on 300 of my classmates and 2 sensais and slaughtered them all no one was left standing i was always able to defeat an enemy quite quickly even finish missions extremely fast i was the top of my Anbu class and a top assassin but i realized what i did was horrible so i traveled to the village hidden in the waves to get help from the great nagato he helped me and i trained with him and learned how to control my kekkei genkai and later on in my life i met shisui uchiha and challenged him in the end we were both unconscious and when we awoke we became the best of friends. but later on we fade away and i became Mizukage.

Dream: to become even stronger than my brother Zabuza Momochi

What is they thinking about you?
Naruto: i love to spar with him he takes it to this entire new limit
Sakura: this guy takes fighting way to seriously but in general hes a cool guy
Sai: i dont talk to him much but he has this positive energy from him
Kakashi: the second i saw him i knew he would one day he would reach the greatest point a ninja can reach
Yamato: he is very skilled at the art of water
Neji: hes quite fast i cant even keep up with my byakugan
Lee: his speed even surpasses mine THIS JUST MAKES ME WANT TO TRAIN EVEN HARDER
Guy:hes so very skilled at hand signs hand to hand combat even in the worse situations he would always be ready for a fight
Kiba & Akamaru:
Shino: im glad hes on our side
Choji:i would share a bag of chips with this guy!!
Shikamaru:he is very skilled he can analize and detect a persons justu and movement before they even do it withc kinda scars me
Tsunade: whats the deal with this guy he has so much power but at a yound age even during the chunin exams he complete shattered everybody he fought his longest battle was 30 seconds
Temari: my brothers seem to be quite fond of him honestly hes kinda a handful
Kankuro: i would never fight this guy
Gaara: he is on fired up guy alright
Your teammates: hes not just brute force sometimes he takes the tatical aproach and neutralizes the target without any harm or force at all
Your sensei(it can be a boy or girl): Nagato: he is one hell of a Mizukage the best i ever seen
Orochimaru: i would destroy him in mere seconds
Sasuke: I don't like him always with the ready to fight attitude
Itachi: he reminds me of me
Deidara: this guy would be quite the foe

Your motto: one day i will reach the top and represent the people of my village and make amenze for all my mistakes and protect the life of others even with my life that is my ninja way
hơn một năm qua XxminatoxX said…
Name: Kobito Uchiha

Nickname: Beast of Elements


Date of Birth:October 25

Blood type:AB

Origin: Explain in history

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Favorite color: White and Red

Favorite foods: Rice Balls

Least favorite foods: Roman Noodles

Rank: S Ranked Criminal

Hobby: Making Fire Rain

Missions completed:34

Pet(if you want): Hawk(Tivke)

Personality: Dangerous, Calm, Energetic, Doesnt Work Well with Others, Serious, Tough, Smart.

Crush/GF: Taskuime Uchiha

BFFs: Jugo

Teammates: Taskuime Uchiha and Rinato Namikaze

Rival: Rinato Namikaze

Appearance:Black Hair(looks like Itachi's and when he uses ultimate jutsu his hair turns White) Blue Eyes and Muscular and Tattoo of Dragon on Right arm

Outfit: Akatsuki with Two swords in the back

Jutsu(at least 3):
Wind Style: Multi Rasengan
Fire and Lighting Style: Fire Chidori
Scorch Style: Aksukie(better Amaterasu)
Lighting and Wind Style: Thunder Gates
Fire Style: Ultimate Grand Fire Ball
Wind Style: Rasengan
Lighting Style: Charging Beast
Element Style: Last Breath(ultimate jutsu)
Water Style: Water Imprisonment
Scorch Style: Burning Ashes
Flying Thunder God Technique
Rain Style: Storm
Rain Style: Eternal Rain

Element:Wind,Fire,Lighting,Water, and Rain

Clan(you can make up one if you want): Uchiha Clan

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo sharingan. and Rinnegan

Family: Rinato Namikaze(half brother) doesnt know rest of family

Your history: "I was left to die by my so called loving parents that I don't even know, but I was lucky to have known who my brother was. We were raise by the Third Hokage. I was thankful for him, I was a wreck when he die I swore to myself I would get my revenge. When I was 12 I was bitten by Orochimaru and mastered Sharingan, but what surprised me when i looked into a mirror was Rinnegan I was scared at first, but i came to realize that I would have to live with it. After I became a Chunin, Naruto, Rinato and I went off to train with Senei Jiraiya. I left the training at age 15 and came back to the Leaf Village. At that age of 16 I mastered Mangekyo sharingan when I fought Lord Raikage. I was lucky to survive that. I fall in love with a girl name Taskuimea Uchiha she was the most beauitful girl I ever saw, but when i ran into Toby he trick me into joining Akatsuki. When I learn the Justu Last Breath a tattoo of a Dragon appeared on my left arm. I felt Stronger then I ever felt. At age 16 i made a two swords, they represented Fire and Lighting. Later on I went back to the Leaf Village and attacked it by myself I was amaze at what power I had. That is when I finally learned Susanno. The only reason I didn't murder everyone in there is because of Taskuime. After that day I swore I would find away to get her away from that village."

Dream: To be the Strongest there is.

What is they thinking about you?
Naruto: I will train harder in order to beat you. You will pay for what you did to my Village.
Sakura: Why, why would you destroy the village. After all we did for you.
Sai: I never trusted him
Kakashi: You will pay. I promise you that
Yamato: Next time I see, you won't come out alive
Neji: I will stop him at all cost
Tenten: I'll ripped his head off
Guy: YOUR YOUTH IS ALRIGHT, but you must pay
Kiba & Akamaru: GRRRRRR
Hinata: *shys away*
Shino: My bugs will eat you alive
Kurenai: I won't let you get away with this
Choji: *munch munch munch* I will roll you over *munch munch munch*
Shikamaru: What a drag
Asuma: *Still dead*
Tsunade: Your crimes against the Ninja World will not be forgiven
Temari: You will not lay a finger on Garra
Kankuro: My puppets will stop you
Gaara: Don't even come near my Village OR I WILL DESTROY YOU
Your teammates:
Don't worry Taskuime Ill bring him back.
You better Rinato
Your sensei(it can be a boy or girl): I know you were trouble when you walked in
Orochimaru: I see potential in this boy
Sasuke: I will kill you. Nothing will stop me
Itachi: *stays quiet*
Deidara: WHAT A PIECE OF ART. He must die
Sasori: I must kill him

Your motto: Nothing Stops me
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hơn một năm qua shadow-master_2 said…
Name: Shizuka Hayashi.
Age: 23-24, (Part 1). 26-27, (Part 2).
Date of Birth: May 16th.
Zodiac sign: Taurus.
Favourite colour: Sliver.
Favourite food: Special fried rice.
Least Favourite Food: Pork Ramen.

Rank: S-Rank Jounin. Formerly ANBU.
Hobby: Training or relaxing.
Mission completed: 16 S-rank, 75 A-rank, 100 B-rank, 50 C-rank and 25 D-rank.
Personality: Friendly, loyal, somewhat of a tomboy. In battle she is strategic, focused, serious and quick thinking. She hates fan girls.

Crush/BF: None.
BFF's: Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Yugao Uzuki, Matio Gai.
Teammates: (When on an S-rank mission), Anko Mitarashi, Yugao Uzuki or Maito Gai's team.
Rival: Yugao Uzuki and Maito Gai.

Appearance: Shizuka has fair skin, short black hair and purple eyes. She stands at 5'9.
Outfit: Normal Jonin uniform. (What Yugao wears in the Fourth Shinobi World War).
Weapons: A standard katana with a black square shaped tsuba and a navy blue hilt. She also has dual bladed kusarigama connected by chains. (Imagine Shuhei Hisagi's Shikai).

Jutsu: Genjutsu: Infinite Darkness Jutsu, Genjutsu: Optic Delusory, Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu, Summoning Jutsu (Falcons), Shadow Clone Jutsu, Shadow Shuriken Jutsu, Teleportation Jutsu, Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu, Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu.
Element: Fire Style.

Clan: N/A.
Kekkai Genkai: N/A.
Family: Arashi Hayashi, (Father, Deceased). Hitomi Hayashi, (Mother, Deceased).

History/Origin: Working on.
Dream: To be in an era of true peace.

What these characters think about Shizuka.
• Naruto: She's really nice.
• Sakura: I've talked to her before.
• Sai: D*ckless knows her.
• Kakashi: Hm, but did you say something?
• Yamato: I don't know her very well.
• Neji: '...'
• Tenten: Her skill with her dual bladed chained kusarigama are amazing. 'Blushes'.
• Lee: She's so YOUTHFUL!!!!
• Kiba/Akamaru: Think I've seen her a few times. (Woof).
• Hinata: 'Stuttering' I don't know her.
• Shino: '....'
• Kurenai: I've sparred with her before. She's really ferocious.
• Choji: 'Munch Munch Munch Munch'.
• Shikamaru: Troublesome.
• Ino: Don't know her.
• Asuma: 'Takes long drag from cigarette'.
• Tsunade: Her skill as a Kunoichi is impressive, especially in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.
• Temari: Damn I saw some of her carnage when Orochimaru tricked us.
• Kankuro: 'Working on Crow'.
• Gaara: '….'
• Teammates: (Look at Gai's quote). Yugao: She's my rival and best friend. One of the people I'd want most covering my back
• Sensei: (Deceased).
• Orochimaru: She isn't a threat to me, kukukuku.
• Sasuke: 'Hn'.
• Itachi: '....'
• Deidara: She will become part of my art.
• Sasori: NO, she'll become part of my art.

Motto: Those who do not believe themselves or have a reason to fight have no reason to live.
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hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Shinko Uzumaki ( True Whirlpool )

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 09/20/ ??

Blood type: AB+

Favorite color: Red / Orange

Favorite foods: Fried Beef Dumplings / sweet Dangu

Least favorite foods: Fried Beef Tounge / Eggplant Ramen

Rank: Chūnin

Hobby: Training

Missions completed: 75 D-rank, 100 C-rank, 375 B-rank, 250 A-rank, 60 S-rank.

Personality: Shinko is a Hard working Ninja who hates the praise he get's for being reconized as prodigy as he strictly believes everyone in there own way is a genuis no matter what the records say. He does seem to have a slight obsession with training himself in every aspect as he even seems to have a routine down. As such he's really confident in his abilities and sometimes get's carried away on missions he also acts as somewhat of a Lone wolf by his team. He also has the qualities of a natural born leader and is a honor able warrior threw and threw witch oftein leads to people misusing him.

Crush/BF: Sarada-Crush, Rei-Best Friend

Teammates: Rei Uchiha, Mira Sarutobi

Rival: Rei

Appearance: pic

Outfit: pic

Jutsu(at least 3):

Fire Release : Grand Fire Ball

Water Release : Liquid Mirror Prison Formation

Wind Release : Gallant Cyclone

Lighting Release : Thunder Whip

Earth Release : Mud Wall

Ice Release : Ice Prison Formation

Wood Release : Multi-Wood Clone

Wood Release : Deep Forest Emergence

Senjustu- Sage Mode

Element:Nature Type:

Lightning Release
Earth Release
Water Release
Fire Release
Ice Release
Wood Release
Yin Yin Release
Yang Yang Release

Clan: Uzumaki / Senju

Kekkai Genkai:

Wood Release
Ice Release

Family: Izumi Uzumaki / Mokubou Senju

Your history: Shinko was born in the hidden leaf village from his parents were two world renown ninja's known as Izumi Uzumaki and Mokubu Senju the two paired up after the fourth Shinobi world war Naturally having such Strong bloodlines Shinko displayed amazing talents and intellgence in Ninjustu Genjustu and of course taijutsu. His training started since before he was five but with the Peace going through out the world it was almost as if there was no room for this prodigy. When Shinko was only 6 years old he awakend the Legendary Doujustu known as the Rinnegan instantly Naruto among with the five villages and many others became worried at the apperence of this. At first Shinko was treated poorly by many people his own father included for having these eyes. But that didn't break his spirits Shinko quickly graduated the acdeamy at age 7 and started to train with his squad known as squad 8 and his appointed sensi was Rock-Lee and his team mates are Rei Uchiha who quickly became his best friend / Rivail and Mira Sarutobi. The three trained hard and completed many missions together however at the age of 10 Shinko and Rei and Mira all became Chūnin because of there impressive mission sucess rate and effcincey as a team. They also blew through the Chūnin exams with flying colors. at the age of 14 Shinko assited Naruto during the Shin Uchiha crisis this also sparked his love for fellow class mate / Love for the lovly young Sarada Uchiha. After those events Shinko decided to leave Konaha to strengthen himself and to pursue his dream of becoming a sucessful Missing Nin Head Hunter. as the events of the Shin Uchiha incident made Shinko releaise that peace isn't easy to maintain. Shinko for the last two years used his Anima path to summon himself to Mount Myōboku to master his clans art of Sage Mode with help from the great toads.

Dream: To Master his Power / Become a Famous Missing Nin head-Hunter
 Name: Shinko Uzumaki ( True Whirlpool ) Age: 16 ngày of Birth: 09/20/ ?? Blood type: AB+
hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Mizura Sarutobi


Date of Birth: 12/16/ ??

Blood type: A+

Origin: Hails from the Sarutobi Clan

Zodiac sign:

Favorite color: Dark Pink / Red

Favorite foods: Salmon Sushi / Deep fried Dumplings

Least favorite foods: Tomatoes / Coliflower

Rank: Chūnin

Hobby: Writing / Annoying her Team mates

Missions completed: 25 D-rank, 40 C-rank, 40B-rank, 5 A-rank, 9 S-rank.

Personality: If one thing Mizura is not it's shy she's a spunky little fire fly been that way since she was born. Mizura is also rather blunt with her opinions on people. She has Developed a Rivalry with Sarada since the Academy days. She is only weak kneed and girly when her crush Shinko is involved this involves anything from Missions to street conversations. although she doesn't let this completely take hold of her. More often then not she's quick to try and jump start the Mission is always trying face tank every challenge thrown at her. That being said she is oddly enough a brilliant Thinker when it comes to combat.

Crush/BF: Shinko Uzumaki-Crush / Rei Uchiha -BF

Teammates: Shinko Uzumaki / Rei Uchiha

Rival: Sarada Uchiha



Jutsu(at least 3):


Lava Release

Fire Release

Earth Release

Water Release


Summoning : Monkey's / Deer

Clan: Sarutobi

Kekkai Genkai: Lava Release

Family: Shin Sarutobi / Unknown mom

Your hisstory: Mizura Sarutobi was born into the Noble clan of Sarutobi and was quickly recognized as strong and prodogy ninja in her academy days until Shinko uzumaki entered the acdeamy. in her academy days she was most noted for her amazing amount of Chakara Control being able to preform Kage level Ninjustu with barly using up any of her reserves. She was also told that she was a sensory type ninja and has a affinity for Water Ninjustsu. With that she was also born with the lava Release. She has learned how to use Fire release and earth release with the help of her Father and Sensei. at the age of 6 she graduated from the Acdeamy with the world being in a state of peace she remained a Genin until the age of 13 to witch her team passed with flying colors. one year after her Chūnin. exams she goes to train with her Sensei and Father to mastery over her current ninjustu and even further enhance her chakara Control and to understand the mastery of Ninjustsu.

Dream: To become a Brilliant kunoichi
 Name: Mizura Sarutobi Age:16 ngày of Birth: 12/16/ ?? Blood type: A+ Origin: Hails from
hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Rei Uchiha

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 02/14/??

Blood type: B+

Origin: Hails from Konaha's Uchiha Clan

Zodiac sign: ??

Favorite color: Red

Favorite foods: Deep fried chicken dumplings / grilled beef

Least favorite foods: Eggs

Rank: Chūnin

Hobby: Training / Flirting with girls

Missions completed: 25 D-rank, 60 C-rank, 70 B-rank, 10 A-rank, 12 S-rank.

Personality: Rei Uchiha is slightly forward not sugar coating his feelings or opinions of people. He's also a bit of a scrapper as he runs his mouth a lot this often leads to him getting into fights. this goes for his team mates and friends as well if you insult them while he's around then it's no worse then calling him a name. He is very hot tempred witch leads to him trying to take the lead in a mission when he shouldn't. He's also very flirty though he strikes out due to his brashness.

Crush/BF: Mizura Sarutobi- Crush

BFF: Shinko Uzumaki

Teammates: Mizura Sarutobi / Shinko Uzumaki

Rival: nun

Appearance: pic

Outfit: pic


Fire Release- Great Fireball

Fire Release-Dragon flame bomb

Lighting Release-Chakara Mode

Lighting Release-Thunder Dragons Bomb

Water Release-Water Wall

Water Release-Colliding Destructive wave

Water Release- Water clone

Lighting Release- Static Wave

Lighting Release- Thunder Dragon

Fire Release- Searing Flame

Fire Release- Great Inferno

Sensory type

Senjustu-Sage mode





Clan: Uchiha

Kekkai Genkai:


Family: Zane Uchiha / unknown mom

Your History: Rei was born in Konaha with his father being a Uchiha Survivor and a member of the new generation. he was sent to live with his God father Mokubou as his father has other obligations to attend to and is rarely in the village. As such for a good chunk of his Life Rei is oftein confused and wonders about his Orgins. As his dad and sasuke are never around. he entered the academy at a young age and quickly picked up on the ninjutsu and sensing. as such he joined team 14 witch consisted of his crush and best friend. they went on many adventures together and . Are all currently training.

Dream: To become Hokage
 Name: Rei Uchiha Age: 16 ngày of Birth: 02/14/?? Blood type: B+ Origin: Hails from Konah
hơn một năm qua AzuraUchiha said…
Name:Azura Uchiha
From: The Uchiha Clan of Konohgakure
Born with the famous sharingan he was known as a blessing among the clan he grew up unexposed to the world with 4 brothers and 1 sister he was a very curious child able to use all 3 tomes of the sharingan but one day Senju Clansmen broke into the village and murdered his parents before his eyes when he witnessed that he unlocked the Mangekyo sharingan after doing so he became known as a minor legend of his clan going into many battles with famous figures such as Izuna but after taking a serious wound in the chest by a senju he resulted in using his own technique he deemed it kumai after the senju tried for a second slash he tested the leangth of his eyes finally killing the senju but being severly injured he look down apon the body the body dripped blood onto his wound slowly slipping the DNA of a senju into himself his left eye transformed into a ripple pattern known as the Rinnegan after he was capable of using ALL types of justu encluding kekkie genkai such as Wood lava poison and Storm his personal favorite release being blaze He went on into the uchiha clan as a warrior but later was found surrounded with his siblings one had already fallen but his sister and 3 brothers remained he thought of a plan to escape but another one of us would fall he volunteered to go but his sister insisted she went on that day as a hero but also was defeated and remarked as weak he took her left eye and replaced his now fading eye he had the eye transplanted into his own socket and became known as the 3rd Eternal mangekyo user he later lost most of his remaining brethren and went on to join the leaf and teach at the academy he had 2 remaining brothers left he lived a long prospourus life and enjoyed himself to the fullest had 5 kids and later passed on but not before destroying his eyes
hơn một năm qua El_Noire said…
(I just love how everyone's characters are OP in every way and friends with everyone! XD)

Name: Asuma Sarutobi Jr.

Age: 13

Date of Birth: May 4th

Blood type: O

Origin: Second born child of Konohamaru and Moegi.

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Favorite color: Red

Favorite foods: Any and all kinds.

Least favorite foods: What are those?

Rank: Genin

Hobby: Training, Eating, and Drawing.

Missions completed: 0(He's just started out)

Pet: None.

Personality Traits: Confident, determined, optimistic, strong-willed, passionate, active, go-getter, creative, unpredictable, stubborn, workaholic, bluntly honest, naive.

Crush/BF: Huh?

BFFs: Wha do those letters mean?

Teammates: Doesn't have any yet!

Rival: Everyone is a rival!

Appearance: He resembles the younger Konohamaru for the most part, with his mother's face and his father's hair and eyes,

Outfit: A big t shirt, similar to part 1 Sasuke's, only crimson red. He also wears black pants that stop at his ankles, black Ninja Sandals, and black fingerless gloves.

Jutsu(at least 3): Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu, Fire Style: Burning Ash, Fire Style: Giant Dragon Flame Jutsu

Element: Fire

Clan(you can make up one if you want): Sarutobi

Kekkai Genkai:Nothin' but hard work!

Family: Konohamaru Sarutobi(Father), Moegi(Mother), Kana Sarutobi(Older Sister)

Your history:

Dream: To surpass his parents and become Hokage!

What is they thinking about you?

Naruto: "That kid has plenty of Spunk.I like'em.)

Sakura: "He acts too much like Naruto for his own good. He's still a good kid, i suppose.

Sai: "He's not a bad artist. However, he acts too much like Naruto."

Kakashi: "The kid's a Pyromaniac, and a surprisingly good one at that."

Yamato: "I haven't had the chance to examine him too much, but from what i've gathered, he's just as reckless as Naruto was.

Neji: *Dead*

Tenten: "That kid gives me real migraines sometimes when he comes in my shop and starts messing with all my merchan-Hey, Asuma! Get out of that case, those are expensive Swords dammit!"

Lee: "He is most Youthful! I admire his flames of determination!"


Kiba & Akamaru: "He pretty cool, reminds me of me in my younger days. Guy's a literal hotshot, y'know? Heh."

Hinata: "He's a good hearted kid. Reminds me of Naruto back in the old days."

Shino: "All his fire throwing disturbs my insects."

Kurenai: "He and my daughter get along very well."

Choji: "He eats almost as much as i can!"

Shikamaru: "He's way too loud. I can't get any sleep as it is with Temari always here."

Ino: "Asuma? Uhhh....fine, i guess. I don't really see him much, being couped up in this flower shop all the time?

Asuma: *Dead*

Tsunade: "He's a big head ache. But a lovable head ahce."

Temari: "I've had to kncck him around with my fan a few times...hard headed idiot."

Kankuro: "I've only met him once, but the guy's more like Naruto that he should be."

Gaara: "I haven't had the pleasure. But from what i hear, he acts like Naruto."

Your teammates: *Doesn't have them yet*

Your sensei: *Doesn't have one yet*

Orochimaru: "Never heard of him."

Sasuke: "He's an idiot."

Itachi: *Dead*

Deidara: *Dead*

Sasori: *Dead*
hơn một năm qua MauiChan said…
Name: Tinabi Ahimara
Age: 11 (part 1) 16 (part 2)
Likes: Tenten,Neji,Dungos
Dislikes: Gai Sensei and Rock Lee
Clan: Ahimara Clan
Elements: Earth
Family: Jibril Ahimara (Younger sister), Hizumuki Ahimara (Father) Kanahare Ahimara (Mother)
Jutsu(s): One thousand years Of Pain, One thousand yearsof death, Below! Earth style justu
Rival(s): Temari And Kankuro
BFF(s): Neji And Tenten
Teammates: Rock Lee,Neji and Tenten

Naruto: She's Ok... But she is Way too into Neji and Tenten!
Sakura: She is A Very helpful friend even though She has a "Thing" For Neji and Tenten.
Neji: I'm thinking she Likes me sometimes...
Tenten: When it comes to me,she I said SO CRAZY!
Rock Lee: She hates me,I hate her! Nothing Else. This is So Not YOUTH!!!!!
Hinata: She is Fine:)...
Kiba: ...I don't know....
Shino: She always Kills Bugs:( and Whenever a Bee is flying around Neji Or tenten,she Kills it for them:(
Ino: Crazy And Neji-Obsessed.
Choji: Tenten and Neji obsessed
Shikamaru: nothing too say

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hơn một năm qua SaradaMallow said…
Name: Ayomide Uchiha
Age: 11 (part I)16 (part II)
Likes: Training, Practicing how to confess feelings, hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Suigetsu
Clan: Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai: Mangekyou sharingan (Type Sasuke)
Elements: water
Family: Sasuke Uchiha (brother), Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha (older brother)
Special jutsu(s): Medical-nin healing jutsu, Summoning jutsu (can summon lady katsuyu) and poison remove jutsu
Rival(s): Sasuke, Suigetsu
BFF(s): Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Tenten,
Temari , Gaara and Neji
Teammates: Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura
Crush/BF: Naruto
What čharacters think!:

Naruto: she is a very, very good friend! But, like Hinata, she always blushes around me.
Hinata: She is ok, but like me, she has a crush on Naruto! And I'm jealous of her because she is close to him! Very!
Sakura: i love how she and Naruto get along very well! poor Hinata!
Tenten: she helps me with my weapons when I need it!
Temari: a very interesting Uchiha. I do admire her.
Gaara: she is always comforting me!
Suigetsu: Tell Her when I see her again, I'll break her neck very good!
hơn một năm qua SuguhaSarada said…
Name: Kasuna
Age: 17-18
Likes: Hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Tobi and Deidara
Clan: unknown, but she is Konan's twin sister
Kekkei Genkai: none
Family: Konan (sister)
Special jutsu: Shikigami Dance,Shikigami Dance:Punishment, Paper Tsunami,Paper Tornado
Rival(s): Kisame and Hidan
BFFS: Itachi, Sasori,Yahiko and Konan
Teammates: the Akatsuki. Duh.
Crush/BF: Yahiko
What the characters think

Yahiko: She looks exactly like Konan! The only difference is the clothing! Anyway,she is my best friend! And a sister to me
Nagato: I hear she likes Yahiko hmmmm? *winks*
Konan: I care for my sister, but I'm jealous that she like she Yahiko.. ugh!
Hidan: I'll wring her neck when I fight her!
Kisame: I don't like her,that's all.
Tobi: Why is she rude to me?
cách đây 7 tháng Nix10110 said…
Blood type:O
Jutsu:all are Forbidden

Hobby:mostly bored cause she doesn't get to do any harder
Dislikes: Psycho paths
Clan:Uzumaki clan
Elements:almost every element ecxept time and telepathy
Special Jutsu: unknown,but all are Forbidden Jutsus
BFFS:all the Akatsuki members
Crush/BF:unknown,but one of the Akatsuki members

History:She left Nagato at a young age.She's been then
adventuring But no one knows how she learned ninjutsu
or where she was for the past 25 years.When she came
back she had rinnegan eyes and mangekyo sharinggan
as her third eye.She came back to join the Akatsuki.But
she's unknown to most ninjas.
Dream:She had no more dream.
Motto:Start living before you start dying.

Yahiko: She's a great teacher
Nagato:She's the best sister
Konan:I'm glad I get to be with her.
Hidan:I'll KILL HER!!!!!!!!
Kisame:She's no human!!!
Kakuzu:I say she's a monster
Deidara:I wonder why she was born here?

That's probably it😊😊