Naley Naley dudettes thread ♥

Cas_Cat_2 posted on Aug 19, 2009 at 10:34PM
Hello and welcome to the Naley dudettes thread! =D
You don't exactly need to be a dudette; dudes are also welcome. xD
All you need to do is to love NH.

Because in the end..
True Love is what really matters ♥

Members list (in alphabetic order):
always-forever - Anna
Amy-x - Amy
backtoblack - Eliza
brattynemz - Nem
BrookeYourself - Lisa
Cas_Cat_2 - Catia (Cat)
Dermer4ever - Terra
Georgia93 - Georgia (G)
iluvnaley4evr - Madiha
Janni - Janni
kristine95 - Kristine (Ghost/Tinii)
lucysmileyface - Lucy
Naleyth - Rita
nevermind606 - Kristin
ns_23 - Kaitie
Olivine - Camilla (Cami/Oli)
othobsessed92 - Maham
Rolemodel2011 - Chandler
Shanice_12 - Shanice
shearer7 - Bailey
sophialover - Mary
XNaley_JamesX - Celine

If you want to be added just let me know.

Current Naley events:
coming soon
 Hello and welcome to the Naley dudettes thread! =D bạn don't [i]exactly[/i] need to be a dudette; du
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