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shearer7 posted on Jul 22, 2009 at 03:29AM
okay, so, i'm making a naley soundtrack & i was wondering if anybody had any songs that needed to be added. the CD will maybe hold about 21 songs. this is what i have so far...

1. everywhere she goes by across the sky- when nathan & haley skip school. i'm not sure if i'm going to use this one because it's not that important, but every time i hear it, i think of them.
2. feel this by BJG- for obvious reasons
3. halo by BJG
4. apologies by grace potter- when jamie comes home from being kidnapped. it's not too crucial to the naley storyline, but i just LOVE this song
5. we are man and wife by michelle featherstone- wedding song as haley walks down the aisle
6. for blue skies by strays don't sleep- season 3 back together
7. home by foo fighters- season 5 back together
8. feeling a moment by feeder- at the dealership fire, again, one i'm not sure about, but it just makes me think of them & the hand holding
9. heaven by firetheft- the first i love you
10. more than anyone by gavin degraw- first rain kiss & first dance at second wedding
11. sweet silver lining by kate voegele- slutty wedding sex. i'm not sure about this one either, i think of peyton in the beginning, but at the end of the song i'm always reminded of slutty wedding sex
12. she will be loved by marron 5- nathan proposes the first time
13. return to me by matthew ryan- they walk by the river
14. dare you to move by switchfoot- first kiss
15. missing you by tyler hilton- the song that made haley come home from the tour & second rain kiss (my favorite ultimate naley song)
16. city of devils by yellowcard- when haley is pregnent & nathan comes home after the press conference. not sure about this one either
17. lie in the sound by trespassers william- doubles, first wedding & honeymoon suite flashback
18. lightning crashes by live- they leave graduation for the hospital

that's all i have for the moment, not much from seasons 5 & 6. i'm more wanting songs that have been on the show rather than songs that the lyrics sound naley.

thanks guys!

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hơn một năm qua Amy-x said…
Fefe Dobson - everything
Its in 1x09 when they wakeup in the morning
Carolina Liar - when you are near
Its in 6x02 when they are at the rivercourt
La rocca - Love under key
Its in 5x13 when they are at counsilling
BJG - Elsewhere
When Haley sings to Nathan in the Cafe
Matt Nathanson - Wedding Dress
Is playing when they are sitting on the chair after Slutty wedding sex then they go up to Jamies room
The new amsterdams - Hanging on for hope
When Nathan Pulls Haley into the classroom and they kiss
Sarah McLachlan - Fallen
When Nathan goes to see Haley after he collaspes
Sheryl Crow - First cut is the Deepest
When she goes to Karens Cafe

These are all the other ones i have on my ipod. Hope this helps.
hơn một năm qua ns_23 said…
Us Against The World by Christina Millian
it wasnt on OTH but everytime i hear it i think of Naley idk why
Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
Honeygroove dance/really good cute song
Hazy by Rosi Golan
CODA 6.14
Mrs Scott by BJG
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
oh, you're awesome! i have a LOT of Naley songs, i'll be back later with some of them..but what you guys added is LOVE