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lucysmileyface posted on Jul 15, 2008 at 05:11PM
So this is a new game I found on a forum site..Basically it's about sutff that you remember about Naley like jokes, kisses, troubles they went trough..all the things you can relate to Naley's just write "remember when.." and add your memories...that's all..the next person just copies "remember when" and adds another thing..

I start..remember when Nathan first turned down Highflyers so Haley could concentrate on her music?

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hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
remember when............Naley got drunk on the beach on Haley threw up on Dan..lmfao
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hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
^^hehe..good times :)

remember when nathan stripped so he could buy haley the prom dress..sweet!
hơn một năm qua Janni said…
remeber when nathan went to see Haley after he had collapsed during game, cause e was on pills.. and then he gave a wonderful speech<3 Awww^^
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
remember when nathan got back from his firt day of work at the factory and haley was reading her speech.
she was like 'be the best we can'
and he looked up at her with pain in his eyes.
i was like.
felt so sorry for nate there.
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
^such a sad scene

remember when nathan told haley that he will always protect her...i love that scene
hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
loves-oth LOVE that scene

remember when Nate held the press conference and told Hales he had never been happier..everything would be ok...they would get through it together and he LOVED her...awww
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
^ of my fav moments!

remember when haley told nathan that she's not going anywhere..and she really kept her promise..i so love them!
hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
^^yeah so cute!

Remember when Nate carried Haley on prom night when she couldn't dance on her leg :-D
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
yeah, and remember when nate grab that guy for spiking the punch...he's such a protective sweetheart
hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…

remember when Nate was choking Chris up against the wall...LMFAO!!!
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
hell yeah...i was like you go man, he sooo deserves it!

remember when nate bought haley a keyboard instead of a car and she got to keep it in the end..sweet
hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
Yeah that was soo cute...

remember how Nate gave Haley the lil purple flower on the roof and said, "the roots are still there it just takes time...don't say I never gave u anything"....awww
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said… of my top naley moments! when i first saw that i was about to cry

remember when nathan made it rain for haley...absolutly beautiful gesture!
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hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…

remember when Haley told Nate he looked beautiful on the time