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lucysmileyface posted on Jul 09, 2008 at 10:05PM
I love all you guys, you are so awesome. Here I had the chance to know lots of wonderful persons..that's why I'd like to know something about yourselves or at least to know your real name :)
Well, I think my name is obvious lol..I'm Lucy and I'm a proud Naley addict. I'm nice, funny, a bit crazy, always in love, optimistic, capricious, frisky, smileyface, entertainer, a bit get the point...

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hơn một năm qua livelovelaugh said…
this is a good idea mite have to nick this for the brucas spot lol

Wel my names Dawn im 17 i live in the uk i love brucas , naley and jeyton. i love ewan mcgregor and amanda bynes. i think Bethany joy is the most amazing actress ever. im a drama student which i love and i have an amazing boyfriend who ive been with for 2 and a half years =)
hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
Ok my name is Kelsie. I'm 14! I live in the U.S
McEwen,Tennessee to be more precise. I have two brothers and a sister. I am a Naley FANATIC!! I also love Brucas!!and alot of other couples!!Let's see something about my personality...I'm a bitch and proud to be one!!
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hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
yay! lucy you read my mind, i was going to do something like this!

I'm Amy-Beth, My initials make ABC! [i think that's cool] i love oth, i'm sad enough to be able to tell people what song was playing in what episode and what was happening... it's a bt scary! oh yeah i'm 15, nearly 16. i live in the UK, Scotland really, i love it! i love disney world in florida and america is my favourite place to go on holiday. i am a complete bitch when i want to be, but i tend to get on with almost everyone. and when i bitch about people, it's more about the things they have done, rather than the person completely. I am a 'die-hard' naley fan, but i totally think i'm a fanatic, so jealous of kelsie ^^:):)
i love leyton, and i like brucas together, but i do think leyton are end game. i make youtube videos and write fanfictions.
em anything else you want to know... just ask!

also a complete music junkie.
hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
^^oh yeah!! I can tell you the name of every episode that has Naley signifigance and every song that is playing during their scenes don't feel bad..I'm soo pathetic!! I even know the lines to all their scenes.. and sometime when I'm watching I just talk along with it...not even realizing it and my mom gets soo
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hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
kelsie and amy-beth, i do the same thing! oh, i'm such an addict..
hơn một năm qua Janni said…
this is a rgeat idea^^
My name is Janusha and i live on Norway, my parents are from Sri Lanka, so that is where the name is from. My nickname is Janni so there is wher i hae gotten the username.I`m 15 years old^^
I am a Brucas fanatic and i love Naley. I also love Jeyton. Ann I know most of the name of the episode wher there is alot of Brucas & Naley<3 And I also know most of the Brucas lines, and some of Naleys.
I am a tv-holic and i usually fall in love in a couple and I love HAPPY ENDINGS(L)
I think I`m kind of a bitch, cause I get really mmad when people say something agianst what i stand for or the couples I love:P But I try to stay positiv:P
I love clothes and desing.. I guess I have almost written an essay
about me know so I`ll stop. And just wanted to say that I love all you Brucs and Naley fans<3
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
lucy, i was wondering, are you brucas or leyton...
i feel slightly outnumbered by brucasers here...
but i do like brucas...i just like leyton more..
hơn một năm qua ay3 said…
my name is anita and i am in love with oth, gossip girl, and twilight. i think that nathan was molded for haley (or vise verse) and this spot has the most dedicated fans i have ever seen. i was born in russia and moved 2 the states wen i was 6 (back then i was a charmed addict)...i am in russia 4 the summer! i think brooke is to good for lucas (and lucas became a REALLY bad boy)
14 years old just turned on the 10th...
GO CW11!!!!!! ITMAKESLIFEWONDERFUL! umm... thats about it... btw u all r REALLY cool...
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
amy-beth..i couldn't say i'm either brucas or leyton cuz i like 'em both the same..but this love triangle bugged me that at some point i kinda lost interest in who'd lucas end-up with..
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
aww that's cool!! i realised you never really said much about either of them. so i guess that's fine.
everyone doesn't ave to call me amy-beth if they can't be bother typing, i get called many variations of it here.
such as

lol, that's pretty much it, apart from names that are just stupid.
but do whatever you want, i don't mind.
KEEP COMMENTING WE'VE ONLY HAD 6 PEOPLE! there are over a hundred times that amount of fans....
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
lol amy...for me it's just lucy :D
oh, i forgot to tell you i'm from romania..anybody ever heard of it?

and yeah, where are all of you guys?
hơn một năm qua georgiapeach91 said…
Hey, I'm Rachel, I'm 16 and I live in California. I Love OTH and Naley. I'm also a Leyton fanatic but it doesn't seem like there are that many Leyton fans that are also Naley fans. Anyway, I think Naley are adorable together. Always and Forever <3
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
i love california!

and lucy i've totally heard of romania, but probably cause i'm from europe.
romania is in europe isn't it?
or asia? i think it's europe.
my geography skills are rubbish...
hơn một năm qua ElliesOwner said…
Hey Y'all!
I'm Lindsey, I'm 23 (Old Lady in Fanpop terms) and from Arkansas (USA). I'm a Social Worker, I graduated with my masters this past May, and recently got my first REAL JOB! Yay!!
I started watching OTH when I was a freshman in college, I was so excited to check it out, b/c I loved CMM. I immediately became a Naley fan, and pretty soon a Brucas fan.
I'm a southern girl who loves tv, movies, and books.
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
yeah amy it's in eurpoe so it looks like you know ur geography well enough :D btw, i started watching oth season 1 yesterday and early leyton are cute :)
but naley rulzzz!
hơn một năm qua gogokef said…
aww I hadn't seen that topic!
Well,my name is Georgia and I'm from Greece!God It's SO WARM right now in my room lol!
I watch OTH since the very first episode and I'm so OBSESSED!I love Leyton more than ANYTHING,,then comes Naley that I love too! They're so adorable together!

Oh and I forgot,,in August I will be 15 officially!lol! My birthday is 7 days after Chad's haha!
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
gogokef when is your birthday!!
i'm in august too!
mine's the 4th! i'll be 16!
hơn một năm qua gogokef said…
mine is the 31st!The last day of summer!! I know so many people that their birthday is in August!! :P
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hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
lol georgia, ur b-day is exactly one month away from mine...i was born on july 31st :D
hơn một năm qua soccerstarz661 said…
my name is Harli kinda like the motorcycle...i live in California and was born on August 23..i am 13 years old..and i obviously LOVE LOVE LOVE naley!!!i also like leyton and brase...people always find this amazing but my family doesn't have cable tv..i watch all one tree hill things on youtube and have all one tree hill seasons on it is harder for me to find out what is going on in tree hill!!i love making new friends and enjoy everyone on fanpop!!!i know this is kinda long but i love talking to anyone and everyone!!i love my fellow naley lovers and fanpoppers!!!!!
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
another august fanpoper! you legend!!
i see what you mean Harli about the cable tv.
over here in Scotland/UK/England we have this thing like cable which is called SKY, it's basically the same. and we can't get it at my house because the signal is blocked by trees, how rubbish is that.
anyway, we do have this other free thnig that has extra TV channels and thankfully it has E4 which shows oth, but i know how you feel.
especially when oth is showing in america and not in the UK, i'm always on fanpop tying to keep up!

hơn một năm qua EclecticFan said…
woo go me first Aussie on the list... sorry feel like i had 'represent' lol
ok totally have a fan crush on naley love like all else hear... totally love jeyton .. n i think it's prob coz of the jake factor i love him and i don't care hoo the hell lucas is with ne more to be honest... and i adore brooke

ok so i talk really fast, really loud non stop and drive everybody crazy talking about pointless crap.... i hate awkward silences... which to me r ne silences... so i have this compulsive thing to say umm when no ones talking and hope something comes to my head in time.... i also spend way to much time on the internet... putting off homework and study :P.

i just realised.... my names emma and i'm 17 lol woops

my innitials make erm... not as exciting as abc but hey i use that noise all the time to break silences :P
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
aww eclecticfan you sound like my type of girl!
i suppose we would get along really well, or just piss each other off by both trying to talk all the time!
you sound fun.
hơn một năm qua laurawoods said…
Well; First things first my name is Lauraa and im 14 and from Englandd :). Im a very lively person and get along with most people butt i can be a bitch :). Erm .. Im very loud and talk wayy to much and dont know when to shut up which normally causes trouble :P. Ive only recently started watching Oth but im addicted !! :) I love Naley but hate everyone who trys to interfere with there relationship !! :D
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
ahhh the common naley fan. welcome laura!
i'm sure you'll love naley as much as we do!
hơn một năm qua naley_4ever said…
heyy. My name is Emily and i live in the USA.
I absolutely LOVE LOVE naley and one tree hill. I'm really outgoing and crazy and loud. I'm 14 going on 15 at the end of august :)
hơn một năm qua loves-oth said…
hơn một năm qua brucasislove said…
hii! i'm tanya! i live in ontario,canada. i'm thirteen but i'll be fourteen on halloween! i absolutely adore naley!
hơn một năm qua dermer4ever said…
Hi I'm Terra I am 24 I live in Elverta, CA it is about 20 minutes from the capital which is Sacramento. My number one couple on oth is Brucas really obsessed with them and my second obsession is Naley and I have decided in the end if my Brucas can't be together I will have my Naley. But I still love Brucas.
hơn một năm qua ALwaYzN4evA14 said…
^^ haha.. yeah Thats y Naley is my comfort .. casue if brucas arent together.. I can always count on NAley to make cry and smile!!

but anywho..
Hello, Im Erika,19 yrs old.. born and raised in NYC!! Love OTH, Brucas and NALEY!!!!♥ (tho at times it may be Naley and :p)
hơn một năm qua doyouknow said…
Hi, I'm Jen, I'm 15. I'm Irish and proud of it. I live in Dublin and absolutely ADORE oth. e don't get it over here for ages so on Tuesday's Idive on the comp after school to see the newly uploaded episodes. Hahah I'm so cool. I love Peyton, Nathan, Haley, LEYTON and of course .. NALEY! I'm a bitch when Iwant to be but most of the time I get on with everyone. I love music. And I too can tell you the song playing and what is happening xD
hơn một năm qua huggies said…
Hi, I'm Amy and I'm also Irish! I am 18 and live in Dublin. I'm just about to start college so it was a really bad time for me to become addicted to OTH but what the hell its totally worth it!! I only started watching OTH about 2 weeks ago but I'm proud to say I watched every episode in like a week lol!! I love Naley especially Nathan, he is my favourite OTH character <333
hơn một năm qua Laurra said…
my names laura (totally obvious) ... im 14, live in UK! my favorite couple ever if leyton!! and my second is naley.. i am new to the naley crew, ive always thought they were ok, but never got really into them - i kinda took them for granted - but now i do love them!! completely obsessed with leyton though!!

im trying really hard to get medals in this and the leyton spot as some of you will know .. so i could do with the help of you rating things such as videos or images .. thanks!
hơn một năm qua brucas4ever said…
My name is Hannah! um im 14 i live in the us... im in all around Brucas and Edward and Bella fanatic. Im a new naleyer just beginning to really like them(<-- that's the only thing that's keeping me from stop watching oth) Um Nathan is my all time favorite character so i get pissed off when people mess with him...

i also love
Michael And Sara
Desmond and Penny!
anda lot more but those are most of my favorites
ohh and Chair!
hơn một năm qua Brooke-Yourself said…
My name is Brooke, I'm horny alot!! bad!! I love naley, brucas, jeyton. Jamie is the cutest little boy to walk to walk to earth. I love to watch TV, I love to talk to people. Sophia Bush, is the greatest actress on TV, in my opinion. Chad Michael Murray is 2nd on the hot list, in my opinion. I get mad at Peyton very easy but I get over my self. The cutest 3 people families are:
Brucas + Angie
Jeyton + Jenny
and of course
Naley + Jamie