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loves-oth posted on Jul 05, 2008 at 11:36PM
me and lucy [lucysmileyface] have been on a search to find nathan and haley's love theme, after my last forum i put up.
go to this website, this is the song we mean.


it is amazingly beautiful.

so anyway, i have tried every illegal method possible to try and download this song, it's just not possible for me.

so can everyone try something, i don't know what. but i believe every naley fan should have this song, because it is naley's song.

so please. EVERYONE join me and lucy on our search for the song! :)

also, it has been available for download at this website, as i've mentioned before...

if everyone emails this email address

be very polite, and ask them to put 'nathan and haley's love theme' up for download.

you may think i'm crazy obsessing over a song, but it's great! and i'm just a music junkie wanting to complete my collection!


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hơn một năm qua mcewen_girl said…
Okie dokey I'll try!! I've heard's good!!
hơn một năm qua lucysmileyface said…
make that two music junkies amy!

and yeah, we all should have the song since it's their love it's so beautiful!
it would be great if all you fans out there send the e-mail..