Not in any order, because that would be beyond impossible.

"I was hurt Haley, but I was still proud of you. Everyday."
"Wait, wait, it's all getting ruined."
"No, bạn don't need that stuff, you've got me."

"That's what sets bạn apart from her. That's one of the thousand reasons why I could never, under any circumstances, cheat on you.
"I don't wanna see bạn lose your dream.
"Lose her? She's right here. And I'm never letting go of her."

"I was so scared, so terrified. Then I saw bạn and I promised myself that if I could just get up, walk over to you, I'd tell bạn how much I need you, how much I want you, and how nothing else matters."

"'Haley and I will be together bởi graduation.' Did bạn really believe that?"
"I was in a pretty dark place back then, but I never stopped believing in us. My prediction came true, Hales. And as far as I'm concerned, that makes this a great night. So, bạn think that leg's ready for a dance?"
"I wish it were, but it's still a little stiff, sorry."
"Well, then, we won't use it.
"Well, well, it's my lucky night."

"Nathan, your problems are my problems. I want us to figure this out together. And you're wrong. You're my hero.
"So bạn don't think I'm crazy."
"No, I do not think you're crazy. Do bạn think I'm fat?"
"What? Of course not."
"Do I have a little head?"
"No, I tình yêu your head. Come here."

"You're in the NBA?"
"I'm in the NBA."
"Thank you. Thank bạn for believing in me."
"Thank bạn for being worth it."

"What are bạn gonna wish for?"
"I already have everything I ever wanted."

"You tình yêu me?"
"Of course I do bạn dork. With all my heart."

"Please don't think that I take that for granted. I'm so grateful for who you've been though all of this and how you've been."
"There's no other way for me to be. You've saved me so many times. I worry that I've been selfish with you, that I've taken advantage of your strength and selflessness. And that I've broken bạn somehow."
"No, no, bạn haven't, bạn didn't, I just, I have a weight in my tim, trái tim now that I didn't have before. It was lighter today though."

"Are bạn ok?"
"These aren't sad tears, they're happy tears."
"Alright, how about from now on we do smiles for happy instead...What is it?"
"I'm pregnant, and I think it's gonna be a girl."
"Nice work, daddy."

"You wanted rain."
"It is not possible to be this in love!"