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 The Mane 6 as Disney Princesses
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this guys reaction is freakin hilarious! he makes thêm reactions to thêm ngựa con, ngựa, pony videos. bạn should check him out
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Welcome to my review series! I guess reviews are just restating what happened and what I thought about it, so here bạn are.
Now, let's start off with one of my least yêu thích episodes: Bats. Lets ngôi sao off with-I don't want to dislike this episode. In fact, just read this comic below.
(Find full version here: link)
 Bats! Without Pointless Drama
Bats! Without Pointless Drama

It's even thêm reasonable because Fluttershy is the animal expert, and even though this is her first trái cây bat encounter, she knows what's best for animals. But, then, let's di chuyển on to the episode.

So, it starts out as rượu làm bằng trái táo, applejack waits until sunrise,...
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 Luna standing with celestia
Luna standing with celestia
One ngày in canterlot luna prepares her dress to go to the galloping gala in her room. It is made of the finest silk and a diamond shaped as a moon on her flank "I can't wait to hiển thị Daniel this dress" says luna with glee! She sows on silk that looks like her cutie mark on the other side of her flank. Daniel, a guard captain knocks on the door. Luna panics and hides the dress in her closet and các câu trả lời the door Daniel bows and says "luna your majesty, princess celestia would like bạn to get ready mam." Luna smiles and says "okay bạn are dismissed Daniel" While luna gets ready Daniel leaves and...
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