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 Blingee Mane 6 Dresses
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Twilight and ngọc lục bảo were in the everfree forest looking for Zecora. They finally found Zecora's Hut. Hello Twilight. đã đưa ý kiến Zecora.
Zecora i need bạn all of ngựa con, ngựa, pony ville has turned dark i can't see a thing! đã đưa ý kiến Twilight. Oh but i can't help bạn bạn see that is nature once every 3 years the ngày turned very dark no ngựa con, ngựa, pony can't see a thing but after a while it turns back to light but it might turn dark again. đã đưa ý kiến Zecora. But How am i going to read hoặc see anything in the dark! đã đưa ý kiến Twilight. Oh Twilight it will turn ngày again hoặc not!
(evil Laughs!) Zecora! says Twilight. But anyway just do not fear it will turn daylight again hoặc not! says Zecora.

Come on ngọc lục bảo says Twilight.

Ok! says emerald.

To be continued.............
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Awwwwwww~ x3 so cute~!! *has big smile on face like pinkie when she 1st saw a rainbow* (seconds until its finished) Ooooooh that gotta hurt ('''ರ_-)
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 A truck stolen bởi Snips & Snails
A truck stolen by Snips & Snails
Continuing on, cầu vồng Dash & I got to the ice ray, and unfroze Equestria. We lấy trộm, đánh cắp the time machine, and killed 20 communists while escaping the death egg.

Pinkie Pie: Thanks for saving us. It was not fun being frozen.
Sean: I'll bet.
Fluttershy: I hope cầu vồng Dash is ok.
Sean: Twilight's just going to use her magic to heal her, and then we go back to destroying our enemies.
Fluttershy: What are they doing now?

Now they had a huge battletank with several other vehicles. Snips, and Snails were about to attempt an idiotic plan on stealing a truck.

Snips: There's a good one.
Snails: Let's...
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