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posted by BlondLionEzel
*Equestria, the past, a stormy night*

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: *Puts Twilight Sparkle in bed* Sweet dreams...*hears a knock on the door*

Twilight Sparkle's Father: I wonder who that could be...

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: *Goes to the door and opens it*

*There is a baby half-human, half-wolf in a basket with a hachimaki tiếp theo to him, crying*

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: Awwww bạn poor thing...*Scoops the half-wolf baby up and cradles him in her arms*

Half-Wolf: Ma-ma, Ma-ma

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: *Looks at Twilight Sparkle's Father* What should we do?

Twilight Sparkle's Father: Should we keep him?...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
( Blah Blah) = What Hero hoặc someone think ()
In full night Dan wake up
??? - come to meeee....
Dan - w-who is that
??? - come too mee
Dan look at RainbowDash
Dan - ( she sleep... who is that)
??? - uhh... COMON GET OVER HERE
Dan - ok
Dan walks away from tent and he saw... he but he (lol) wear bloody apron
??? - HI!
Dan - umm hi... who are you
??? - oh god... Im your Twin !
Dan - WHAT!
RainbowDash Wake Up
RainbowDash - Dan and Dan can you... wait... 2 Dans
Dan - He is my twin
Shadow - Hi my name is Shadow
Dan - Shadow Its not name of Shadow ngựa con, ngựa, pony brother
Shadow - no his name is Henry
Dan - lol... ( tha fuck he cannot...
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Previously a fight started in Baltimare involving ponies against griffons.

Griffon bomber: blow up the cars!
other GB: *blows up car*
Sean: Damnit!
Shredder: At least MOST of us have a way to escape.
Rainbow Dash: Kill the griffons already! *kills griffons*
Pinkie Pie: *shoots grenade held bởi a GB*
Sean: Good work Pinkie.
Griffon 3416: *attacks cầu vồng Dash, but gets her neck broken*
Rainbow Dash: That oughta teach bạn not to mess with me!
Canterlot soldier: They're retreating!
Sean: A few of them are heading into that barn.

So the eight ponies, and hedgehog check inside the barn.

Twilight Sparkle:...
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posted by ppgFireball
Pinkie Pie: *is eating cupcakes, candy, and other sweets.
Rainbow Dash: man Pinkie Pie, bạn sure do have a sweet tooth.
Pinkie Pie: of course i am, sweets is everything i'll eat!
*someone knocks on door*
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie, we need to talk.
Pinkie Pie: *opens door* yeah Twilight?
Twilight: about your addiction to sweets. people have been complaining about a crazy sweets-loving ngựa con, ngựa, pony has eaten everything in he bakery.
Pinkie: *acts like it wasn't her fault* that's terrible! who would do that?!
Twilight: you.
Pinkie: heh heh.
Twilight: i'm afraid we're going to put bạn on a one ngày dies from candy...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
after killing the two Mexicans that had the machine gun, Con and his German Những người bạn went to defeat thêm Mexicans

German colonel: where are the rest?
Con: I don't know. let's keep looking
Mexicans: *hiding behind wall*
Con: I think we defeated them all.
Germans: *searching*
Mexicans: now *open wall*
Con: thêm enemies 3 o'clock
Mexicans: *fire guns*
Con: *creates shield*
Mexican captain: kill that unicorn
Germans: *shoot Mexicans*
German colonel: wonderful they're all dead.
German ngựa con, ngựa, pony 53: sir, look at this.
German colonel: my mother's sock, its a map of the entire world.
Con: what are those blinking lights...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
This is a combination of Casino Royale with Quantum Of Solace. It all started in a place called Dodge City, where many stallions were pitting động vật to fight against each other. Con had to find a certain ngựa con, ngựa, pony that was gambling on the animals.

Con: Did bạn find her yet?
Hungry: No. I don't see her.
Con: Stop touching your ear!
Hungry: Sorry?
Gambling pony: *notices hungry*
Hungry: *pulls out gun*
Con: Put your gun away! I need her alive.

Con chased after the mare into a construction sight. When he found the fence he couldn't hop over, he lấy trộm, đánh cắp a bulldozer, and destroyed it, then continued his...
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Pinkie was leading Rarity, Fluttershy, and Zecora to the other version of Pinkie Pie.

FIM Pinkie: *hopping down road*
Pinkie Pie: Hey! It's the other version of Pinkie. yes
Fluttershy: She has her own car? We only have buses.
Pinkie Pie: *sneaks into FIM Pinkie's car* Hello
FIM Pinkie: Ach!! Hey, bạn look just like me, but bạn sound different.
Pinkie Pie: That's because Pinkie is bạn from another world. Why is Pinkie german in this world?
FIM Pinkie: I was born in germany, and when I was a foal, I moved into the United States Of Equestria.
Pinkie Pie: Pinkie is a russian, and wants all germans...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Snowflake, Hawkeye, and Coffee Creme drove to Snowflake's house. When they got there, the three were playing monopoly

Coffee Creme: Can I ask bạn a question?
Hawkeye: Sure.
Coffee Creme: Why is Gordon such an ass?
Hawkeye: He was once a great driver, until he accidentally killed Pete's wife. Now he basically acts mean towards everypony for no reason.
Coffee Creme: That's terrible.
Snowflake: *rolls dice* Yeah. It's hard to believe, but it's true. How much do I owe you?
Hawkeye: It's New York avenue with two houses, so bạn owe me 90 dollars.
Snowflake: Here *hands over 100 dollar bill*
Hawkeye: Thank...
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The last solstice

Chapter 18: Truth revealed

The Princess of the Sun gazed at the spot where Nocturnal Mirage sat earlier this day. Celestia still could not believe she actually let him inside her fortress of solitude. She could not find a logical explanation why did she let a perfect stranger into places she blocked out her family and her closest Những người bạn from. But she knew one thing. Ever since the cobalt stallion set hoof in her suite, the voices in her head retreated, finally offering her a little peace.

The white alicorn idled in front of the busted mirror, stroking the burnt scars on her...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
This is another story with Con Mane in it. Right now he is planting explosives in a russian military base disguised as a bar.

Con Mane: Ok time to head up. *walks into bar*
Scarlet: Everytime it rains it rains pennies from heaven *eyes Con*
Con: *walks up thêm stairs heading in the bathroom*
Russian pony: Hey. I saw bạn enter the explosive room.
Con: Oh did you? *fights russian pony*
Scarlet: What are bạn doing?!
Con: *throws russian into bathtub*
Russian pony: *pulls out gun*
Con: *throws người hâm mộ into tub which electrocutes the russian pony* Shocking. Positively shocking.

Mares and stallions,...
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"Terry, are bạn sure?" Twilight asked.

"Yes of corse I'm sure" Terry said, nervously paceing around Twilight's liberary.

"sure of what?" Spike asked from ontop of a latter, trying organize a shelve.

"Oh crap!" the little dragon cried, before falling off the latter, after failing to keep balence.

Terry and Twilight heard a big thump like sound as Spike landed on the ground.

"I'm okay" Spike groaned form off view.

"Uhhh... Anyway, what's going to happen now?" Twilight asked Terry.

Terry started thinking about it, witch carzed a silence between everyone.

"I... I don't know" Terry admitted.

"What bạn guys...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Sean The Hedgehog presents

Dr. Ani (A Con Mane Story)

In case bạn are wondering, ani is korean for no.

Three old blind stallions were walking alongside a đường phố, street to a club. They were all walking with canes making sure they weren't going to hit anything. They kept walking until they saw a ngựa con, ngựa, pony get in a red sports car. Yes, the stallions were old, but they weren't blind. As the ngựa con, ngựa, pony was getting in his sports car the stallions shot him. Then they got in a old hearse, and drove away. "One agent down two to go." the driver said. "Who are we killing next?" the trái cam, màu da cam stallion asked. "Our tiếp theo target...
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posted by Canada24
The five girls eventually reached a một giây room.

Soon reaching a dark, hallway like area, that was literary window less, except one, siting alone near the middle of the room.

"Boy, Changeling's don't have much since of hope do they" Rarity commented.

"Dosen't matter, let's just keep going" cầu vồng đã đưa ý kiến racing ahead, she was quickly reaching the middle, cause the window was getting closer.

But once she passed the window, she suddenly crashed into someone.

But at that point the others xe đẩy, giỏ hàng up with her.

Rainbow Dash quickly saw that she crashed into Grimy, the Changeling from earlier.

"Back off!" Rainbow...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The front of the barge soon opened, and the submarine was stuck.

Double X: What do we do now?
German colonel: we'll have bạn in a disguise.
Mexicans: *get submarine in oil barge*
Mexican captain: have your crew come out of your submarine immediately.
Con: we better do what he says.
Germans: *come out of sub*
Mexican captain: stay there.
Double x: Are bạn sure about this?
Con: yeah.
Mexican captain: take these new prisoners to the others.
Mexican corporal: Si señor
Germans: *follow corporal*
Con: now for the attack.
Double X: What?
Mexicans: Silencio!
Con: *steals corporal's gun*
Mexican corporal: HEY!...
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The last solstice

Chapter 41: Power through deceit

Luna walked over to the edge of the balcony with casual steps. She looked down to the place where her own sister vanished from her sight a moment ago, then burst out in a mad laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” she tittered maniacally. “Justice is served!”

A một giây later, something slit through the air with a loud swish, and a circular metal object pierced her chest. Luna gaped, her features revealing surprise and disbelief. Her eyes traveled downwards to see what caused the pain. She discovered with shock, that it was her own royal seal, she...
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FIM Twilight soon found Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, and cầu vồng Dash.

FIM Rarity: What is it? And where's Pinkie Pie?
FIM Twilight: Man, I have no clue!
FIM Applejack: I suppose those other ponies that look exactly like us killed her! Their version of cầu vồng Dash was scared when I attacked her.
FIM cầu vồng Dash: Oh, of course bạn had to beat me up! Why couldn't bạn have gone for the one that looked like Rarity?
FIM Rarity: How dare you?! No one is supposed to hit a lady!
FIM cầu vồng Dash: We're all "Ladies" I think I can beat bạn up if I wanted to.
FIM Fluttershy: Um. Can no ngựa con, ngựa, pony get beat up?...
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Pinkie Pie lead Twilight and Spike to her's.. Well, the house of Mr and Mrs Cupcake, witch she stays in, as their upstairs guest.

"Ahh, here we are" Pinkie Pie đã đưa ý kiến happily.

"So... What, is this job bạn need?" Twilight asked.

"I need bạn guys to help me make some cakes?" Pinkie Pie replied.

"dose that include" Spike started, but Pinkie Pie interupted him, saying "No Spike, EATING them, is not included as part of this job" the màu hồng, hồng ngựa con, ngựa, pony replied, leaning up to the little Những câu chuyện về rồng face.

Spike groaned in disapointment.

Twilight and Spike helped Pinkie Pie finish the rest of the cakes that needed to be...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Mr. Casa
Mr. Casa
Con Mane has returned, and it has been one năm since the first Con Mane fanfiction, Dr. Ani: A Con Mane Story

Disneyfan333 helped me out with this.

The story starts in Brazil, as a car pulled into the parking lot. The ngựa con, ngựa, pony driving the car was Mr. Casa.

After Mr. Casa entered the building, he went to an elevator, and went to the floor where his office is.

Mr. Casa: *Enters office, and opens safe*

Earlier, Mr. Casa placed $300,000 in the safe, but it was empty

Mr. Casa: *Staring at empty safe*
Con: P really doesn't mind when bạn borrow his money, but when bạn steal it, that's another story.
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posted by Dragon4322
 "The thuyền did arrive but it wasn't just any pony"
"The boat did arrive but it wasn't just any pony"
Later that afternoon Chrysalis and I heard that a fresh soldier was coming to our position so we both prepared ourselves and went to the beaches to see if the new infantry ngựa con, ngựa, pony arrived. The thuyền did arrive but it wasn't just any ngựa con, ngựa, pony it was a pegasus otherwise known as my sister cầu vồng Dash. I never expected her to have signed up for the Ponyville Military. Once she stepped on the sand she hugged me and đã đưa ý kiến ,"Scootaloo i missed you" and i smiled and looked at my best friend in embarrassment because of my big sister treating me like i was her filly but i was her sister and nothing more. I pushed my sister away from me in disgust to hiển thị my general i wasn't some baby and that i could handle myself. cầu vồng Dash looked at me in surprise and đã đưa ý kiến ,"Scootaloo what's wrong?" and then i shouted ,"Listen Dash i'm not a little filly anymore i'm a grown mare!" my sister looked at me and laughed saying "Hahaha bạn do know you're still small Scootaloo?"
 "Once she stepped on the sand.."
"Once she stepped on the sand.."
posted by applejackrocks1
Sugar Sprinkles had packed her clothing and other items. She was in the Train Station with Nikki and her bags...

Nikki: 2 tickets to Ponyville please.
Lady: That would be 2 dollars.
Sugar: Here. *gives 2 dollars to Lady*
Lady: Thank you. Here bạn go. *hands tickets to Nikki*
Nikki: Thank you.
Lady: Have a nice day!
Sugar: *enters train*
Nikki: *enters train*
Sugar: Wh-
Nikki: *sits on seat*
Sugar: *sits tiếp theo to Nikki*
Nikki: I'm taking bạn somewhere where bạn can be happy.
Sugar: Whoa. It stinks.
Nikki: Yep. It's the skunk in the bag.
Sugar: bạn brought it?!
Nikki: Duh. I have to. If I set it free here, somepony...
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