Pinkie Pie is nice.
Her big happiness gets all.
I guess it got me.

Twilight is a nerd,
yet she does truly sparkle.
What could go wrong next?

Where is Rarity
when one possibly needs her?
Complaining, of course.

If little ponies
consume bánh nướng nhỏ and whatnot,
would they be poisoned?

Yes, the farmer horse
could let loose from the hard work
and not worry much.

Both the Princesses
of the mighty Canterlot
should stay together.

Shall we not forget
the great and one wonderful
royal wedding now?

Kindness and high love
are two of the best weapons
to fight the evil.

(I'm afraid that these are all I have for right now. If these don't seem right, let me know so that I can make some edits to this haiku list. Thanks for viewing.)