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Now, if bạn all know me, bạn would know that I tình yêu video games. Normally, I only review video games that bạn can play online. Well, there was that Saints Row: The Third review, but lets not talk about that one… Ever again. But, I am making an exception, so I can review the greatest Square Enix RPG on the Xbox 360, and that game is Final fantaisie XIII- Ha ha ha ha, oh fuck no. That game was awful. But, seriously, we’re talking about Infinite Undiscovery.
Now, this game came when PS3 was getting a fuckton of RPGs. Sure, Xbox had Fable 2, but that was only one RPG, whereas PS3 had a whole bunch. And slaughtering an entire village is only fun for so long. But, then came Infinite Undiscovery, XBox’s answer to the PS3 RPG’s. Like I said, this game was made bởi Square Enix, and if bạn remember that their other XBox RPG was Final fantaisie XIII, bạn can easily understand why my hopes for this game weren’t too high. But, actually, the game is a lot of fun.
The game center’s around Capelle, a pathetic and cowardly flute player who is saved bởi a Công chúa tóc xù girl named Aya, and she saves him because she mistakes him for Sigmund, who is known as the Liberator and is saving the world from the Order of Chains. The Order of Chains is a group that wants to connect large chains from the earth to the moon, in order to gain the power from the god that lives on it. However, when a chain is placed, monsters surround it and cause disaster wherever they go. What makes this game fun is the massive open world. It is easily one of the most beautiful games I have seen on the XBox, hiển thị bạn large environments and a large landscape. I really tình yêu this beautiful world to explore.
Now, lets talk about the characters. Of course bạn have Capelle, Aya, and Sigmund. Then there is Edward, who is jealous of Capelle because he gets thêm attention from Sigmund then he does. Then there’s Eugene, who is a high priest. Then there’s Balbagan, who is a very heavy hitter. Than there is Rico and Rucha, and…. Well, they’re little kids, but they’re not as bad as most little kids in games, so that’s a plus. Then there’s Michelle, who is a very helpful nurse. Then there’s Gustav, who’s a FUCKING BEAR! Then there’s Komachi, who is a ninja. Then there’s Touma, also a ninja. Then there’s Vic……….. I don’t like him. Then there’s a bunch of other characters that are too much to count. Now, that’s all fine and good, but how does the story work. Well, to tell bạn the game, I need to point out a lot of parts of the game, so… there are minor spoilers.
So, once Capelle is saved bởi Aya, he then joins her, along with Sigmund, Edward, Eugene, and Balbagan, who are the only party members at the moment. Once bạn get to the camp, bạn are told that Aya is sick, and the only way to help her is for Capelle to carry her to the nearby village. This, however, is one of the bad mission designs. bạn are making us carry a major character, taking away our ability to fight at the moment, and we’re only ten phút into the game. This is a problem because there is no sense of urgency hoặc rush. bạn just run across a field, and avoid enemies. This would have been much better if it was done at a later portion of the game. But, running away from a giant dragon, I will admit, is pretty cool.
After Capelle gets Aya to the village, bạn will then be able to recruit Rico and Rucha. After that, you’ll have to help the village while Aya heals. bạn help them bởi going into the villages shrine and to find Rico and Rucha’s father, who is the village priest. Here is where I had to use a walkthrough. Once inside, you’ll find a door that tells bạn bạn need Bats Wings and Snake Fangs. Of course, bạn can’t just give the items to the door. bạn have to use Rico’s chim cánh cụt March spell to mind control an enemy to follow bạn to the door, and hope bạn get there in time before the spell wears off. After that, bạn will get to fight the games first boss. It’s not too hard, and not too challenging, so I’d say it’s okay, bởi first boss standards anyway.
After bạn finish your business here, bạn will then head to lâu đài Prevant. Once inside, bạn will have to fight an actual battle. It’s like something out of Lord of the Rings and I tình yêu it. bạn also have to use catapults to knock down the door. This scene is just awesome and I tình yêu it. Once inside the castle, bạn will then have to walk down a LONG corridor. I’m not joking when I say long. It actually took me half an giờ to get through it. Sure, there were some interesting parts, but JESUS, bạn don’t have to have a lâu đài be all corridors.
After that, bạn recruit some new people, head to a different city, which really doesn’t have bạn do much, and then bạn head to Oradian Drifts, which is a huge desert that acts as the tiếp theo overworld for you. Here, bạn will have to head to Fayel. But first, bạn get rid of a chain in Sapran. After that, on your way to Fayel, bạn run into the resident of Sapran, who exited the village when the chain was placed there. Capelle then agrees to escort them back to the village. Here is something that all gamers hate. It’s a little thing called…. Escort missions. Yep, I can hear bạn all screaming in horror. And this one is just as bad as other escort missions. bạn have to escort a bunch of villagers who walk at a snail's pace, and it really doesn’t help when bạn are attacked bởi multiple enemies at once. It can either be really boring hoặc really annoying.
So, after bạn get done with that, bạn head to Fayel, not much happens, and then your on your way to lâu đài Valette. bạn have to go through Oradian Mountains. It is way too confusing to navigate and can get real tedious. Once you’re at lâu đài Valette, you’ll have to go through a series of puzzles, which are really creative (Most of the time) and can be real fun if you’re a puzzle người hâm mộ like I am. After that, we get another boss fight, that I can’t talk about too much without spoiling the game, and that is the end…… Of disc one. This game came with two discs, so now we must di chuyển on to the một giây disc. Here, bạn will have to head to Port Zala, which has a very interesting boss. Instead of killing the boss, bạn have to attack the Chain. I really like the turn of battle strategies in the một giây disc
After that, bạn head to Kolton, which is under attack bởi these monsters called Vermiforms. Capelle can’t attack them, and the party can’t see him. Here, you’ll have to play the flute to make him visible, so the party can attack him. I really like this idea, and it is pretty cool. After bạn killed the Vermiform, bạn will then see that Edward is sick (Sounds familiar to me), and you’ll have to get him some medicine. Then we meet Vic……………………………. Then we di chuyển to the Cobasna Timberlands. I fucking hate the Timberlands. Everywhere bạn walk is either filled with enemies that are so goddamn tenacious and will chase you, even when bạn don’t want to fight them, hoặc you’ll end up at a mist that will teleport bạn to some ngẫu nhiên fucking spot in the Timberlands, and bạn may end up back at the fucking beginning, forcing bạn to go through all the shit again. Also, the enemies respond whenever bạn walk away from the area, so this is where the respawning enemies becomes a problem. After bạn finally get out of there, bạn will then find the guy bạn need, head back through the FUCKING TIMBERLANDS, and then heal Edward.
After that, bạn must head through the FUCKING TIMBERLANDS and head to Dias.
Now, if you’ve played the game, bạn may be noticing that I left out Halgita. That’s because I can’t talk about it without either spoiling the game, hoặc not finding anything of interest to talk about. Now, after bạn leave the FUCKING TIMBERLANDS, bạn will then make it to Dias, which is a cave filled with large spiders. bạn know, the enemy that seems to be in every RPG. After that, bạn will cut another chain, and then bạn head back to Fayel, and then the Lunar Rain- WOAH! I’m gonna stop right there. bạn see, this is the part that is basically spoiler central. If I talk about everything here, I will spoil so much. So, I am just going to skip this part, and di chuyển on to something else. Something like… Dragons. Yeah, bạn fight a dragon…. and it’s kind of annoying, to be honest. But, after that, bạn then head to the final level of the game, and that is the Underwater Palace… And this is where the game becomes unforgiving. Up to this point, bạn had a fair amount of save points, and was able to stock up on equipment easily. In the Underwater Palace, there is no such thing as that. Here, bạn will have to fight three recycled bosses in a row, which are real hard, hoặc just take too long. The only original boss is this guy who is really hard to kill, and takes far too many hits to kill. I’m not kidding when I say the Order of Chains leader has less health than this guy. And if bạn die once, you’re going a LONG way back. So, bạn better stock up on a lot of equipment and bạn better be a high level. Trust me, you’ll need it. After that, we have to fight four other bosses, except these ones aren’t recycled.
After bạn have fought all these bosses, bạn will reach the final boss. I won’t spoil anything for you… But I will say this boss is basically the Shao Kahn of RPGs. Okay, maybe I just suck, but this guy is real hard. He has these shields that have to be destroyed before bạn can attack him. But bạn can’t hit them when their spinning, and he will always shooting lighting bolts at you, and he will even send shadow clones of your party members. And whatever your party members level is, then that is exactly what the clones level is. This makes trying to kill them insanely difficult. It’s best bạn heal a LOT, and try to kill them before they kill you. After the shields are destroyed, bạn will have to destroy thêm SHIELDS! Here, he will shoot heat seeking lightning bolts, large fireballs, energy balls that suck bạn in, and lasers. FUCKING LASERS! After bạn destroy the shields, bạn can finally attack him… But not too much. He only has one attack now, and that is to launch meteors at you. But let me tell you, if bạn let yourself get caught in those meteors, bạn can just head right down to the courthouse, and have your name legally changed to Fucked, because that is exaclty what bạn are if bạn get caught in those meteors.
Yeah, it’s no doubt that this game has its flaws, like confusing riddles, tedious levels, cheap bosses, THE FUCKING TIMBERLANDS, and… well, Vic, but the game is actually amazing. The story may be confusing at first, but once bạn understand it, it’s actually kinda good. The gameplay is also really fun for RPG lovers, and, like I đã đưa ý kiến before, the environments in the game are just beautiful. I can’t think of a thêm beautiful RPG- Well, that’s a lie, I can, but still. It’s beautiful. It’s not a game for everyone, I understand that, but if bạn tình yêu RPGs, then this is the game for you. And it’s an RPG that is certainly worth thêm of your time and money, and Final Fucktasy XIII. But, hey, that’s only my opinion. What’s Your Take
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Hello everyone. Its finally time to present the ten worst MLP characters that bạn voted for. Now remember, i their is a character that bạn didn't see here, remember that bạn were the ones who voted for these characters, and I'm just placing them in order of votes. now, lets start

10: Granny Smith - Now, I just need to ind out why this character was voted........ I guess its just because Hasbro was pushing the elderly stereotypes, but other then that, I really can't see much of a reason why she's here... However, speaking of stereotypes...

9: rượu làm bằng trái táo, applejack - Now here is a character I can give criticism...
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