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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After catching the crocodile, Papillon, and Louis brought it to one of the guards.

Guard 27: *Grabs a knife, and cuts a hole in the crocodile's stomach*
Papillon: *Watching the guard*
Guard 27: You're tiếp theo job is to go catch butterflies. What the buck are bạn waiting for?
Papillon: *Leaves guard*
Louis: *Follows Papillon*

Catching bướm was not as easy as it sounded. They were going really fast, and the prisoners were tired.

Prisoner 52: *Swings his net, but misses a butterfly*
Guard 93: You're supposed to catch them bạn idiot.
Prisoner 52: *Runs after butterfly*
Louis: *sees con bướm, bướm on a bush, and grabs it with his hooves*
Papillon: *Arrives* How did bạn do that?
Louis: I just did it. I don't know how.
Papillon: What do they even do with these things?
Louis: I think they get sent to Equestria to be used for making clothing.
Papillon: How is that possible?
Louis: They use the material from the wings. *Gives con bướm, bướm to Papillon*
Guard 83: *Checking con bướm, bướm sent to him from a prisoner*
Papillon: *Walks to guard with butterfly* Where do bạn send these butterflies?
Guard 83: Into the United States.
Papillon: *Stands on his back legs, and shows his con bướm, bướm tattoo on his chest* How much would it cost to send this one out of here?
Guard 83: How much have bạn got?
Papillon: I have $1,000.
Guard 83: Guard!!
Papillon: Okay $2,000.
Guard 83: Let me think about it.
Guard 86: *Arrives* What's the problem?
Guard 83: *Shows con bướm, bướm from Papillon* Look at this amazing specimen that was được trao to me bởi this stallion. Why doesn't he have a net? Go get one for him.
Guard 86: *Walks away*
Papillon: So you'll help me?
Guard 83: Down the river, towards a small island with a lot of trees. bạn can't miss it. It's very easy to find. Be there in a week.
Papillon: Alright, I will.

Later that night, Papillon, and Louis were sent to a camp where working prisoners would sleep. Barely any guards were around, and they met another prisoner named Andrew. The two of them got súp for dinner, and saw Andrew finishing his.

Andrew: Hey, how are you?
Papillon: Not bad.
Louis: I've been better.
Papillon: *Sees a ngựa con, ngựa, pony laying on the ground near another bowl of soup* Is he going to finish that?
Andrew: Not with the way he's feeling if bạn know what I mean.
Papillon: Oh.
Louis: I guess it's for us then. *Takes extra súp bowl*
Andrew: Three way split.
Louis: *Pours extra súp into Papillon's bowl, then his own, and then pours the rest into Andrew's bowl*
Andrew: So how do bạn like it here so far?
Papillon: I don't know. So far it's our first ngày here.
Louis: I just think it's torture.
Andrew: Yeah, I've only been here for a week. *Takes pills out of pocket from his prison uniform*
Papillon, and Louis: *Stare at Andrew*
Andrew: What? These aren't the kind of pills that kill you. It's prescribed to me. *Takes pills, and swallows them* I need to have them with my dinner, hoặc else I get a big pain in my chest.
Papillon: We get it.
Louis: May we change the subject?
Andrew: Eh, sure. How long are bạn gonna be out here?
Papillon: I'm not sure. We might be heading back to the prison camp soon, but we could come back here tomorrow.
Andrew: The idiot guards have been keeping me out in this jungle for three days now. I'd rather stay inside the prison.
Papillon: I gotta agree with you. bạn have no idea what we've gone through.

2 B Continued
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