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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Back at the train station, Pete was waiting to go to a meeting.

Pete: *Checking clock*
Percy: *stops inspection car on platform* Pete, we have something important to tell you!
Pete: Alright, but get that car out of the way. A train could be coming here soon.
Percy: *Moving inspection car out of way*
Pete: *Goes to bench, and sits on it*
Percy & Jeff: *Walk onto station platform*
Pete: What is it?
Percy: We were fixing track on Sherman Hill, like bạn told us to do, but some ponies in the mafia came, and attacked us.
Pete: That can't be good. We need to fix that track right away. If we don't get it fixed, we can't get any trains to go up the hill.
Jeff: We're aware of that Pete. Now, how do we stop those gangsters?
Pete: bạn mean the mafia?
Jeff: Same thing.
Pete: I know a good friend that can help us. I'll go call him right now. *Goes to office*
Stylo: Jeff, do bạn have any money that I can borrow?
Jeff: Why do bạn want to borrow money?
Stylo: Pierce keeps winning it from me in poker.
Jeff: Can't bạn quit?
Stylo: No. I need that money back now.
Jeff: I can't help you.
Stylo: Aw, please?
Jeff: Nope.

Meanwhile in Pete's office

Pete: Hello, Michael?
Michael: Pete? What's up?
Pete: I have to hủy bỏ our meeting. The mafia is attacking us, and we need to fix some track.
Michael: Okay. What time do bạn want to postpone the meeting to?
Pete: tiếp theo friday sounds good.
Michael: Okay. Good luck with those gangsters.
Pete: Mafia.
Michael: Same thing. *Hangs up*
Pete: Now, to make another call. *Dialing number*
Magnum: *Answers phone* Hello.
Pete: Magnum, it's me Pete Reimer.
Magnum: Peter! How are bạn my friend?
Pete: Not too bad, but I have a problem. The mafia is attacking us, and they won't let us fix this section of track on Sherman Hill. We need help.
Magnum: Why not call the police?
Pete: They keep getting killed. We need something better then Cheyenne's Finest.
Magnum: How about a tank?
Pete: A tank?! You're crazy.
Magnum: Relax. There's going to be no ammo for the guns. Just drive up to them, scare them, and they won't bother bạn at all.
Pete: What kind of tank did bạn have in mind?
Magnum: A Sherman. I was just fixing this tank that got back from Korea last year. bạn can have it in thirty minutes.
Pete: Sure. Thanks. *Hangs up*
Hawkeye: *arrives* Percy told me bạn were having trouble with the mafia.
Pete: Relax, I got the problem to get rid of those scumbags.
Hawkeye: Did bạn call the cops?
Pete: No. Even better.
Hawkeye: The police?!
Pete: No. A friend of mine is going to bring in a Sherman tank.
Hawkeye: bạn have really gone crazy.
Pete: Nope. It wasn't my idea.
Hawkeye: You're still crazy.
Pete: Bullshit. Now get out of here, I'm going to make an announcement.
Hawkeye: *Leaves office*
Pete: *On speaker* Attention everypony. A tank will be here in thirty minutes. Under no circumstances are bạn to touch it. I will use it to scare away the mafia, and then it goes back to it's rightful owner. Do not go near the tank at all!

Everypony understood, but Gordon and Coffee Creme were not around to hear the message. They would arrive at the station from Kimball Nebraska.

2 B continued
 Sherman tank (Ammunition not included)
Sherman tank (Ammunition not included)
It was 12am in Ponyville, and all the ponies were asleep, except for one little pony, Score. For some reason she couldn't sleep well.

Score: Ugh!! Why can't I sleep?!?!? (Looks at clock) UGH!!!

Score gets out of bed, and grabs a cup of milk. Then, she finally falls asleep. At around 3am, she hears a loud noise. And she decides to go and investigate.

Score: W-Who's there?!
????: ...........
Score: (grabs pan) Come out wherever bạn are!!!!
????: GET IN THE BAG!!!!
Score: What?!?!
????: That's right, get in the buckin Bag!
Score: *gasp* *whispers* the army.....

Suddenly, a bunch of Colts dressed in uniforms...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
"I'm Pinkie Pie!" đã đưa ý kiến Pinkie Pie, "who are you?" The filly then replied, "I'm Diamond Tiara." After she đã đưa ý kiến that, cầu vồng Dash told her they had to go, grabbed Pinkie, and flew away as fast as she could. "Why did bạn do that?" Pinkie asked. "I know that filly, she's annoying as hell." Pinkie looked confused, "Why?" "Pinkie, that was Diamond Tiara, the most obnoxious ngựa con, ngựa, pony in the world." Dash said. "I don't know why she asked who bạn were, but it's probably because of Applebloom." They soon went off to sweet táo, apple acres to warn Applebloom. "Diamond Tiara probably wants something Pinkie gave...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
"About time." Dash đã đưa ý kiến very angry. "I wanted to make it look like they killed us." I explained, "but they'll probably find out were alive soon." As we drove to the apartment where Dash's Những người bạn were the car ran out of gas. "I've got thêm gas in the trunk." I đã đưa ý kiến going to get the car refueled. When I started refueling the car, snow fell. "How did Robotnik get his army?" cầu vồng Dash asked. I knew she would ask me about Robotnik, but not about his army. I started telling her, "Robotnik came up with a bunch of badniks in his factory. Then there is his nephew, he doesn't do much, but he is smart....
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Dawn Bright hung her head low as she entered the house. She didn't even look up when her little brother, Sky Shot, and dad, Quick Wing, asked her how it went. She stumbled up the stairs to her room. Inside, Pyro, the silver/ vàng dragon she had found as a baby, was dusting her bookshelves.

"So how'd it go," Pyro asked.

Dawn just groaned and leapt into bed. With that response the sarcastic little dragon replied, "Oh so it went amazing this năm and bạn did not get grounded for a tháng from sách like last time?"

"No, worse," Dawn grunted.

Pyro answered, not able to keep the surprise from his voice,...
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"So I defeated Princess Celestia, am holding Twilight and her Những người bạn captive, and let my changelings go all over Equestria to take control the minds of everypony. Who says a girl can't have it all?" Queen Chrysalis laughed evilly.

"You won't get away with this", đã đưa ý kiến Princess Celestia, hanging upside down from the ceiling of the ngôi vua, ngai vàng room encased in green goo.

"Don't bạn see, Celestia? I already have." Queen Chrysalis flew up to Princess Celestia and looked into her eyes. "And there's nothing bạn can do about it." She flew back on the ground and sat in Celestia's throne. "Much better." She laughed evilly again.

-Meanwhile in the caves beneath Canterlot.
You and your team are trapped in the crystal caves beneath Canterlot. bạn have to figure out a way to get out of the caves(and no using magic, Kỳ lân and alicorns), free Twilight and her friends, and defeat Queen Chrysalis! The fate of Equestria is in bạn and your team's hooves!
posted by mariofan14
After a lot of work for-a the forgiveness party, Pinkie Pie had everything prepared for-a the occasion. She-a then began inviting everypony to-a the occasion, including Gilda, but she-a had to-a apologize to the Ponyville citizens for-a the trouble she-a caused to them. They-a then forgave her and trust her. What's there to-a not forgive, huh?

Anyways, the party needed one thêm guest: cầu vồng Dash. "Are we gonna have a good time hoặc what?" Gilda asked. Of course we are, Gilda!" đã đưa ý kiến Pinkie Pie. "Dashie would never want to miss any party being thrown bởi me hoặc anypony else!" Everypony was eager...
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posted by mariofan14
As-a we catch up on-a the griffon, we-a also see cầu vồng Dash chasing her, but also being as silent as-a can be. The griffon then makes a stop, but where? An táo, apple cart, the exact one she-a lấy trộm, đánh cắp from, but-a why? She had to-a pay for-a what she-a took. Slowly, but surely, Rainbow's suspicion grew.

Along came Pinkie Pie, who-a was trotting along down
the bustling town streets, until she-a bumped into Gilda. "AAAAHHHHH!!!" She-a ran away, but-a Gilda went after her, and-a the cầu vồng pegasus flies after the griffon, still being silent.

Gilda soon got a hold of-a Pinkie Pie. "What do bạn want from...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
All of my life, I've wanted to be a professional DJ. One to create original music, the one that will persuade ponies to come and listen as they strut their stuff on the dancefloor.
    But sadly that goal won't be made. I only expose my DJ-ing and remixes to myself. I live in Ponyville. A small town lying in Equestria ruled bởi Princess Celestia and Luna who run the successful monarchy.
    This is the type of town that everypony knows everypony. But, it seems that nopony knows me in particular. I tend to...
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posted by Grimms-Dragon
This is my first attempt so please chịu, gấu with me. Please read, review, and enjoy.


I watched bạn walk away
Hopeless, with nothing left to say
I strain my eyes
Hoping to see bạn again

-My Curse bởi Killswitch Engage


Spike gnawed at the gemstone that he had been sent as an anonymous present. He had been suspicious of the present when he received it but he was overjoyed to see a stone inside. With his sharp little teeth at work now, trying to break piece off. It taste extremely sweet but it was extremely hard. He had of course wondered...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Starring me, and Totaldramafan60 along with others that will be mentioned in certain scenes.

Our first scene is from Equestria: 60's Are Fun. I wanted this scene to be about a fun party, where everypony was having a good time, but TDF60 had other plans.

Cupcake: (Comes out of nowhere) I live with my two bestest Những người bạn named Dark Moon and Minty Fresh!
Jordan: That's great Cupcake.
Dark: Minty, cupcake shouldn't be here, if she wants to try beer, she'll die of craziness.(Smiles) I'd acutally like that.
Jordan: Now I see why your name is Dark. What's the tiếp theo song going to be? Ah, I got it. *Plays...
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 Luna's got her eyes on a certain stallion...
Luna's got her eyes on a certain stallion...
I'm doing this favor of Valentine's Day, because I never made a story about whether hoặc not my OC finds love. Let's get this story started!

Morning has just arrived, and the main six hustled to stand around Blazin's giường as he was sleeping. After hearing he has NEVER heard of Hearts and Hooves Day, they decide to surprise him-in a somewhat unexpected way.

Pinkie: He's gonna jump out of his lông, lông thú when we holler at the same time!

Fluttershy: Please don't yell too loud-he might hurt himself.

Rainbow: He's never heard of Hearts and Hooves Day, and bạn say we should go easy on him? Not today....Ready?

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posted by BlackPetals
Boo. I've come back from the grave to write thêm ngẫu nhiên things. Seriously, this time. I believe I've improved as a writer, after several stories a few dozen poems and about ten nghề viết văn classes. So, let's see how this goes.

A slender but sturdy trái cam, màu da cam mare bucked her hind legs, her hooves thumping into a tree. Apples fell like rain, overflowing the buckets and coaxing a smile. A few feet away, a canary-coated mare flinched, letting out a squeak. "It- it's very l-loud..." She mumbled, cheeks pink. The trái cam, màu da cam mate laughed. "Of course it is, Fluttershy. All hard work produces noise." The mare's...
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