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posted by Seanthehedgehog
That night at Coffee Creme's house, she was thinking about what to do tomorrow.

Coffee Creme: Should I still act like Gordon, hoặc just be myself?
Ghost: Be Gordon!
Coffee Creme: Ah! What are bạn doing here? Ghosts don't exist.
Ghost: This is a dream bạn nincompoop. Anything can happen in a dream.
Coffee Creme: Such as?
Ghost: Such as seeing bạn float, even though nothing is making bạn do that.
Coffee Creme: *floating in mid air* Whoa!!
Ghost: And bạn could spin around while you're up there.
Coffee Creme: *spinning around* Stop the spinning! Please!!
Ghost: Ugh, fine. Only because bạn đã đưa ý kiến please.
Coffee Creme: *lands in bed* So bạn really think I should be like Gordon?
Ghost: Yes. He's always a douchebag towards you, and other ponies, isn't he?
Coffee Creme: Yeah. Sometimes anyway.
Ghost: Then act like him tomorrow, and teach him a lesson.
Coffee Creme: Ok. I will.

The tiếp theo morning at the train station in Cheyenne.

Pete: Coffee Creme, I need bạn to work with Hawkeye today, on getting a passenger train into Pocatello.
Coffee Creme: Ok.
Hawkeye: We're on it sir. *walks to platform*
Coffee Creme: *following*
Orion: *stops passenger train at station*
Ponies: *Getting out*
Hawkeye: xin chào Orion, how has it been?
Orion: Great. I'm just going to get this engine refueled, and your train will be ready to depart.
Hawkeye: Sweet.
Coffee Creme: *waiting bởi train*
Overweight pony: *walking to train*
Coffee Creme: Morning fat ass. Get in.
Overweight: Uhm, I'm going to wait for the tiếp theo train. *walks away*
Hawkeye: *Goes to Coffee Creme* Wait, what's the matter? Why is that ngựa con, ngựa, pony not boarding the train?
Coffee Creme: I don't know.
Hawkeye: He had a ticket for this train, right?
Coffee Creme: Yeah.
Hawkeye: We should tell Pete about this.

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