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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I've made several enemies, been in many wars, and countless battles, but this will be intense. It all started on March 13, 2025 when King Sombra was figuring out a way to destroy Equestria. He had something very big planned after losing the crystal empire.

King Sombra: Finally, time to test the time machine. *travels back into time*

November 23, 2012

Nazi Leiutenant: They went into a place called Equestria.
Robotnik: Then lets go!
King Sombra: Wait!
Robotnik: What do bạn want?
King Sombra: I heard you're trying to destroy a hedgehog correct?
Robotnik: Ja, and?
King Sombra: I want to help you. Follow me.
Robotnik: A time machine?
King Sombra: Yes. Now we go phía trước, chuyển tiếp for a month.

December 23, 2012

Discord: Robotnik! You're alive!
Robotnik: What?
King Sombra: bạn died from a ngựa con, ngựa, pony named Scootaloo after bombing a lâu đài here.
Blaze: It was a filly to.
Nazis: *laugh*
Nazis: *stop laughing*
Robotnik: What's next?
Discord: Yeah Sombra, what do bạn have planned?
King Sombra: Only three thêm people to get.

January 5, 2021

Catie: Attention Equestria! bạn are now under Communist power!
King Sombra: You. Over here.
Catie: What the fuck do bạn want?
King Sombra: bạn speak russian right?
Catie: Da, I am russian.
King Sombra: idealʹnyy *perfect*
Catie: Chto vy khotite? *what do bạn want?*
KS: Mne nuzhna vasha pomoshchʹ, chtoby unichtozhitʹ Equestria *I need your help to destroy Equestria*
Catie: A kto ostalʹnyye? *And who are the others*
KS: nemtsy *germans*
Robotnik: What is taking so long?
Catie: YA ne znayu, yesli eto budet rabotatʹ *I don't know if this will work.*
KS: Vy khotite, Shonezha mertv ili net? *You want Sean the hedgehog dead hoặc not?*
Catie: YA delayu, no *I do, but*
KS: Yesli nemtsy datʹ vam problemy , ya budu zabotitʹsya o nikh sam. *If the germans give bạn problems, I'll take care of them myself*
Catie: Lyubyye drugiye lyudi, kotorykh ya dolzhen znatʹ? *Any other people I should know about?*
KS: My dolzhny grifony, i prezident Hasbro *We'll have griffons, and the president of Hasbro*
Catie: V samom dele? *Really?*
Robotnik: Sombra lets go!
KS: We'll be right there.

June 9, 2023

Gilda: *flying to Canterlot*
KS: xin chào bạn
Gilda: Oh god. What?
KS: Are bạn trying to kill a-
Gilda: Pony! I have to go to canterlot, and destroy it ok?
KS: I can help you.
Robotnik: There is a grey hedgehog helping them, and we have to kill him.
Gilda: Is that the hedgehog?
Catie: Yeah I'm the one bạn want to kill!
KS: It's a different hedgehog. He has red white, and blue stripes on his chest.
Gilda: Oh yeah I remember. What do bạn have planned?
KS: We have thêm people to get.
Gilda: Then lets get them.
KS: Ok *activates time machine*

May 20, 2014

Brian Goldner: Lauren. We need to talk.
Lauren Faust: What is it?
Brian Goldner: People are mad that we ended with season 4.
Lauren Faust: Then bạn shouldn't have tried to fuck up my show!
KS: Attention bạn two.
Lauren Faust: King Sombra?
KS: Yes. It's me. I heard you're having problems with ponies
Brian Goldner: Your one.
KS: That doesn't mean I can't help. A hedgehog is helping them, and he has saved them from these guys.
Robotnik: Guten tag
Discord: Sup?
Catie: Hi
Gilda: What he đã đưa ý kiến *points at Discord*
KS: Would bạn like to tham gia us?
Lauren Faust: Why should-
Brian Goldner: We would tình yêu to.
Lauren Faust: What?!
Robotnik: She doesn't seem impressed with the idea.
Discord: Well in that case we should kill her.
Brian Goldner: What, no interrogation?
Lauren: I would like that instead of being killed for no reason.
KS: Then we hold her prisoner.
Catie: Where?
Robotnik: I've got to come up with everything. *activates death egg*
Discord: What the friggin fuck is that?
Robotnik: Our flying fortress of death. And luxury.
Catie: I've seen this before. There's a chance it might get destroyed.
Robotnik: It won't, trust me. Plus we can fit our entire army on it.
KS: Sounds good lets go.
Daniel: xin chào I've got an idea, what the hell is going on here?
Nazi captain: *kills Daniel Ingram*
Lauren: Why did bạn do that?!
Nazi captain: He intruded on us. Now into the death egg.

Everyone got into the death egg, and King Sombra time traveled once again.

Equestria March 13, 2025

cầu vồng Dash: So tell me how bạn survived that explosion.
Sean: I jumped out of the train, and shot the bomb.
cầu vồng Dash: Awesome :D
Sean: Yeah it was. I had to wait for an giờ just to have Twilight get me here.
cầu vồng Dash: At least it was worth it.
Sean: Yeah considering that I am now dating the fastest flyer in all of Equestria.
cầu vồng Dash: Now I just have to beat bạn at being the fastest runner.
Sean: Why? bạn can fly much faster then 430 miles an hour.
Snips: Oh look out!
Snails: Discord is back with King Sombra, and griffons, and other people that wanna kill us.
Sean: What's with them?
cầu vồng Dash: They freak out about everything.
Discord: Because it's serious!
Sean: What the hell?! I killed you!
cầu vồng Dash: Let's get out of here!
Communists: *fire at Sean*
Catie: Kill Sean then get cầu vồng Dash!
Robotnik: Kill cầu vồng Dash first! She's faster!
Sean: *flips off Robotnik*

Me, and cầu vồng Dash avoided King Sombra. Now we just had to make a visit to a friend.

cầu vồng Dash: Where's your car?
Sean: Still being worked on after the explosion. Tails should have another one set up for me. Chaos Control!

Mobius March 13, 2025

Tails: Hi guys
cầu vồng Dash: Hi Tails
Sean: Is my car ready?
Tails: Almost. I have another one set up for bạn though. 2001 Chevrolet Corvette. Has adaptive camoflauge, machine guns, super traction control, and lots of other cool gadgets.
Sean: I'll bet.
cầu vồng Dash: Swag
Tails: Enjoy *walks away*
Sean: This will be good.

Back at Equestria

Robotnik: You're still working on that thing?
Shadow: This Skyline is 23 years old, and needs a lot of maintenance.
Robotnik: Not really. Just install high tech shit, and bạn won't have to worry about it.
Shadow: What's it look like I'm doing asshole?
Blaze: Why a nissan?
Shadow: It's a skyline GTR. Why not?
Robotnik: Captain?
Captain Frites: Ja fuhrer?
Robotnik: I think it's time we get the freeze cá đuối, ray set up.
Captain Frites: Bejahand *Affirmative*
Blaze: So it's a GTR, why have it?
Robotnik: Why don't bạn go check on our prisoner?
Blaze: Fine
Lauren: Why am I here?
Brian: Because bạn won't tham gia King Sombra's army.
Blaze: How are bạn enjoying things?
Lauren: They're fine, but Brian keeps pestering me.
Blaze & Brian: Too bad.
Lauren: Brian why would bạn tham gia these guys?
Brian: I just thought that if we destroyed Equestria, there will be no thêm My Little Pony. We don't have to worry about it anymore!
Blaze: Maybe we should kill her.
Lauren: NO!
Brian: *Kills Lauren Faust*
Colonel Pempkov: What are bạn imbecules doing?
Brian: I killed the prisoner.
Colonel Pempkov: What?
Catie: What did bạn do?
Blaze: It was the right thing to do.

Just then the ice lazer was activated, and froze all of Equestria. Me & cầu vồng Dash are the only ones that can save the day. Can we?

bởi the time me & cầu vồng Dash got back in Equestria we saw that all of it was frozen.

Sean: Oh jeez.
cầu vồng Dash: How did this happen?
Sean: I'm not sure, but I have a plan. Chaos Control!

Eight hours earlier

King Sombra: I only need a few thêm things to get my time machine working again.
Sean: *pulls out gun*
cầu vồng Dash: He's still working on it.
Sean: He's screwed. *kills King Sombra* Chaos control

Eight hours later

cầu vồng Dash: What?! It's still frozen!
Sean: But how? I killed King Sombra before he could time travel to get all those pricks, and it's still frozen.
Robotnik: That's because bạn don't think!
cầu vồng Dash: drive!
Sean: *drives away*
Shadow: *drives after*
Nazis: We spotted them sir!
KS: Excellent. We kill them, and Equestria is ours.
Robotnik: He tried to kill bạn bởi time traveling into where bạn were builing your time machine.
KS: And bạn saved me.
Robotnik: Ja.
KS: Nice work doctor.

Back to the car chase

Shadow: *shoots tên lửa flipping my car over*
Sean: *opens roof*
Shadow: *shoots another missile*
Sean: *activates ejector seat* Back on my wheels.
cầu vồng Dash: He's passing us
Sean: *shoots Shadow's car*
Shadow: *launches grenades*
Sean: *shoots grenades*
Blaze: Get the death egg down for him.
Shadow: He almost killed me, hurry up!
cầu vồng Dash: *flies out*
Sean: Where the fuck are bạn going?
cầu vồng Dash: *blows Shadow's car up*
Sean: *drives onto death egg*
cầu vồng Dash: Glad bạn made it.
Sean: Same to you. What now?
cầu vồng Dash: We have to kill everyone here, and unfreeze Equestria.
Sean: Sounds good.
Catie: I see ngọn lửa, chữa cháy over there.
Discord: That looks like Shadow's car
Gilda: They must be on here then. Look everywhere.

This was it. Just me, and cầu vồng Dash against-

1 Discord
1 Robotnik
1 Gilda
1 Catie
1 Brian Goldner
1 Blaze
1 King Sombra
597 Nazis
600 Communists

Total enemies 1,204 Good luck!

As me & cầu vồng Dash got out of the hangar 3 Nazis spotted us.

Nazi 1: Halt!
Sean: *shoots all Nazis*
Communist 234: Where did that come from?
cầu vồng Dash: bạn should've used a silencer.
Sean: The sooner they get toward us, the sooner they die.
Robotnik: Gilda, Blaze get out there!
Gilda: Were on it!
Communist 234: I found them
Sean: *kills communist*
Gilda: Excellent job. bạn only killed four of us. Now it's time bạn both die.
Sean: Blaze is mine.
cầu vồng Dash: I got Gilda.
Blaze: *sets hands on fire* Still working with pussies?
Sean: When did I start working with you?
Gilda: I've been waiting a long time for this.
cầu vồng Dash: Me to *hits Gilda*
Gilda: bạn call that a punch? *hits Dash's eye*
cầu vồng Dash: I'm going easy on you. *kicks Gilda*
Blaze: *throws ngọn lửa, chữa cháy toward me*
Sean: Your aim sucks!
Blaze: But not my punches *misses*
Sean: I'm over here biyatch!
Blaze: *keeps missing*
Sean: *breaks Blaze's neck*
cầu vồng Dash: Sean I need your help!
Gilda: No bạn don't! *flies away with Dash*

Then 10 Nazis ran toward me. I killed them all, and ran after Gilda.

cầu vồng Dash: *tries to break free from grip*
Gilda: Quit moving bitch.
cầu vồng Dash: *kicks Gilda & lands on floor*
Sean: *shooting at Gilda*
Gilda: bạn have to do better then that if bạn want to kill me!
Sean: Ok *grabs floor*
Brian Goldner: What the damn?!
Sean: *throws floor at Gilda killing her* are bạn ok Dash?
cầu vồng Dash: I think so *falls on floor*
Sean: We gotta find something to fix bạn up.
Brian Goldner: hoặc bạn can surrender.
Sean: You're all the way down there. bạn can't get us.
Brian Goldner: Maybe not, but I can call for people that can.
Sean: *Kills Brian Goldner*
cầu vồng Dash: Where are we going next?
Sean: We need help. We have to unfreeze Equestria. Maybe there is a way to undo it on the cá đuối, ray they used.

And so, we went toward the ray. cầu vồng Dash was beat up bad as bạn can see in the picture below, and we needed help.


Nazis 13
Communists 1
Blaze 1
Gilda 1
Brian Goldner 1

Result: 17 people killed

Enemies left: 1,187

Continuing on, cầu vồng Dash & I got to the ice ray, and unfroze Equestria. We lấy trộm, đánh cắp the time machine, and killed 20 communists while escaping the death egg.

Pinkie Pie: Thanks for saving us. It was not fun being frozen.
Sean: I'll bet.
Fluttershy: I hope cầu vồng Dash is ok.
Sean: Twilight's just going to use her magic to heal her, and then we go back to destroying our enemies.
Fluttershy: What are they doing now?

Now they had a huge battletank with several other vehicles. Snips, and Snails were about to attempt an idiotic plan on stealing a truck.

Snips: There's a good one.
Snails: Let's bring it to the hedgehog that's dating cầu vồng Dash.
Snips: Ten 4!
Lt. Schwarzwald: I eto , kak ya vyuchil russkiy yazyk . *And that's how I learned russian*
Cpl. Myass: No, vashenatsistov. *But your a nazi*
Lt. Schwarzwald: Nu i chto? *So* HEY!!
Snips: So long dumby! *drives away*
Cpl. Myass: One of our trucks has been stolen!
Robotnik: Then take it back!
Cpl. Myass: Ok

Snips & Snails drove the truck to Sweet táo, apple Acres where me & the mane 6, along with other ponies were planning our tiếp theo attack.

Applejack: Enemy truck!
Sean: Wait a minute, it's Snips & Snails!
Twilight: What the fuck?
Snails: Do not panic everyone.
Snips: We lấy trộm, đánh cắp an Opel Blitz!
Ponies: What?
Sean: That's the name of the truck they stole.
Snips: Now they have no idea where it is.
KS: There it is!
Robotnik: Kill all those ponies.
Sean: bạn can kill Diamond Tiara, but no one else!
Diamond Tiara: Excuse me?!
Robotnik: *kills Diamond Tiara*
King Sombra: bạn also lấy trộm, đánh cắp my time machine!
Sean: If bạn want it back bạn have to kill all of us.
King Sombra: So be it!
Catie: Attack!

Every Nazi & Communist started firing at us. I chased Robotnik while he was driving the tank.

Robotnik: Get the hedgehog!
Sgt. Streuseln: OK *drives toward me*
Cpt. Wolfgang: We got the truck
Sgt. Streuseln: LOOK OUT!!
Cpt. Wolfgang: *drives into tank*
Ponies: *laugh*
Robotnik: Holen Sie sich das Lkw-off unser Tank *Get the truck off our tank*
Sgt. Streuseln: *Shoots truck*
Sean: *climbs onto tank*
Nazi private: He's on the tank!
Sean: *shoots nazi private*
Robotnik: Get off! *hits me*

As I fight Robotnik on the tank Snips & Snails try to steal another truck

Snails: There is another Blitz!
Snips: Lets get it!
Twilight Sparkle: Get back here bạn idiots!
Snips: We were going to steal an enemy truck.
Twilight: bạn could get killed out there.
Snails: Nu uh, we lấy trộm, đánh cắp a truck earlier without getting killed.
Pinkie Pie: I'm stealing the truck!
Snips: Oh jeez, mares can't drive a truck!
Pinkie Pie: Watch me *drives truck*

Snips & Snails were surprised, even though they shouldn't be. Pinkie is a great driver. Meanwhile back on the tank

Robotnik: Shoot him!
Nazis: *shoot a lot, but keep missing*
Sean: *fighting Robotnik* Is that all bạn got?!
Robotnik: *holds me from tank*
Sean: This is great *hits rock*
Pinkie Pie: *shoots Sgt. Streuseln*
Sgt. Streuseln: *turns toward cliff then dies*

The tank was heading toward a cliff, but neither me nor Robotnik knew what was happening, for we were too busy fighting.

cầu vồng Dash: Look out!
Sean: I got him *pushes Robotnik into tank*

At that moment, I noticed I was screwed. I jump off the tank, but it was too late. Even for Robotnik.

Pinkie Pie: Oh god!
cầu vồng Dash: Sean?!
Pinkie Pie: SEAN!!

There was no response except for the tank landing on its side.

Applejack: He's gone.
cầu vồng Dash: I can't believe it. We just started dating.
Pinkie Pie: *hugs cầu vồng Dash*
Sean: *climbs up mountain* What did I miss?
Ponies: He's alive! *cheers*
cầu vồng Dash: *kisses me*
Sean: It's going to take thêm then a tank to kill me.
cầu vồng Dash: Well in that case lets get the communists.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah come on.

All the Nazis that didn't die retreated to Ponyville where King Sombra was waiting.

King Sombra: Thats it! We get that time machine hoặc we're screwed!
Catie: We cannot afford to lose!
Discord: And we wont. I have a plan.

What is Discord's plan? How will it turn out?
To be continued.


Communists 20
Nazis 2
Robotnik 1

Total 23

Enemies left 1,164

We now had to time travel to when King Sombra was making his time machine, and prevent it from being finished so none of this would happen. Discord's plan however would screw things up for us.

Sean: Are we clear?
Pinkie Pie: All clear!
Discord: *sets up rifle*
KS: Are bạn sure about this?
Discord: I have a súng trường of course I'll kill him, and if I don't we'll send a team out there to kill him, and get the machine.
KS: Ok
Catie: I hope bạn know what you're doing.
Discord: Of course *shoots rifle*
Sean: That nearly hit me!
Pinkie Pie: bạn got a sniper, hurry!
Discord: Go! Kill them!

Communists were sent to kill us, but all they did was kidnap us, and destroy the time machine.

Discord: I told bạn to kill them!
Cpl. Myass: I thought bạn đã đưa ý kiến kidnap them.
Catie: bạn should have let me give them the order! They don't care about your lousy english.
Discord: Why are bạn speaking it then?
Sean: Hello? Prisoner here!
KS: He broke out!
Sean: I was never your prisoner to begin with. Cya!
KS: He's probably going to free the others.
Discord: Not if I have something to say about it! *runs off*
Sean: *Frees cầu vồng Dash & Pinkie Pie*
cầu vồng Dash: Thanks. Now lets get outta here.
Sean: Right. We have to kill Discord, Catie, and King Sombra first. Then I can use chaos control to time travel 12 hours ago.
Pinkie Pie: Where did bạn establish that?
Sean: It's before the time machine is created.
Discord: *grabs sword* Hello fuckface!
Sean: Oh great bạn have that. ME TO! * grabs sword*
Pinkie Pie: We need help!
cầu vồng Dash: I wouldn't say that just yet Pinkie Pie.
Sean: *hits Discord's stomach*
Discord: *swings sword like mad*
Sean: blocks attacks*
KS: ngọn lửa, chữa cháy at him!
Communists: *shoot toward me*
Pinkie Pie: OMC!
Sean: Pinkie! *throws sword*
Pinkie Pie: *catches sword* En Guarde! *Acts random*
Sean: *grabs gun from soldier* Hope bạn don't mind, just borrowing this.
Communist Soldier: Not a problem. Wait, what?!
Sean: *kills soldiers, and King Sombra*
Pinkie Pie: *fighting Discord*
Discord: *throws Pinkie Pie out window*
Catie: What?!
Sean: Stop!
Catie: Chaos Control!
Sean: *grabs Catie*
Catie: *runs toward Sugarcube* Discord, I'm in Ponyville, and need back up!
Discord: Ten 4
Sean: *grabs Catie* Wrong move. I'm going to kill all those soldiers bạn just called for. Your best chance of surviving is if bạn call them off.
Catie: *grabs walkie talkie*
Sean: Call them off. CALL THEM OFF!!
Catie: Discord. *stares at me* bạn wouldn't kill me. You'd miss me.
Discord: Yes?
Catie: Double the-
Sean: *shoots Catie's head* I never miss.

With that out of the way, how about checking on Discord?

Pinkie Pie: Nice try Discord.
Discord: What?!
cầu vồng Dash: No one throws my Những người bạn out of a window! *kicks Discord*
Discord: I did not want to have to do this. *tries to discord cầu vồng Dash*
cầu vồng Dash: That's not going to work *kills Discord.* Ok, lets blow this up.
Pinkie Pie: I thought we were time travelling!
cầu vồng Dash: Change of plans. Get out now.
Pinkie Pie: *grabs parachute, and jumps*
cầu vồng Dash: *plants bomb* I'll set it to blow up in 10 giây flat.

10 flat giây later. The death egg blew up.

Sean: What the hell?
cầu vồng Dash: Oh yeah! That was awesome!
Sean: Yeah, but that car was in there.
cầu vồng Dash: Oh. I forgot.
Sean: Yeah, I did to.
cầu vồng Dash: I'll make it up to you.

Dash made it up to me bởi making out with me, then we went to a Green cỏ khô, hay concert. Shredder just joined as the lead guitarist, and singer.

cầu vồng Dash: This is the best band ever.
Sean: No kidding.
Green Hay: *playing instruments*
Shredder: Shut your mouth 'cause bạn talk too much and I don't give a damn anyway
bạn always seem to be steppin in shit and all bạn do is complain
Hitch a ride tell 'em all bạn like. Small minds tend to think a like
Shut your mouth cause your talking too much and I don't give a fuck anyway
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go X4
cầu vồng Dash: What'd I say?
Sean: That Green cỏ khô, hay is the best band ever!
Shredder: Gotta let it go, gotta let it go X2
crowd: *cheers*
Shredder: Cut the crap 'cause your screaming in my ear, and you're taking up all of the không gian
You're really testing my patience again, and I'd rather get punched in the face
You're getting on my every last nerve
Everything you've đã đưa ý kiến I already heard
Shut your mouth 'cause you're talking too much, and I don't give a fuck anyway
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go X4
Gotta let it go, gotta let it go X2 *plays solo*
Sean: I gotta admit, he's better then I am at guitar.
cầu vồng Dash: When did bạn play guitar?
Sean: Since I was 12.
Shredder: Always fuck fuckin' with my head now X3
Always fucking with my head and I gotta let it go
Let yourself go, let yourself go
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself goX4
Band: *finishes song*
Crowd: Yeah! *cheers*
Sean: I'll be right back. *leaves*

I decided to go on the stage, and play some guitar, impressing cầu vồng Dash.

Sean: Fillys, and gentlecolts. You're such a wonderful audience. Now I would like to play a song for you.
Crowd: *cheers*
cầu vồng Dash: What?
Sean: This song is one of my personal favorites, called Hound Dog. *Plays guitar*
bạn ain't nothing but a hound dog. Just crying all the time X2
Well bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend of mine.
Well they đã đưa ý kiến bạn was highclass, but that was just a lie X2
Well bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend of mine.
bạn ain't nothing but a hound dog. Just crying all the time X2
Well bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend of mine. *plays solo*
Crowd: *cheers*
Shredder: He is good
Sean: Well they đã đưa ý kiến bạn was highclass, but that was just a lie X2
Well bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend of mine. *plays another solo*
Well they đã đưa ý kiến bạn was highclass, but that was just a lie X2
Well bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend of mine.
bạn ain't nothing but a hound dog. Just crying all the time X2
Well bạn ain't never caught a rabbit, and bạn ain't no friend of mine. *ends song*
Crowd: *Cheers*
cầu vồng Dash: That was so awesome!
Sean: Thanks. Now attention everyone. I wanna say it's been great being here. For 12 and a half years bạn ponies have được trao me a lot of formidable things to remember. Although much of it was fighting wars, it was still fun.
Crowd: *cheers*
Sean: But I have some sad news. I can't stay here anymore. People in Mobius need my help. We have made plans to expand on our world, and I have to go help.
cầu vồng Dash: bạn can't leave without a kiss.
Sean: We had sex earlier, but ok *kisses cầu vồng Dash* Now I have to go. Chaos Control!
Shredder: What expansions do bạn think he's working on?
Colin: Maybe land developement?

Everyone couldn't stop thinking about what I was up to back at Mobius. Was it serious? Maybe.

45 phút after I left Equestria, they invented the TV, and had lots of them on sale for 3 bits.

News anchor: This is PBS news, I'm Wilson Wilson with breaking news. A giant meteor appears to be heading toward our planet right now.
Fluttershy: Oh my!
Twilight: That looks big.
WW: It appears that a grey hedgehog is slowing down the meteor, which is actually a planet. He's making it arrive on our planet slowly.

Just then the ground shook, as I ran toward cầu vồng Dash.

cầu vồng Dash: Sean? Thank goodness your here. A met-
Sean: Meteor? That happens to be a planet called Mobius.
Fluttershy: What?!
Sean: I didn't wanna be too far away from you, so I brought my planet tiếp theo to yours.
cầu vồng Dash: Are bạn sure this will work?
Sean: It already is.
WW: Seems like Equestria is now linked to another planet. This is really cool.

Although I never went into Equestria again, I still talked to cầu vồng Dash. Due to her planet being tiếp theo to mine. How's that for insanity? We've been together for a long time, and nothing bad has happened between us. I think this will go good for a extremely long time.

The End
 My newer corvette
My newer corvette
 Shadow's car
Shadow's car
 cầu vồng dash after her fight with Gilda
Rainbow dash after her fight with Gilda
 The truck Snips & Snails steal
The truck Snips & Snails steal
 Robotnik's tank
Robotnik's tank
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 Thank you, Laugh
Thank you, Laugh
Hello. :3

I wanted to wish bạn all a Merry Christmas. Everybody on this club has been so nice to me, I wanted to thank you. I may not know bạn all in person, but I know each and every single one of bạn has a tim, trái tim of gold. :)

Laugh: Where can I start? Your tên người dùng says it all. bạn make me laugh, and bạn help me through rough times. bạn are always so kind to me, and to everyone else. bạn are one of my best Những người bạn on here. bạn are Cyber Sister. XD

Nocturnal Mirage: I need to warn all of you, he showers bạn with his kindness. XD bạn have also helped me through my rough times. I thank...
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if it true that bạn can have two ponies with same cutie mark it seem there poines in this shows with the same cutie mark if not then this blue blond hair ngựa con, ngựa, pony is doctor whooves hoặc it was just a error the animeator made.this is a real clip from the ep at the gala
During the song, fluttershy face this ngựa con, ngựa, pony with an giờ glass as a cutie mark,doctor whooves has the same mark.
also there are other ponies there with the same cutie mark like the the prince that raity wanted to be with and the two colts blue and gray one that are welcoming raity when she about to sing her part in the song,or it just they got to lazy to draw new cutie marks for them
hoặc there a chance that siblings can have the same cutie mark.........just kidding i dont know but maybe
Both believing people dead people are alive and with him.. Niether the game hoặc the story mentioned is for 'everyone' so video is PG.
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expirments of twilight sparkle
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