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posted by naisa405
A wonderful journey
It was a cloudless day. Even with the sun blazing down on us, there was a slight breeze. It was a perfect ngày for a hike sunny, yet cool. Jordan and Rachel were on their first very trip. They were trekking down the forest to get to the lake in the middle
The hike was uneventful at first. Jordan and Rachel while walking down the path, they met some fellow travelers. They decided to go trekking together.
After walking a long distance, they stopped for a break under a huge tree. However as they ventured further into the forest, the path became narrower and eventually disappeared....
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posted by naisa405
whenever bạn are so lonely
and there is nobody
ill be there,ill be there
whenever bạn are crying
ill pull bạn in my arms and
keep bạn warm tonight
yeah, warm tonight

chorus:- cuz whenever bạn fall ill pick bạn up
whenever bạn cry ill take your tears away
and then you'll be okay
i want to see a smile on your face
cuz bạn look very pretty in that way
never give me that sad face again

whenever there is nobody for you
just think of me and ill be through
ill be through
whenever bạn fall ill pick bạn up
ill never let anything
tear bạn apart,yeah tear bạn apart

whenever there is no one
there will be someone
just look up to the sky and
you'll see a face smiling at you
i just want to see
that smile on your face again
posted by naisa405
now that your'e gone
i feel so alone
the steps that bạn take
i go counting on
till the end
i'll go on

without bạn here
i feel so deeply lonely
i lie on the bed
and think about bạn alone
everyday,every night

chorus:-oh it seemed like yesterday
that bạn held me
that bạn kissed me goodnight
bạn told me that you'd tình yêu me
forever till we die
but now i feel so hurt and scared
without u here

when i close my eyes
i see bạn there
i can't believe bạn left me here
all alone

waking up every night all alone
still remembering your last words
bạn đã đưa ý kiến to me
"ill never ever leave bạn no matter what"