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added by vampire2256
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âm nhạc isnt something u just listen 2. MUsic is an art. U can express urself in âm nhạc just like u can in art. U can also pik ur yêu thích style. For example POP, R&B, Country, etc. Nobody can tell u wat u like for âm nhạc and art. If u just close ur eyes and listen 2 âm nhạc then u'll feel something like tình yêu hoặc passion. Almost in every song u can find a lyric tht relates 2 u. It's just like art. there's always something u like i an artpiece. hoặc maybe u just don't like the art hoặc in our case music. So if u feel down hoặc lonely, listen to âm nhạc hoặc even draw because 1 of those things can make u happy. So u would be good 2 listen to âm nhạc hoặc draw and u dont have to do it just bcuz u feel alone hoặc sad, u can just do it for the fun of it. Please take my advise and do this. :)
added by vampire2256